Polar bear books for kids and young adults are the perfect antidote for climate anxiety

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In this short interview clip with Friends of Science director Michelle Stirling, I talk about Polar Bear Facts & Myths (for kids 7 and up) and EATEN, my science-based polar bear attack thriller that’s appropriate for older teens and young adults. Both are available in paperback and ebook formats, while the paperback version of Polar Bear Facts & Myths is also available in French, German, Dutch, and Norwegian.

Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change is also suitable for teens and young adults and is fully referenced.

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22 thoughts on “Polar bear books for kids and young adults are the perfect antidote for climate anxiety

  1. send climate crusaders to feed the starving bears
    ps, don’t worry about frozen meat in your check-in baggage at the airport, the bear prefer fresh meat

    • I second that. Very well written, quite exciting, and full of spot-on cultural references. Very well worth a read.

  2. Polar bears cause me great anxiety.

    Misery is being afraid to go outside to take a pee after dark, and dark lasts for months (depending on how far north you are).

    • Get several successionally larger glass jars. As each darkness arrives use the size needed depending on how far north you are. When light arrives take the jar outside and paint the snow.

  3. Susan, really? “Eaten” apparently a story about a polar bear eating a person? I worked on the north slope of the Alaska Range in summer 1967, as an assistant to a geologist, staying at a grizzly bear hunting camp. We had repeated encounters with grizzlies, some of them (if I was a normal person) frightening! It got so bad that to wash my face on the stand at the tent front, I put my loaded 44 mag pistol on the stand, lathered up and washed, rinsed, and grabbed up the pistol while looking around. Nightmares for years. PS, keep up the good work.

  4. And, one might ask, “if the climate change activists lied to us about the polar bears, what else have they lied about?”

    Actually, more than one might ask that.

    • Johnwho…. Exactly! The lies need to be exposed on a national level and not just on blogs and websites… The truth of the fake “climate change” need a a group of speakers who have collective knowledge of facts and figures, and are able to speak across the world on a national stage.. If one doesn’t have the answer, then the rest of the group (at least 3-5 people) can back each other up…. I am tried of the lies destroying people lives, the biggest pain is seeing facts being hidden in blogs and websites, that people don’t even know exists..

      • Sunny, I believe the perfect time for a campaign that constantly exposes the climate myth for what it truly is (an international “anti-capitalist, anti-growth, anti-American” movement) would be during the election year of 2020. I’m working on an open letter to candidates of all offices and I hope to publish it later this year.


        • I’ll suggest sending your letter to the newspapers in the smaller communities wherein candidates will appear. So if River City, Iowa is being visited — send it there.
          The Globe Gazette, for example, is a morning daily in Mason City.

    • Yes, it should be explicitly stated that polar bear alarmism, like several other false alarms, is a microcosm of global warming alarmism. (E.g., the high strong “nature-defender” and “earth-is-fragile” mentality of the leading researchers, and their mendacity, and their exclusion of dissenting experts.)

  5. Return to real. Absolutely. And what better way than to reconnect with Nature, her animals, and plants. She’s not that scary. Although, She can swing wildly, even catastrophically, then return to a good humor.

  6. Another antidote to anxiety is a statement that if warming actually increases substantially, there’s an emergency stopgap: Geoengineering. (I’ve responded a half-dozen times over the years to knee-jerk dismissals of employing it.) Bill Gates came out with a detailed plan for using it within the past week, I heard online. (No link.)

  7. We tell our volunteers we want them to have an exciting time but that does not include a trip to an emergency room. {stay safe}

    If world societies can be brought to a wealthier level – instead of all going the other way – mitigation will be possible {if needed} and stopgap-engineering won’t be necessary.

    For the record, I don’t understand when a stopgap could be stopped, nor what would happen when it did stop.

  8. What if computer models used to forecast future weather, in particular Global Warming, excluded a major factor such as Grand Solar Minimum and the solar cycle (SC)? SC25 which NASA’s forecast for the next solar cycle (25) states it will be the weakest of the last 200 years. These results show that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach its peak in 2025. You won’t need bridges to cross the Thames or the Potomac, you will walk across it (as some pictures, such as the famous painting ‘Thames Frost Fairs’ by Thomas Wyke, finely depicts).

    According to the Actuaries Institute, in a solar minimum, when solar flares hit Earth, they have the ability to temporarily yet significantly change climatic conditions, earthquake and volcanic risks.

    Taking this as a possibility and the facts could point towards the Earth approaching another Dalton Minimum or Maunder Minimum and a Little Ice Age. If true we should, at least, be preparing for that possibility as a matter of urgency especially where millions of people could perish though lack of food supplies. If the predictions of GW are accurate and there is a ‘possible 1 – 1.5 °C’ increase in temperature over a period of time how many people will perish immediately? Very few as preparations could be enacted.

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