Tesla: Nothing Says Customer Satisfaction Like 30Kg of Dynamite

Everything was fine until after the first 1500km the error lights came on … €20,000 to replace the battery … no warrantee or anything.

Tesla Owners Locked Out After “Server Error 500”

My question – do you need good cellular internet coverage to be able to drive your Tesla? A surprise new Tesla issue might be a real problem for people in…

Crews battle Tesla battery fire at Moorabool, near Geelong

A toxic blaze at the site of Australia’s largest Tesla battery project is set to burn throughout the night.

Tesla Slammed Over “Full Self-Driving Capability” Claims

California regulators are officially reviewing Tesla’s claim to have a “full self-driving capability”.

Where’s the Lithium? NYT Notices a Lot More Lithium Needed for Biden’s Electric Vehicle Push

NYT has noticed an awful lot of toxic mineral extraction and wholesale open cut ecological destruction would be required, to satisfy President Biden’s clean electric vehicle vision.

Aussie Victorian Government Encouraging Electric Vehicles While Retiring Power Generators

What could possibly go wrong? Victoria wants all new vehicle sales to be EVs by 2030, while advancing plans to retire their largest reliable electricity generator by 2028.

State Supported(?) Protests Rock Elon Musk’s Chinese Tesla Venture

Have the Chinese Communists fallen out of love with Tesla? Or have they stolen enough Tesla technology to launch their own ripoff, and don’t need Musk any more?

Horror Autopilot Tesla Crash Kills Two, 30,000 Gallons of Water Before Firefighters Gave Up

A horror Tesla crash in Houston involving an auto-pilot Tesla car has claimed two lives. According to firefighters, the high energy batteries kept re-igniting – firefighters attempted to douse the…

How do you Extinguish a Lithium Battery Fire?

A few weeks ago I asked a fire fighter friend how they extinguish electric vehicle battery fires. His answer was “you can’t”.

LA Times Wants to Ban Gasoline Automobiles

According to LA Times, a “disturbing” number of used vehicles are exported to poor countries. To fix climate change, manufacture, sale and export of gas guzzlers should be stopped.

US Government Urges Tesla to Recall 158,000 Vehicles Over Safety Fears

An alleged computer hardware design defect in 158,000 Tesla Model S & X vehicles will cause important systems such as windshield de-fogging, turn signals, and the rear view cameras to…

Elon Musk: Electric Vehicles will Double Electricity Demand, but Renewables And Grid Scale Batteries will Deliver

Elon Musk claiming his coming in 2021 fully autonomous vehicles are safer than human drivers, and how renewables can supply the redoubled energy needs of the future, though they will…

“The future is going to be weird”: Elon Musk Wants to Plant a Chip in Your Head

Last Friday Elon Musk showed off his neural implant chip for pigs, and expressed hope that one day people with silicon chips in their brains would be able to summon…

Bernie Scolds Elon Musk for Taking Government Subsidies That Sanders Made Possible

In a twitter battle last week, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders criticized Elon Musk for accepting billions of dollars in government support. The exchange erupted over Sanders’ new bill to impose…

White Surface Tesla Crash in Taiwan

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A Tesla on autopilot crashed into the roof of an overturned truck in Taiwan on Monday, prompting concern about Tesla autopilot’s ability to recognise visually…

Black Friday Tesla Fail: Half a Mile Queue to Recharge

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t JoNova, ZeroHedge – Tesla Car Owners were stuck in a massive queue at Kettleman City Supercharger station on Friday, as the facility was overwhelmed…

Tesla Pickup Truck Demo Fiasco

Guest OMFG by David Middleton ‘Oh My F*cking God’: Tesla ‘Cybertruck’ Fractures During Demo Elon Musk’s Tesla has unveiled its latest vehicle, a bizarre pickup truck, to a largely skeptical…

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