The Guardian: Climate Denial is an Extreme Form of Avocado Buyer’s Guilt

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to The Guardian, people who reject the idea we are in the midst of a climate emergency may be suffering an extreme form of the kind of climate anxiety Guardian readers experience, when wrestling with their conscience over whether to purchase an avocado.

‘Hijacked by anxiety’: how climate dread is hindering climate action

A growing school of psychologists believe the trauma of the climate crisis is a key barrier to change

Jillian Ambrose 
Energy correspondentThu 8 Oct 2020 17.00 AEDT

You’re browsing in a supermarket and fretting mildly about the air miles of some green beans. Or you’re daydreaming of that island holiday you deserve once the pandemic has died down but worrying about whether you should be flying.

Maybe nothing you do will matter anyway.

They call it climate anxiety – a sense of dread, gloom and almost paralysing helplessness that is rising as we come to terms with the greatest existential challenge of our generation, or any generation.

“As that trauma is coming to the surface today we see this as anxiety,” she says.

Those left standing in a supermarket unsure whether they should buy an avocado may be suffering from mild eco-anxiety, according to Hickman. “You’re not falling apart but you feel caught in a dilemma.”

In its most extreme form this inability to engage presents itself as a complete denial of the climate crisis and climate science. But even among those who accept the dire predictions for the natural world, there are “micro-denials” that can block the ability to take action.

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Who would have guessed that our repressed feelings of extreme guilt for enjoying the occasional chicken avocado salad are what drive us to reject the climate emergency?

The only question, should we seek a resolution to our repressed anxiety by cutting back on Avocado consumption, in the hope that the intensity of our climate guilt recedes sufficiently that we become consciously aware of it?

Or would it be better to provoke a crisis of conscience which forces us to acknowledge our personal climate anxiety, by eating more Avocados?

185 thoughts on “The Guardian: Climate Denial is an Extreme Form of Avocado Buyer’s Guilt

  1. No offense Guardian- the only questions I ask myself when I want to buy an avocado are: 1) is it too expensive, and 2) is it ripe enough? I hate waiting for them to get ripe to eat it.

    • Expense is relative to current circumstances, and it’s fairly easy to tell whether they are ripe (I usually find the opposite problem at my store). My questions are: Guacamole? Or chicken tortilla soup?

      (People who eat them in sandwiches are just WRONG. But, unlike a Guardian writer, I have a libertarian type of philosophy, so will let it pass…)

      • The avocado analogy is highly apropos when describing Climate Change Crazies.
        The Avocado is
        Has a HUGE PIT at it’s core
        And once exposed to the light of day and a little O2 it promptly turns brown-shirt brown

        • A huge INEDIBLE pit at its core. If you eat that, you will regret it, as “This, too, will pass” won’t apply to the pit. You will meet a gastroenterologist you never knew existed before, and probably a psychologist who will want to know why you decided to swallow the pit in the first place.

      • Wrong
        BAT sandwiches on sour dough are the bomb

        Bacon avocado tomato

        We embrace alternate views on this website

    • AVocados give me gas. Therefore, if I buy them and eat them, I will be contributing greenhouse gases to the climate change shebang and will become Miss/Ms/Msr/Mlle Greengoo, when – really – I would rather be stepped on by a warthog.

      No offense meant to warthogs. They make excellent porkchops.

      • Sara
        I’m opening a new business where customers can eat lunch while their gas tank is filled up by my staff, and their credit cards are charged when they finish eating. I’m developing a brand name and need some help. Right now I’m thinking of ordering a big sign that says:
        “Eat & Get Gas”.

        • … reminds me of one of my inventions for snow skiers who don’t want to take time out to go back to the ski lodge when “nature calls:” The Ski-In & Out-house.

          • Sara:
            While laughs are needed these days, my prior comment was intended to be serious.

            Glad to hear ypu hAve a pussy cat. My cat Mr. Sneaky, gets his exercise by moving from one sleeping spot to another. Sort of like me. For extra income, we are developing a Mr. Sneaky Slept Here Tour of our home. Of course we’ll have to tidy up first, before we start the 10 dollar tours, which may take a few year. The tour will feature Mr. Sneaky”s 150 pounds of clay litter poop box, one of the biggest indoor private home cat poop boxes in America. Which I hope will be featured in an upcoming edition of Architectural Digest. This comment is serious too.

    • They want to pretend that we are so drastically affected by climate change that we are into displacement behavior, like a pigeon finding itself about to become cat food stopping to preen, or college students cleaning their rooms instead of studying for final exams. In these cases, displacement behavior is temporary, short-lived, but these climate alarmists are trying to say that the undetectable climate change is effecting people to critical levels.

      The problem is that here is not one shred of defensible scientific evidence for manmade global warming. Put aside the fact that we have not warmed significantly since 1988, as we are not causing climate change, we have to deal with natural climate change by adapting, which is what we are best at doing.

      It is diagnostic to the warmists’ problem of pushing a scam that they completely ignore that Sol is going night-night for the next 30 to 120 years, which is how long it might be before we get back UP TO the temperature we have at present.

      • I just think of the gargantuan estimation variance their models generate and wonder how such seemingly smart people can fool themselves into believing almost anything.

      • The most likely response you’ll get is them calling you a white supremacist!

        So happens that I googled the characteristics of white supremacy a few days ago and from a workshop manual used way back in 2001 to counter the “problem”, found that I easily qualify as a white supremacist!

        And I would suggest most of us qualify, too, regardless of skin color.

        Now we’ll see if this comment gets past moderation!…it’s such a misunderstood, mis-applied hot-button issue right now.

  2. Every 10 yrs starting in 1980 the world was supposed to come to an end due to global warming. Every 10yrs you have to reset the tme.

        • Not just Earth. The whole universe has come to an end several times.

          “There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”
          – Douglas Adams

          • Mike Jonas and Bryan A:
            Yes, you nailed it. The improbability drive was Michael Mann’s hard drive, first used to store his hockey stick calculations…and the Universe was immediately replaced by another one more bizarre and seemingly inexplicable.

    • Prudhoe
      In my prior comment about your comment I pointed out the world was going to end in 12 years, not 10 years. But this year is almost over so 11 years would be more accurate. We should be thankful that the brilliant climate perfesser AlexandrIa Occasionally Coherent keeps us informed. Her mentor, AL “the climate blimp” Gore, is too busy spending his money to spend much time being a climate perfesser. And that was AFTER Al invented the internet.

      • AOC’s claim that we only had 12 years left was made about a year and a half ago, so we’re almost at 10 years. 😀

      • Richard Greene,

        Please be advised that the climate “perfesser” you cite first made her 12 year prediction in late 2018, so now, in late 2020, its 10 years left so Robert Prudhomme is fully correct. I am retired and planning on spending my last dime in late 2030. If it is to be 2031, I will need to make an adjustment. Fortunately, as we all know, climate science is a precise discipline so accuracy is built in and I am confident that no adjustment will be needed.

        • The world will end at the same time energy production from fusion arrives – 10 years from last year, this year, and the next.

        • DHR
          Unfortunately, I had done my own calculations in 2008, and expected the world to end in 2020. I thought my calculations, done with a sturdy aluminum slide rule (I dont trust confusers) were accurate to three decimal places. Unfortunately, my math may have been slightly off, and I have already spent my last dime. I now spend my retirement selling pencils and condoms on a busy street corner in Detroit. Business is booming.

    • On January 5, 1978, Page 17, the New York Times reported we had 30 years of global cooling with no end in sight. The obvious reality is that we all froze to death several decades ago.

  3. I don’t even look at Avocados never mind buy them, where does that put me on the “denier” scale?

  4. I have SO tortured myself about the guilt of being a denier for years. Now, however, I feel liberated by this Nobel Prize standard research because I hate avocados and thus don’t have to buy them.
    Um, there’s logic in there somewhere.

  5. ROTFLMAO. You just can’t make this up.
    “Avocado Buyer’s Guilt” ??? WTF? I feel so guilty I think I’ll have another.

    1 avocado, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 cloves garlic (crushed), mash together and spread on toast. I feel so guilty.

    • “when wrestling with their conscience over whether to purchase an avocado”

      I quite agree that is about as much stress as it should provoke.

      For me not any.

    • I get some avocados guilt-free. My neighbor has an excellent tree, and it has grown large enough that a few branches hang over my side of our fence. The avocados can be picked green for a half year, and ripen indoors. No greenhouse gases generated for transportation, and the tree actually CONSUMES carbon dioxide to grow the avocados (would you believe it??).

    • OMG what is I am missing about avocados? You seem to know why they cause “suffering from mild eco-anxiety,?” What am I missing????

      • Holy, Guacamole!!
        This is how religions and sins operate on guilt human psyche.
        The claimed Climate emergency is simply a superstition being peddled and promoted to the gullible masses. Most people figure out it’s nonsense, but that still leaves enough who are seriously impaired, like Eric Holthaus. Basically they live their lives in fear and soiling themselves over a superstition.

  6. Interestingly I noted a lefty comment on the web concerning the UK Covid response. She said that she:

    “…was in a state. Half the time I’m attacking people for not wearing masks and standing too close – the other half of the time I’m attacking the government for pushing useless and pointless laws about the disease….”

    I had thought this was the dawn of wisdom – that she would see that she was in a logically confused state. Now I’m beginning to think that she was just suppressing the obvious conflict that anyone experiences if they religiously follow what they are told to do by someone who neither knows what they are doing nor worries about making their commands logically consistent…

    • I keep thinking back to mid-20th century adolescence and the notion that some other kid had “cooties”. It’s amazing how powerful the propaganda is these days.

      • The word “cooties” is a superb way of expressing the concept of ritual contamination. Even a five year old can get it.

    • Pro-Choice religion, delivered by mortal gods and goddesses, spread by its acolytes, faithful, and undecideds, based on selective, opportunistic, relativistic, politically congruent (“=”) principles… undeniable, irreconcilable, an ethical choice.

    • Oh the sweet logic of Covid restriction rules.

      Here in South Oz you are not allowed to stand at a bar and drink, but can sit at a bar and drink. Apparently the change in altitude makes all the difference. Stand and you are high enough to infect the entire room. Sit and the slightly denser air pressure keeps you safe. Unless you are in a public food court, where sitting to consume meals is a no no. Takeaway meals and eating standing up? Yeah… that’s okay.

      Also bemusing is our states current restriction of 2 square metres of floor space min per person in an area. This rule is also meant to be used in parallel with the 1.5m gap rule.

      Now if you understand how maths works you would already know that a square with 2 square metre area has 1.414m sides and hence may be wondering if the 1.414m rule clashes with the 1.5m rule.

      Well… No, but only because the 1.5m rule is actually worse than you think.

      In all official publications the 1.5m is clearly shown NOT to be the distance between two people, but the CLEARANCE. Distance would be centreline to centreline, like bolt holes in a fabricated part. The clearance in our context is the air gap between shoulder to shoulder, so the actual distance is this gap plus a shoulder width.

      (draw a sketch – it makes sense)

      So if we take worse case and a 95 percental male the distance between two people under the official guildlines is actually a smidge over 2m. This means that if you fill your room with people as per the 2 square metre rule (which is the dominant rule in my state’s guildlines) then you are forced to ignore the 1.5m instruction by roughly 600mm per person.

      So well done all involved. Guildlines and restrictions that cannot actually be complied with. Well done.

  7. “forces us to acknowledge our personal climate anxiety, by eating more Avocados?”

    Yes, to alleviate my anxieties I eat 3 avocados a day….

  8. This strikes me as an example of how circular thinking, whenever it tries to carry some weight, becomes noticeably eccentric.

    • I just think of the gargantuan estimation variance their models generate and wonder how such seemingly smart people can fool themselves into believing almost anything.

    • I alleviate mine by putting off lawn mowing. It saves gas and sequesters more carbon… temporarily at least.

  9. We buy our avocados at Costco. $8 for a bag of 5. I don’t feel one way or the other about it.

    I might be a denier.

    • What ruined my morning Grapefruit was when my doctor put me on Statins.
      He’s frying my liver so I won’t die from heart ailments.
      Today’s sound science. 🤔

      • Frying your liver! You poor man!
        Have you given up your evening post-prandial snifter of brandy? I tell you truly, a nightcap is what keeps my cholesterol down. The brandy keeps the blood slippery, and a daily avocado keeps the inflammation of my arterial walls down. But only one or two servings of alcohol. The third is so bad for you, you might as well be a teetotaler and run their risk of heart disease.

      • You may want to look into the ketogenic diet and rethink the pharmaceuticals.
        Turns out 50 year old science originating from a single government scientist and propagated by the USDA is not sound science.

        • To add an extra 10 years to your life, just go on a one-week, only-water fast every 3 months for the rest of your life. (It will actually feel like an extra 20 years!)

      • statins and grapefruit –
        “According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Trusted Source, grapefruit can affect the rate that your liver processes drugs. This is dangerous.

        A slower breakdown of a drug means you’ll have more of that drug in your bloodstream. More of the drug in your bloodstream can cause certain side effects and affect how well the drug works.”

        I like my grapefruit. I take my statins at night. 12 hours should do it. 😉

        No complaints from my doctor re liver function tests etc.

    • She’s probably going to be laughing her t!ts off all weekend knowing that some people believe it, and quite possibly have even paid money to read it.

      ….. speaking of loydo, where did she go ??

  10. Guacamole for lunch then. I’ll skip the toast, too many carbs.

    A bit off-topic, but this flat earthist, science non-believer’s mate just won a real Nobel Prize this week, and I was a co-author on the seminal paper that got him there.

  11. As a humanitarian gesture, I’ve considered starting a gofundme account to support the cost of providing Guardian ‘journalists’ with a 6-month sabbatical to enable them to investigate and accept what goes on in the real world, and sever the umbilical with academia that feeds the constant diet of abject tosh that they publish as Guardian articles.

    (I still can dream, can’t I – the UN hasn’t made dreaming a crime against humanity yet?)

    • Just like most of our domesticated food plants, the avocado is tropical in origin (south central Mexico) and grows best in tropical climates: CA, FL, Mexico, C.A. and S.A.). Avocados like it hot. The warmer the better.

      The poor sots at the Grunion live in a cold, dank, miserable climate and must import their avocados as well as most other fruits and vegetables, without which they would die of scurvy, a very English disease. Yellowing of the skin, bleeding gums, tooth loss, myalgia, extreme fatigue, debility, anemia, neuropathy, mood swings, and anxiety are common symptoms — common in the deep crevices of the Grunion, that is.

      If Grunionistas would get out into the sun, possibly in Spain or Peru, and eat some tropical food like avocados, they would feel a lot better. They might even develop a fondness for warmth and stop being warm-haters. Really, the rest of us don’t want to live in cold, dank, moldy, root cellar climates like they do.

    • “the UN hasn’t made dreaming a crime against humanity yet?”

      You are safe as long as your dreams remain in your head and you don’t talk about them in public.

    • They will not criminalise dreams, instead they will find a way to ensure that you only have the right kind of dreams.

  12. Yes, when authorities advise the population take measures against some “threat”, but the evidence of the “threat” is questionable or scanty, many members of the public will experience angst. Which is “psychological trauma” to the weak minded. Witchcraft in the middle ages, prohibition, Y2K, the list just goes on and on…..with CC being a media max-meme because there is always bad weather somewhere, that is evidence of the “threat”. Presently displaced in the headlines by “the-cold-that-kills-0.6%-of-the-infected“.

    • Of course we are in the midst of a climate emergency. We always have been, and we always will be.

  13. I once built an Avocado suite into my bathroom (you have to be a Brit) and it took me a complete climate cycle to deny it and change it to standard white. What a relief.

    • It’s the way they are put together that gives meaning. Perhaps is someone could rearrange them it might make sense.

  14. Since we’re on the subject, avocado is from aguacate, Spanish, which is derived from the native āhuacatl>, a Nahuatl word which also meant testicle, for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

  15. Nope. I am firmly attached to reality and have no such anxiety.

    Don’t understand how people can be so naïve and gullible to believe all the climate and covid catastrophe propaganda. Get a life.

    • TS, You are approaching this too logically and swallowing a display of mock sincerity. This ‘guacamole guilt’ is comfortably substituted for other subconsciously suppressed realizations of conduct they should properly be guilty over. It’s the old magician’s misdirection trick played on oneself for momentary relief. To put it another way, they so wish that something as innocent as acquiring avocados was their worst vice that they first convince themselves that is the case and then try to sell that same silly notion more broadly for socially echoed affirmation. Does that help clarify what is understandably otherwise puzzling?

  16. Okay I get it, the Guardian is about as serious on these planetary scale issues as a teenager with attention deficit disorder.

  17. “The greatest existential challenge of our generation, or any generation.” Talk about denial of “climate science”. Even the ludicrous RCP 8.5 doesn’t produce catastrophic impacts, let alone existential.

    • I find it difficult to comprehend anyone who would think that a 2-3 degree increase in global temp is a worse existential threat than, say, Nazi Buzz Bombs and the like.

  18. I have no guilt about the climate. It would be like having guilt about the Sun rising.

    I have studied the facts of CO2 driven climate change and reject it’s extreme predictions. No amount of social pressure or propaganda is going to change my mind. Only hard facts will change my mind. Note to climate activists: Computer models do not produce FACTS – when written with an preselected “right” answer in mind they produce propaganda.

    There are very few hard facts about CO2 driven climate change. Most available data is not suitable to answering the questions, has been manipulated by biased researchers, and is “proxy” based instead of actual measurements. Proxies have a bad habit of being far more complex and subtle then the scientists using them want to admit.

    I don’t eat avocados, nor do I ever Fly if given a choice. So your examples don’t work on me either. I likely have a smaller “Carbon Footprint” than most activists out there, but not for their reasons.

    A gentle warming of Earth is a good thing. Hot places may get additional rain but will rise very little in temperature, while cold places become more moderate and receive the most warming. Sea levels are rising, and have been since good measurements became available. Modern mankind has the amazing ability to adapt to slow change so slowly rising sea levels is of no concern.

    Psychologists – A laughable group of people most of whom do not understand science, do not understand bias, and make up hypothesis-tripe to rationalize their view of the world and try to overlay it on others. Except for those few conducting real scientific endeavors, psychology should be moved to be under Fine Arts, along with the Writing of Poetry and Fiction.

    • “psychology should be moved to be under Fine Arts, along with the Writing of Poetry and Fiction.”

      More like knitting macrame underwear !

      Loopy as fruit loops and twisted as a pretzel.

    • Old Aztecs actually had a guilt about the Sun rising. They discovered that a daily human sacrifice was necessary to make ti rise the next day. Isn’t it beautiful how we integrate old superstitions into the modern world?

      • A wicked solution for social progress. Ancient Aztecs. last century’s Socialists, modern communists, too Now, liberals and humpty dumptys. Human sacrificial rites are forward-looking. Deja vu.

      • Doubled as an effective way to keep subjugated tribes from revolting, by depleting them of most of their fighting-age men.

    • I was once a guest for dinner in Cotonou, Benin in West Africa. Before the invite, I was asked if I liked wild game. Visualizing an antelope or some such, I said yes I do. The game turned out to be a sloth with its hair burned off and then roasted in an oven. I was presented with the prime cut – the head, which was simply eyeballs, brains and tongue served with its mouth wide open, a tray of avocado halves stuffed with shrimp, mayonnaise and shallots and a baguette (it is a former French Colony). Well, I got through it all liberally lubricated with the avocados and about half a baguette. The avocado made the challenge doable.

      “…a sense of dread, gloom and almost paralysing helplessness that is rising as we come to terms with the greatest existential challenge of our generation, or any generation…”

      S’Truth! This is an unwitting cry for help from the writer and colleagues. The tone suggests the useful idjits know nothing is going to be done. And also clear, is that there are no fit psychologists to come to their assistance.

      Re avocado, I can also see this is an exotic item in the UK. In North America we are buried in them by Mexicans and Californians. Every pub and bar serves, natchos, tacos, burritos and fajitas with globs of guacamole, salsa and hot sauce on the side. Commonly, the ladies green their faces with it as a skin moisturizer and nutrient. So far they seem to be covering up their guilt over it.

      • “The game turned out to be a sloth with its hair burned off and then roasted in an oven. I was presented with the prime cut – the head, which was simply eyeballs, brains and tongue served with its mouth wide open”

        That sounds like a test to me. I would probably have failed that one. 🙂

  19. Where I live, avocados grow on trees and I can buy net bags of them on the street corner for spare change.

  20. Keep in mind that the present 415 ppm (0.0415%) of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere is calculated on a volumetric basis, so one needs to use Avocados’s number (6.02E+23 molecules per mole) to make that calculation.

  21. Why bother with anything the Guardian says, so far I cannot think of one thing they have got right!

    Apart from Boris is a clown.

  22. Ha ha ha -the Human Animal cannot pass off untruth.

    Certainly as I’ve come to understand, vast numbers/amounts of advocado are grown by criminal types who have no hesitation in murdering, raping and pillaging – remaining bits of Rain Forest not least.

    Proceeds of advocade farming them goes in drug production, esp Cocaine

    Hello Grauniad writers/readers, is *that* actually your concern – the continued supply of coke?
    Is *that* the buck you’re passing?

    If they (and most climate scientists) were any-more transparent, they’d disappear entirely.
    Here’s hoping eh

  23. Dear The Guardian

    You are out of your avocado Tree.


    Lets see, $10 contribution to TheGuardian, or a $10 bag of avocados… I’ll take the bag. You guys make the choice so easy.

  24. As Dan Yergin said today in an interview on the oil industry outlook, future energy demand will come from the developing world where the population growth is. He’s right and it’s not going to be up to the usual elitist tripe in the once greatest countries debating with avocados.

  25. Dare I wear my flannels to the beach?
    Dare I, Dare I eat an avocado?

    Love Song of J Alfred Snowflake

    The progressives have their heads so far up their rabbit holes, they can’t see they’re headed off a cliff.

  26. a sense of dread, gloom and almost paralysing helplessness

    I see the same attitudes with the Covid situation. What is it about (some) people that they almost revel in the misery?

    • A certain segment of our populations here in the west think they get some kind of virtue points for being helpless victims.

    • “a sense of dread, gloom and almost paralysing helplessness”

      That’s her life !,, sad isn’t it.

  27. These journalists have some form of mental illness. They need help and should not be mocked. Perhaps family or friends can reach out to them.

  28. I confess I worry about two things: making sure I get the mild guacamole, and making sure I get enough of it. I’m super tense at the grocery store.

  29. More blind leftist projection, and making excuses, self psycho-analysis, crazy liberal hand wringing, because they KNOW they use fossil fuels every day – so very fashionable to write stories about reasons they do not make sacrifices for the cause.

  30. Chicken Little, having been hit on the head with an acorn, ran around the farm yelling, “The sky is falling!” But the other animals, being so full of dread at the obvious fact of imminent sky falling, slipped into a terrible form of psychological denial that caused them not to run around screaming as well. As the terrible revealed reality of sky falling penetrated their consciousness, the cow merely looked up and muttered, “Imbecile.” The pig simply snorted, “You’re nuts ( pun neither intended nor taken).” The horse, meanwhile, chose to snicker and cry out, “Be quiet, you blabbering lunatic! You were just hit by an acorn!”

    And boy, did those other animals ever turn out to be sorry that they were in so much denial. If only they had had the mental fortitude of the chicken, they could have averted the crisis. Or is that not how the story goes?


    Religion of Green
    Has environmentalism become more than just a good faith effort to protect the Earth? Is it now tantamount to a religion? And if it is, is that a good thing or a bad thing? PragerU’s latest short documentary, hosted by Will Witt, explores the origins, agenda, and motives of today’s environmental movement. What he finds raises some challenging questions for anyone who sincerely cares about the future of the planet.

  32. Dear Grauniad, We have an avocado tree in our backyard in Sydney. Do we need to feel guilt when we pick and eat one? Should we wait 10 years until the World ends to enjoy one?

  33. I felt so guilty about the trees being felled so I stopped reading the Guardian in 1981….oh there was another reason… was not very good.

  34. I wonder just how brainwashed you have to be , or pretend to be, to get a job at the Guardian?

    They must have a test.

    • Some people are just OK with never telling others what they truly believe. I used to know a senior wind farm engineer, he was totally OK with not believing in what he was doing.

      The closest he ever came to admitting he knew it was all nonsense was when he told me there wasn’t a lot of other career choices than what he did for a living, if you wanted a well paid engineering job in Britain.

  35. “Those left standing in a supermarket unsure whether they should buy an avocado may be suffering from mild eco-anxiety, according to Hickman. “You’re not falling apart but you feel caught in a dilemma.””

    Oh trust me, if this is one of the problems in your life, the present tense “falling apart” is not correct. You may want to go see a shrink at that point.

  36. The Guardian is also an advocate for diversity (i.e. color judgment) and exclusion dogma that denies individual dignity, individual conscience, intrinsic value, normalizes color blocs, color quotas, and affirmative discrimination. They need to lose their Pro-Choice religion in order to mitigate progress.

  37. The only thing I worry about is the mental health of those gullible enough to believe in the myth of AGW, and sometimes a little worried about what people think when I fall off my chair laughing out loud at such absurdity in public places.

    • I enjoy pestering my adult children with the silly shortcomings of climate models. It should make them reconsider the popular conclusions but instead I’m supposedly the one out of touch!

    • Apparently an affliction which projects one’s suffering upon others particularly vulnerable children. There is some hope that the sufferer feels inclined not to have any.

  38. Another wonderful avocado idea I stumbled on

    Make spicy guacamole
    Hand cut thick bacon, fry crisp, cool

    Use the bacon as chips for dipping the guacamole

    I won a prize for that one

  39. I’ve always thought that ordinary mayonnaise with a tiny smidgeon of Mrs Gita’s lime pickle juice stirred in does the job.

  40. All I can say is, some people are prone to harmful levels of guilt. When I was a child guilt was something I felt whenever I disobeyed my parents. Of course, once I became a teenager, I realized that my parents were people and not God Almighty, and that I had some say over the shape of my own conscience. Now I feel guilt over real sins I have committed on purpose, involving harms to other people, and not things I didn’t do myself, like the violent conquest of Canada’s natives by people from Great Britain and France. The first application of guilt has real consequences for my behavior and the second is just a neurosis.

  41. From the article: “You’re browsing in a supermarket and fretting mildly about the air miles of some green beans.”

    It took me a couple of seconds to realize what he is talking about and then I Busted Out Laughing!

    Air miles of green beans! Now there’s something I *never* think about.

    To think that there are actually people out there worrying about such things is sad especially when there is no evidence that Human-caused Climate Change is real.

    Delusions abound in alarmist climate science.

  42. Way to go Guardian. Only a few revealing pics of celebrities and aliens away from replacing the National Enquirer at the checkout.

  43. We introduced our stockman to the delights of avocado a few years ago. He’s a man of few words
    Took a bite in silence, then said -“It looks like green pus. Tastes like it too”

  44. In the history of the Long March of the Climate Crusades there was one named Brian who smoked some local weeds and departed from the main path of the other wildebeests. He did find a comfortable job at the Guardian to talk fondly of the others who soldiered on. His story was later glorified into a movie production.

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