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NASA Satellite Tracking the Gulf Oil Spill

From NASA news: See inset view below. About these ads

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Climate Craziness of the Week – MSM jumps on alarming headline

From a University of Leeds press release, comes this scary headline that seems to be picked up by the MSM. A Google search yields 16,400 hits on the title below. Melting icebergs causing sea level rise (Note: Be sure to … Continue reading

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Is Melting Ice Warming The Arctic?

By Steve Goddard Guardian photo : Ann Daniels Enjoying The Warming Arctic Yesterday, WUWT reported on a University of Melbourne study claiming that melting ice is behind the warming of the Arctic. “Findings published in Nature today reveal the rapid … Continue reading

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Study: Melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic

No mention of missing “M’s” here in this press release from University of Melbourne Melting sea ice has been shown to be a major cause of warming in the Arctic according to a University of Melbourne study. Findings published in … Continue reading

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Virginia Attorney General goes after Mann and UVA

Cites nearly half a million dollars in state grant-funded climate research conducted while [Dr. Michael ] Mann— now director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State— was at UVA between 1999 and 2005. From The Hook, it seems … Continue reading

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Well, at least they didn’t launch it at Roswell

When you think of NASA and crashes, you think of things like this: But, you usually don’t think about government balloon crashes being “dramatic”, unless of course it’s a balloon crash in Roswell, NM in 1947. Watch this video from … Continue reading

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Another Arctic Sea Ice Milestone

Many of you watch sea ice as closely as some people follow the NFL, soccer, or NASCAR. So when something of interest happens, I’m not without an inbox full of notices. Today it is encouraging to see the NANSEN is … Continue reading

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Disconnected Computer Modeling

By Steven Goddard I found a computer simulation of Arctic ice produced by The University Of Washington, which struck me as being particularly disconnected from reality. This group is forecasting that September extent will be lower than last year. Below is their … Continue reading

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EPA’s action Jackson moving forward

Issued today 4/28/2010 EPA Press Office 202-564-4355 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 28, 2010 Statement of Lisa P. Jackson Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Legislative Hearing on Clean Energy Policies That Reduce Our Dependence on Oil House Subcommittee on Energy … Continue reading

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Cold from Seattle to Sao Paulo

From the “weather is not climate” department. By Steven Goddard I noticed something interesting in the NCEP forecast for the coming week. Temperatures are predicted to be below normal across a 7,000 mile swath of the Americas. That is more than … Continue reading

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Gore’s new venture – ‘Crowdsourced TV’

Not content with “inventing the Internet”, giving a voice to literary despots worldwide still living in their parent’s basement, Gore now wants to do what YouTube has already done; give a voice to video despots living in their parents basement. … Continue reading

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New ground truth: soil microbe negative feedback

This could be a game changer. From the University of California, Irvine press release, a finding that suggests soil microbes have a negative feedback with temperature increase. This has broad implications for the amount of CO2 emitted estimated in climate … Continue reading

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WUWT Sea Ice News #2

By Steven Goddard Break out the Speedos and Bikinis. Springtime has finally arrived in the Arctic! Guardian Image Temperatures have risen about 15C, and are now averaging a balmy -15C (5F) north of latitude 80N – with sunshine 24 hours … Continue reading

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Al Gore says “Denialists in Denial”

From Al Gore’s Journal: Denialists in Denial April 27, 2010 : 4:52 PM Last week The Wall Street Journal published a ridiculous op-ed titled “Climate Science in Denial” claiming that “global warming alarmists have been discredited, but you wouldn’t know … Continue reading

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New Theme for WUWT

Don’t worry readers, I’m trying an experiment. WUWT has looked the same for about 3 years, so I’m giving it a makeover. I’ve activated a newly designed theme for WUWT. This one has advantages over the old one in that … Continue reading

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Australia dumps Carbon Trading Scheme

WUWT reader Chris M Writes in Tips and Notes to WUWT Have you noticed that the Australian PM, Kevin Rudd has dumped his CTS until at least 2012. This was his key platform at the last election, when he described … Continue reading

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Quote of the week #34: NASA doubts climate model certainty

Amazingly, this one is from NASA, citing doubt in the climate models that have become the mainstay of the AGW issue. This is from a NASA publication.

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HuffPo: “Deniers” clogging up the blogosphere

You just have to laugh when you see articles like this. Excerpts from an article by Mike Sandler:

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Who says asphalt isn’t natural?

Given this revelation, I expect someone to argue soon that this climate monitoring station in Tremonton, Utah is in a natural environment. ;-) From the University of California, Santa Barbara Scientists discover underwater asphalt volcanoes Impressive landmarks hidden for 40,000 … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the dinosaurs

The prevailing theory (on Dino extinction) is said to be a comet/meteor strike, evidenced in the KT Iridium layer, found worldwide. This study though suggests that even though CO2 was high during the Cretaceous, it could still turn cold abruptly. … Continue reading

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ENSO Update

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM ICECAP.US El Nino is still hanging on but likely not for very long. Warmer than normal water can still be seen along the equator in the tropical Pacific. It is even warmer in the sub-tropical North … Continue reading

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Gore associate said to be named in brewing ethics scandal

UPDATED: link below Chris Horner, author of the recently released book, Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom And Bankrupt America, revealed that a major ethics scandal involving someone in the Obama administration will be unveiled on … Continue reading

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Global warming: The Oxburgh Inquiry was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Guest post by Thomas Fuller, San Francisco Environmental Examiner Some background. 1. The Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University has published science that was integral to the decision of the EU and the UK to immediately implement programs subsidizing … Continue reading

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Predictions Of Global Mean Temperatures & IPCC Projections

Guest post by Girma Orssengo, B. Tech, MASc, PhD The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims that human emission of CO2 causes catastrophic global warming. When such extraordinary claim is made, every one with background in science has to … Continue reading

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Graham comes to his senses, dumps support for climate bill, “Lurch” in a lurch

Graham withdraws support for climate legislation By Juliet Eilperin Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, April 25, 2010; A03 The effort to enact comprehensive climate and energy legislation this year suffered a critical blow Saturday when Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), … Continue reading

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Inside The Eureka Weather Station

In my previous post Dial “M” for mangled – Wikipedia and Environment Canada caught with temperature data errors. we identified some problems with temperature data from the Eureka Weather Station. Today I’m starting what may be a two or three part … Continue reading

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WUWT gets a Cartoon by Josh

If you haven’t visited yet. You really should. He’s got a wonderful collection of cartoons that focus on the climate debate taking place online. Here’s one he did of Lucia’s Blackboard. Lucia looks a bit like Copernicus in this … Continue reading

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Butterfly study: a case study in confirmation bias

Guest post by Marc Hendrickx A little over a month ago reports appeared in the press (eg. Butterflies ‘fly early as planet warms’) that the common Brown Butterfly (Heteronympha merope) was emerging 10 days earlier than it was 60 years ago all … Continue reading

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I may as well retire

Gosh, people send me stuff. Today I discovered a huge windfall. My friend and volunteer moderator DB Stealey sent me 100 TRILLION dollars in the mail today. Here’s a scan of the bank note: I’m rich! I can fund my … Continue reading

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Russian scientist suggests colder times ahead, cites UHI as a worry

MOSCOW, April 23 (UPI) — A Russian scientist says the Arctic may be getting colder, not warmer, which would hamper the international race to discover new mineral fields. An Arctic cold snap that began in 1998 could last for years, … Continue reading

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New book from Dr. Roy Spencer

I have been remiss at posting reviews on several books that people have sent me. I hope to get some of them up in the next week. Dr. Spencer’s announcement below is a start, though his is the one book … Continue reading

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Dial “M” for mangled – Wikipedia and Environment Canada caught with temperature data errors.

UPDATE 4/23 4PM: I’ve been in contact with the Eureka Weather Station manager, and despite the incredible nature of the temperature jumps that are outside of normal experiences, such as July 14 2009,  they do appear to be real. The … Continue reading

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Earth gives us an Earth Day present: Arctic sea ice is highest for this date in 8 years

You gotta love it when the Earth gives back the love, especially today. Those who have been following NSIDC and JAXA sea ice plots have noted that this has been an extraordinary year so far, with Arctic sea ice hitting … Continue reading

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Mann 2008 a Victim of Sudden Oak Death?

While Dr. Mann and his attorneys are busy sending letters to threaten legal action against authors of a parody video depicting him chopping down trees, such as this one he hasn’t gotten to yet, Steve McIntyre points out that Dr. … Continue reading

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In Defense Of The Met Office

By Steven Goddard As reported on WUWT, The UK Met Office is taking a lot of heat for airline financial loses, caused by no flight rules during the Icelandic volcanic eruption. Many readers have expressed their agreement with those criticisms. … Continue reading

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