Hump Day Hilarity – model the bouncing ball

Josh writes: Talking of Climate Models, there is another great Climate Audit post titled “Unprecedented” Model Discrepancy where Richard Betts, once again, provides cartoon inspiration in the comments. It’s a bit like watching a ball bouncing down a rocky hillside. You can predict some aspects of it behaviour but not others. You can predict it will…

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Vanishing Ice Most Likely All Natural

video by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University The video outlines why the timing and mechanisms of glacier retreats is evidence of natural climate change. Contents The drying out of Kilimanjaro Retreat of glaciers in Glacier National Park begins 2:45 Overview of Holocene warming and cooling and ice melt…

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The 2-Deg Global-Warming Limit

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale Politicians from around the globe gather annually in the UNFCCC meetings so they can propose and fail to come to worthwhile agreements on how to limit global warming and its impacts.  Year in, year out, same thing.  For the results of the most recent failed gathering, see the WattsUpWithThat post…