Your Taxes at Work: ‘Eco-Anxiety’ Counseling

Parents, voters, legislators and judges concerned about our future must take action now to stop this insanity.

Nature: Treat Climate Anxiety by Encouraging Personal Climate Action

Researchers from University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada have suggested encouraging people stricken by climate anxiety to act on their delusions is the path to mitigating their symptoms.

Climate Change at Bottom Of List Of Worries For German Households, Comprehensive 8-Year Survey Shows

“Surprising results”: Germans are much more worried about the economy, peace and health than they are about “climate change”, a comprehensive series of surveys reveals. 

Comedy Gold: How To Cope With Your “Climate Anxiety”

Evidence that climate change threatens mental health is mounting, according to a recent report from Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation.

Climate Hype Leads to Climate Anxiety and Undermines Constructive Efforts

Apocalytic predictions calling for immediate action have gotten our nation into trouble many times in the past, resulting in major errors.

Claim: Climate Anxiety is Destroying the Lives of Young People

According to a mental health provider in the remote West Australian town of Geraldton, climate anxiety is causing big problems for the local youth.

LA Times: Children “literally organizing out of climate anxiety”

LA Times reports that children are so distressed by what they have been taught about the alleged climate crisis, some are committing suicide. Others are embracing radical climate activism as…

The Guardian: Climate Denial is an Extreme Form of Avocado Buyer’s Guilt

According to The Guardian, people who reject the idea we are in the midst of a climate emergency may be suffering an extreme form of the kind of climate anxiety…

Polar bear books for kids and young adults are the perfect antidote for climate anxiety

Reposted from Polar Bear Science Posted on September 9, 2019 | Comments Off on Polar bear books for kids and young adults are the perfect antidote for climate anxiety In…

Is ‘Climate Anxiety’ Real? CNN Says It Is, Then Blames Trump

From The Daily Caller 12:00 PM 05/07/2019 | Energy Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor Can climate change worry hurt one’s mental health? That’s what CNN is claiming about “climate anxiety”…

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