Facebook Fact Checkers Just Censored Peer Reviewed Science

Dr. Willie Soon an Dr. Ronan Connolly discussing the chilling effect on scientific inquiry, of Facebook’s apparent policy of shutting down mentions of published, peer reviewed papers their inexpert fact…

Watch Dr. Willie Soon Surgically Shredding Climate Change Forest Fire Alarmism

Video of Dr. Willie Soon at his awesome best, obliterating the absurd climate driven wildfire narrative under the weight of the evidence he presents.

Dr Willie Soon Predicts Global Cooling, Slams Politicised Science

Dr. Willie Soon at his best, educating kids and adults at Camp Constitution about the politicisation of climate science, the exploitation of Greta Thunberg, failed climate predictions, the poor quality…

Leading Astrophysicist & Geoscientist talks facts about Agriculture and “Climate Change”

Have you ever wanted those golden nuggets of facts to combat the claims that your livestock, farming, timbering, or other Ag-related practices are causing things like “global warming,” unprecedented wildfires,…

Study: Renewable Energy does Nothing to Reduce CO2 Emissions

A group of high profile scientists, including Dr. Willie Soon, have published a meticulously referenced study which discuses the pros and cons of various CO2 reduction strategies.

Understanding Wildfires, Willie Soon, Ph.D.

From DDP 38th Annual Meeting, August 15, 2020, Las Vegas, NV

Fed up with BBC Climate Activism? Tory MPs Table Bills to Defund the BBC

British members of Parliament Sir Christopher Chope and Peter Bone have introduced legislation to eliminate the special powers the BBC enjoys to coerce license fees out of poor people.

Scientist Falsely Accused…more on Willie Soon

Reposted from Gelbspan Files Do an internet search for nothing simpler than the name “Willie Soon,” or the variant of “Wei-hock Soon,” and uncountable numbers of results pop up repeating…

Dr. Willie Soon versus the Climate Apocalypse

More honesty and less hubris, more evidence and less dogmatism, would do a world of good Dr. Jeffrey Foss “What can I do to correct these crazy, super wrong errors?”…

Mental Midgets Try To Bite Dr. Willie Soon's Ankles

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach According to a biased article in the Boston Globe, a man named Kert Davies, the Executive Director of something called the “Climate Investigations Center” (CIC) has…

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