“The future is going to be weird”: Elon Musk Wants to Plant a Chip in Your Head

Last Friday Elon Musk showed off his neural implant chip for pigs, and expressed hope that one day people with silicon chips in their brains would be able to summon their Tesla automobile just by thinking about it.

You Musk be joking: A mind-reading Neuralink chip in a pig’s brain? Downloadable memories? Telepathy? Watch and judge for yourself

‘The future’s going to be weird’ says startup’s founder Elon

Sat 29 Aug 2020 // 00:52 UTC
Iain Thomson in San Francisco

Video In a late Friday evening reveal, Elon Musk updated the world on his Neuralink brain-to-computer interface startup, with the help of three little piggies. Specifically, his team revealed it has implanted a mind-reading gadget in a live pig’s brain.

The porcine test subjects were: a control animal; one who has had the implant in place for a couple of months; and another who had had one removed and looked healthy, presumably to reassure people who want to eventually wire a Neuralink gadget into their gray matter that the process is reversible.

As Gertrude, the pig with the coin-sized implant, walked around, ate things, broke wind, and did other things pigs do, what was said to be her brain activity appeared on a screen, revealing real-time neural network activity observed by Neuralink’s embedded tech.

Essentially, the plan is: you think a command, it’s detected as electrical signals by the Neuralink electronics fitted in your brain, and then wirelessly passed to a computer or some other device to interpret and obey. The system could also read your mind, help you overcome brain injuries, etc.

“You could store your memory as a backup and restore the memories or download them into a new body or a robot body. The future’s going to be weird,” Musk said in a web broadcast, embedded below. He added it was like having a “Fitbit in your skull.”

Read more: https://www.theregister.com/2020/08/29/neuralink_pig_brain_interface/

The following is a video of Musk’s presentation;

Before you dismiss this as pure science fiction, there appear to be some remarkable things happening with neural interfaces, back in 2013 scientists claimed they could decode mental images, by training a MRI machine to recognise different neural firing patterns with a series of training images.

Scientists ‘read dreams’ using brain scans

By Rebecca MorelleScience reporter, BBC World Service

4 April 2013

Scientists have found a way to “read” dreams, a study suggests.

Researchers in Japan used MRI scans to reveal the images that people were seeing as they entered into an early stage of sleep.

Writing in the journal Science, they reported that they could do this with 60% accuracy.

The team now wants to see if brain activity can be used to decipher other aspects of dreaming, such as the emotions experienced during sleep.

Professor Yukiyasu Kamitani, from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, in Kyoto, said: “I had a strong belief that dream decoding should be possible at least for particular aspects of dreaming… I was not very surprised by the results, but excited.”

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-22031074

I do have one fairly major reservation about having a Musk chip implanted in my brain. Musk does not appear to be a trendsetter when it comes to quality control.

A lot of customers appear to complain about Tesla’s quality control and customer service. Obviously it is possible all of these problems eventually achieved a happy resolution. But the following article from Extreme Tech is unsettling;

Tesla Has Some Serious Quality Control Problems With the Model Y

By Joel Hruska on June 18, 2020 at 7:30 am

It’s not unusual for a car manufacturer to have difficulty ramping up production on a new model, but reports concerning Tesla’s Model Y suggest the manufacturer is having far more problems than is normal. The Model 3 may have been compared with a 1990s Kiawhen it launched, but at least a few people have gotten Model Y’s delivered to them without the backseat being attached to the frame of the car.

Reports of remarkably shoddy workmanship have been surfacing ever since Tesla restarted production of the Model Y at its California factory. Tesla has itself indirectly confirmed that the model is having problems, though it hasn’t officially responded to these most recent articles.

In an email to production employees last week, Musk made several references to Model Y production, writing: “It is extremely important for us to ramp up Model Y production and minimize rectification needs.” He thanks the production workers for “bearing with tough conditions,” and says they should be alleviated soon.

Read more: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/311842-tesla-is-having-major-quality-control-problems-with-the-model-y

As a tech nerd I love the idea science fiction technology like neural interfaces. But I don’t plan to be head of the queue when it comes to having a Musk chip implanted in my brain.

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    • There was also some REVELATIONs about that in a book written by a committee back in 320AD and rewritten by a King in 1610

    • OT – apologies.
      I sent this note to three of my physician friends:

      Watch the video. Told you so, months ago. 🙂

      Aug. 24, 2020 – 6:30 – Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health.

    • We are the BORG. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. We are the BORG. You will surrender to us. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. You will become part of the collective. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

      Can somebody shut off that crap and that guy who came up with it?

      • thats the update version of
        “all your base belong to us”
        if its gates or tesla run a mile the other way FAST

  1. Musk better get busy finding some way to compete against a couple of Tesla killer EVs coming to market – the Lucid Air competing against Tesla’s highest priced,highest profit Model S and the XPENG P7 against his Model 3. The Lucid Air absolutely clobbers the Model S – in every conceivale way and the XPENG P7 will be hard for the Model 3 to beat, especially in China.

    • I went and had a look at the Lucid Air website. It is the usual never ending dirge of self praise, marketing phrases and similar total bollocks.

      At the end of the page it wants you to “Keep yourself informed”. But you haven’t given me any information!!!! OK, it’s an electric car with 4 wheels, 4 seats, one steering wheel and one electric motor, and and …. taran tara!!!!! “400 miles range” – a fact, exciting ! – then “EPA estimate” – OK, back to fact free.

      It is amazing the way that car manufacturers are absolutely determined to tell you nothing about their products.

      • Kinda like Elon Musk with the Cyber Truck. It has xxx range, but they say nothing about real range when you hook up an 8000 lb trailer and drive I-70 up and down the mountain passes.

        • Sorry guys, I choked on 517 mile range. 0-60 in 2.5 seconds OK but not both.
          And 113KWh battery capacity sounds heavy.. my battery bank for an off grid island home weighed 2800 lbs. ( 8x6volt Rolls Surrette lead acids at 350lbs each) for a total capacity of 40 KWh (50% available between charges to maintain 2000 cycle life). Even assuming energy density of Li-ion at 4x lead acid and 80% useable v 50% lead acid, that still weighs in at over 3000lbs of battery + vehicle and driver must be well over 5000lbs gross….and 517 miles? well maybe on the Bonneville salt flats with a tail wind and a good spinnaker.

  2. And what if said “chip” could receive, oh I don’t know, ORDERS? Of course that would never be allowed by our governments LOL.

    Why an implant? Why always an chip implant or “digital tattoo”? To remove your ability to turn it OFF. If I can have those functions with something embedded why not have it on the outside? A cap or headband? NOOOO can’t have that. Why you could take that off whenever you wanted.

    ROTFLMAO. Even if Gates or Musk had perfectly working software and hardware I will never accept anything I can’t remove at will.

    • Exactly. No chips for me, thanks. I value my privacy. And given how our information is being sold right now, can you imagine what would happen with this?

      • “I value my privacy” Direct taxation gave those in power the right to know everything about you. Form 1040 tells you you are less than a slave, just a number and numbers have no rights. Not snow but privacy is a thing of the past.

        • Well, I am not American, so Form 1040 means nothing to me. I am sure Canada has an equivalent.

          Privacy, as in what is inside my head stays inside my head.

      • Perhaps the external device might also prevent people from wanting to take it off?

        Riddle: What’s the difference between 1-a person who thinks humans don’t have free will and 2-a person in a mental institution who thinks he’s being controlled by a chip planted in his head by the CIA?

        Answer: The person in the mental institution has hope–he thinks the chip can be removed or disabled.

      • I hate my smartphone. It sits on a pile of books most of the time. I never take it out of my house if I can avoid it. Plus, a phone that you can leave at home is not the same as a chip that you can’t remove.

      • The difference is you can leave your smart phone behind whenever you want. It doesn’t even need to be in the same room as you. Personally, the amount of time my smartphone is physically on my person (in my hands or in my pocket) during any given day is measured in a handful of minutes, not hours. And when I want to swap out my phone for a newer model, I can do so without having an invasion surgical procedure performed.

  3. DNI? Welcome to the world of Cyberpunk or Shadow Run. Maybe we’ll have carbon, nano-filament leads for the interfaces and avoid having any extra holes drilled in the head for jacking in.

    /Sarc, sort of.


  4. Watch “Altered Carbon” on Netflix if you want to see the future of this tech…

    Also, ponder this…

    Musk’s cars are known for their ability to have major performance changes via OTA updates, wouldnt the governments love to have the ability to read peoples thoughts or change their minds with an “upgrade/update” via OTA?

    • “wouldnt the governments love to have the ability to read peoples thoughts or change their minds with an “upgrade/update” via OTA?”

      Not needed, the government already have the “news” papers and TV like CNN.
      These medias seems to control most sheeple well.

      • Yes, but there are still too many “free thinkers” who see through the “news” papers and TV’s lies and deceptions, and worse yet, those “free thinkers” end up voting for “unapproved” people like Donald J. Trump instead of the anointed ones (like Hillary). Can’t have that.

    • He is just a tool. One of the many the wizard behind the curtain is using to divide conquer and control.

      • yeah hes a “tool” alright

        in Aus tool is NOT a term of endearment;-)
        its closer to w&nker or f*ckwit

    • Wow. Something that could be administered just like a vaccine. How convenient.

      And you know it’s for their own good so there’s no need to tell them that we’re actually doing it. They already click “I Agree” constantly without reading the fine print.

  5. Yes, let us all implant electronics into our brains that are controlled by software that someone we don’t know wrote. After all, we have such a great historical track record where we don’t have to worry about the government (our own or someone else’s ), or big data, or the main stream media trying to snoop on, poop on, or misinform the hell out of us. What’s not to like about the idea of having outside parties directly able to access our minds like they do our personal computers?
    yay science.

  6. This man did not have a single original idea so far

    – electric car invented over 100 years ago
    – solar roof tiles were made and abandoned by the actual tiles industry long before him
    – power walls were done long before he pretended it is a genius Tesla idea
    – Hyperloop was invented and patented over 100 years before he pretended it was his idea
    – his car tunnels stolen from 1950s SciFi B movies / while watching re-runs of Futurama
    – rockets were already invented including landing rockets in the 1980s

    And he needs the consent of his legal guardians before tweeting, which was a sensible court order, all things considered…

    • I think I have a original idea, but main thing about any original idea, is does it work.
      One original idea of Musk was the idea of putting greenhouse on Mars.
      That doesn’t sound very original.
      Though no one done it yet.
      I don’t know why Musk has so far failed to do this- I suppose, because he now, has bigger plans.
      Personally, I find the idea making lakes on Mars more interesting.

      My original idea is to use a very big pipe to launch rockets.
      It’s a big pipe with one capped, and when put in the water, it will float vertically.
      And then add air, and it goes up vertically.
      [One can add tons of air by using liquid air. ]
      Not exactly a new idea:
      “Archimedes’ principle, physical law of buoyancy, discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes, stating that any body completely or partially submerged in a fluid (gas or liquid) at rest is acted upon by an upward, or buoyant, force, the magnitude of which is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body. ”
      A big pipe could displace a lot water. Boats can float a lot weight
      It’s like vertical boat. I call it a pipelauncher.
      Anyways, probably one needs to know things about rockets, particularly about gravity loss. Wiki:
      “For example, to reach a speed of 7.8 km/s in low Earth orbit requires a delta-v of between 9 and 10 km/s. The additional 1.5 to 2 km/s delta-v is due to gravity losses and atmospheric drag.”
      Though largely, gravity loss.
      So, a pipelauncher could provide lower gravity losses {and atmospheric drag}.
      Though main thing, is pipelauncher would be way to launch rockets from the ocean- and doesn’t need add much speed to make a significant lowering gravity losses and atmospheric drag.

      But my point to demonstrate that a original idea are dime a dozen, and it’s always the case that no one thinks they are possible/practical/economical/marketable or just too crazy.

      Musk is implementing ideas.
      Or he seems to follow ideas, and finds out if they can be done.
      In terms US, he just got 2 astronauts to ISS and safely returned them with his SpaceX rocket.
      And is causing Boeing to try to catch up.

      • I read one book that proposed roofing over an asteroid with a tennis court type envelope. And sustaining a livable atmosphere generated from ice mined from the asteroid.

        L. Neil Smith if I remember correctly was the author.

        Would think that a large inflated envelope that would then be covered in soil or blown dust would be a viable means of starting a large scale shelter. You could bore down into the surface from that point.

        • It seems we could mining the Moon some time in near future but in terms living some place beyond Earth, it seems Mars could have settlements- or be some place to live.
          I tend to think the Moon is more like off shore oil platform- one could stay there for months, but you not really living there. And think most people involved with working on the Moon will not even be leaving Earth. But with Mars, you have to live there.
          We don’t know if there is mineable water on the Moon, yet.
          But if there is, lunar water would be about $500 per kg. Which would be fairly high priced compared anywhere else in solar system.
          Mars should be around $1 per kg.
          Anyhow, I think if there is mineable water on the Moon, it would start a market for water in space and so if someone delivered some water from some space rock- they could actually sell the water.
          Anyways, covering some part lunar surface to contain lunar water, might one way to mine lunar water.
          I think there could be number different ways to do it, and exploration to determine IF there mineable water, should provide some clues about how best to do it.

    • This man did not have a single original idea so far

      “There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages.” – Mark Twain.

      Frankly it doesn’t matter if Musk never has a “new idea”, what matters is if he can make work the ideas he does choose to play with and/or if those ideas are even worth pursing in the first place.

  7. To put it more bluntly, If you are the kind of person who grants unknown outside parties access into your head, you are the kind of person who I wouldn’t trust to tell me water is wet and fire is hot.

    There is a Japanese anime called Ghost in the Shell which deals extensively with the repercussions of what happens when your very perception of self or reality can be hacked by remote control.

  8. Triggering and/or controlling muscular activity via an embedded microchip and specific nerves within the human body is one thing, ……. whereas intelligent communications between an embedded microchip within the human brain and the billions of “memory” neurons that the human brain is composed of is another thing altogether.

    One cannot communicate directly with a different entity unless the former can translate the brain’s transmission code of the latter.

    Human scientists should use an embedded microchip to learn to communicate directly with the brain of a dog or a horse before attempting said with the brain of another human.

    “HA”, ….. maybe the brain of all animals use the same “code”, …… but if one doesn’t know what that “brain code” is, ….. they are SOL.

    • “Human scientists should use an embedded microchip to learn to communicate directly with the brain of a dog…”

      Gary Larson has a very fine sketch about that:
      ‘Donning the new canine decoder, Professor Schwarzmann becomes the first human being on Earth to hear what barking dogs are actually saying.’

      “Hey!”, “Hey!”, “Heyyyyyyy!”….

      • lb – August 29, 2020 at 12:40 pm

        ‘Donning the new canine decoder, Professor Schwarzmann becomes the first human being on Earth to hear what barking dogs are actually saying.’

        If that is what Professor Schwarzmann claims then he must be truthful because no one can discredit his claim. 😊 😊

  9. You will also be able to will your Tesla to run into the back of emergency vehicles parked on the highway.

  10. We understand a lot more about neurochemical transmitters, than we do the direct synapse to synapse conduction of electrical stimulations.
    We are beginning to decode the neurochemical transmitters for hunger, hunger satiety, dopamine pleasure and reward responses, 5-HT (serotonin) pathways etc. There are mental state altering drugs of course that still fascinates neuroscience like LSD, and the powerful mood-altering psilocybin of some mushrooms. But these are uncontrollable mental states the brain is put into, their effects generally vary from person to person in waht they see of imagine. A chip of course could monitor mood state, say by serotonin levels indicating a building rage or anger, and in response to this “alarm” it woukld then begin a release of minute opiates and dopamine to put that person into subdued happy, pleasure state of “bliss.” That would be mind control like a club, render them effectively unconscious.
    So tThese chips could contain small reservoirs of these powerful drugs to be very controlled in release, like an opiate to keep people happy and subdued, in response to other signals, both internal, and in a dark way, externally, say by a police needing a person to collapse into a docile state.

    Even more nuance neurochemicals changes our moods, our desires, our cravings for a meal or sex etc. But they do not force us to think or act outside of our own free will. But fine tuning that for each person would be difficult.

    These will be the things (neurochemical messengers) that the chips will first control the release of. Make no mistake they are extremely powerful, turning a normally well restrained person into a raving mad-person with unleashed emotions. Or to ignite a desire for sexual reward that turns people into …. well, you know the thing, C’mon man.

    But actually controlling a person’s directed consciousness with new images and radio commands like a robot , things they didn’t already have or fine motor controls. That is a long way off if ever.

    • I want to see what happens to the pig, over a long period of time, when he gets a shot of dopamine just for thinking of something. And not having to follow thru on a specific action in the hopes of getting the positive end response.

      Leave the chip in for a while the pig will have some significant issues … see Griff & Lloydo as example as to what he will become.

    • gates made small chipsets with controlled release birth control a few yrs ago
      not real tiny but still implantable
      drawbacks are a flood of the meds and no way to shut it down
      which is similar to the implants for slow release meds that became unstable when recipients got hot and /or excersised and they caused death in at least on West Aus bloke
      cant remember what the drug was

      even the highly touted depo provera implants are a isue
      side effects can be foul and removal isnt available in the poorest places they were pushed For, ie africa etc
      as well as less than bright sexually active youth and drug fkd females who couldnt get thir act together to take a pill use a condom etc

    • Joel O’Bryan – August 29, 2020 at 12:00 pm

      Even more nuance neurochemicals changes our moods, our desires, our cravings for a meal or sex etc. But they do not force us to think or act outside of our own free will.

      “Free will” is nothing more than an “imaginary” nurtured belief of one’s conscious mind that is cited to explain one’s conscious thoughts and physical actions.

      If one’s conscious mind actually possessed the ability of “free will” then one could, at any time they wanted to, …. have the “free will” to stop smoking cigarettes, cease their use of narcotics and/or illegal drugs, change their preference for the smell and taste of one type of food or drink to a completely different tasting/smelling type of food or drink, etc., etc.

      You are what your environment nurtured your subconscious mind to be ……. and the only “free will” your conscious mind has is the ability to “choose” an action if and when one’s subconscious mind offers two or more “items” to choose from.

      • Until this comment, Sam, I had considered you fairly intelligent. My bad. You can continue toddling along on your pre-programed schedule, I will continue on with my free will.

        • 2hotel9, …. exercise your “free will” ability to control the content/context of your dreams.

          Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers dreaming. And those that do remember dreaming only remembers a portion of their dream(s) and usually only for a short time. And one can see “plain as day” and hear “clear as a bell” everything that is happening in their dreams. And one sometimes listens to people talking, and sometimes talk to others, in their dreams.

          So the question is, …… how is it possible for one to be “seeing” and “hearing” what is happening in their dreams …….. if one is sound asleep in a dark room with their eyes closed and there is no one around for them to be talking to or to be talking so that one can hear them?

          The obvious answer to all those questions is quite simple, ….. and that answer is: one’s conscious mind can only see, ….. hear, ….. smell, …. taste …. and/or feel ….. what one’s subconscious mind permits it to see, ….. hear, ….. smell, …. taste …. and/or feel.

          One’s conscious mind does not “see” what their eyes see (or hears what their ears hear, etc.). One’s eye(s) transmit “streaming video” via their optic nerves directly to their subconscious mind which it then combines the two (2) video streams via editing, adjusting, inverting, converting, associating, etc. …… and then permits their conscious mind to “see” (or hear, or smell, etc.) the results.

          And that is exactly what happens when one’s conscious mind experiences a “dream” ….. except that one’s subconscious mind is generating/composing/creating their “dream” from bits n’ pieces n’ parts of their stored memories. I mean like that dream that included that terrific looking person that one seen at the mall last week but with her/him walking around in their own living room or where ever. All dreams are in effect “out of body experiences”.

          Read more here

        • Your ‘mind’ is a product of your genetics and the environments you have experienced, including epigenetic effects. You did not choose your parents (i.e. genes), and you did not choose the environment into which you were born (i.e. the prior of all subsequent possible environments). Short of adding in a third factor outside genetics and environment, a ‘soul’ for example, how can ‘you’ be said to be willing anything?

          You are indeed free to make decisions but you could not have made a different decision than you did. Unless you engage in tortuous contortions of definitions (e.g. Daniel Dennett) free will is merely an illusion.

          To believe in free will is to believe in the supernatural, which you are of course “free” to do.

          • Ahhh, seem to have struck a nerve, I see. Let me guess, life full of poor choices you desperately try to blame on anything other than yourself. Lashing out angrily at anything which may, so momentarily, force you to see you made those choices. Not god or satan or the flying spaghetti monster. You. Free Will. It can be a real bitch.

          • Re: 2hotel9
            Perhaps you are self-aggrandizing a little bit here – no comment on the internet, let alone one about my favorite topic, could “strike a nerve” with me.

            I have no significant regrets in my life and any I do I attribute to decisions i have made, not some external influence as you suggest, and no lashing out required or occurring. Free will being an illusion does not mean there is no cause and effect. Viewing a decision with the clarity of hindsight helps ‘me’ to make better decisions next time. I was not free to make a different decision in the first instance, but thankfully my mind is programmed (based on genetics and environment) to review and adjust. The mind is a superb prediction engine – it predicts, evaluates, and adjusts as needed.

            Recognizing the true nature of free will, or rather lack there of, is actually quite freeing, making it possible to see reality a little more clearly. You can be less reactionary, more often. This wanders into the territory of Buddhism and other Eastern traditions, but one does not need to adopt the deities and magical thinking of those traditions to realize they had some useful insights into the nature of our mind.

            If you’re interested in seriously considering the merits of this position there’s a lot written on it, much better than I could do. Sam Harris has an excellent article on his website, and several talks on YouTube on the subject. The book Self Illusion by Bruce Hood is excellent as well. In the book Hood argues that it is our social brain that creates the illusion of a self, and with it the illusion of free will.

            Sam Harris article:

            short: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_Uyi9bNS4
            long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCofmZlC72g

            Bruce Hood’s book:

          • Re: 2hotel9

            Despite your hand waving you present no evidence of, or argument for, the existence of free will. No response or refutation of the sources I presented. The short YouTube video is less than 10 minutes should you care to partake. I am left to assume you are exercising your will to be a troll, or perhaps more generously someone scared to consider things that might disrupt their world view – lest your own nerve be ‘struck’.

          • That nerve is pokin’ up like a smashed toe. Tell us, since you have no free will, who keeps commanding you to post all this drivel? Take your time, check with your owner, I off to zero a new scope on the RPK then throw some steaks on the grill and drain a few cold ones. You have my permission to go, now.

      • If one’s conscious mind actually possessed the ability of “free will” then one could, at any time they wanted to, …. have the “free will” to stop smoking cigarettes

        I know several people who have done just that. The chose, of their own volition, to stop smoking cigarettes cold turkey and never went back to smoking the rest of their lives. It can be done, as people have done it. So according to you, that’s proof that people do possess “free will”, as that’s contrary to your claims on the subject, I must say you’ve made a great own goal there, congrats! 🙂

        • My grandmother was a chain smoker who tried on numerous occasions to kick the habit, never with lasting success… until, the doctor told her that the cigarettes she was smoking were killing her husband with secondhand smoke. She stopped smoking that hour and never picked up another cigarette. Free will is not always easy to exercise, but entirely possible when you know the costs of refusing to do so.

  11. As they say in Japan, “Boroshitu!” Brains and computers are vastly different systems, as different as a plum is from a rock. Just because you can throw rocks or plums in similar fashion, that does not mean there are any useful similarities between them. You can’t make rock jam…unless you’re a musician.

    And fMRI studies are turning out to be non-replicable.


    • Jorgekafkazar – August 29, 2020 at 12:25 pm

      Brains and computers are vastly different systems, as different as a plum is from a rock.

      Absolutely correct, Jorge, …… and because their “system design/architecture” is 100% different, it is, at this time, utterly impossible to even think about designing an intelligent interface between said biological computer and said electronic computer.

      With a biological computer (brain) data storage is determined by the data/info itself, whereas, with an electronic computer, ….. data storage is determined by “specifically assigned” memory addressing.

  12. Of course the main suggestive threat of any form of chip implanted in the head or hand is the “mark of the beast” as described in Revelation chapters, 13, 14, 16, 19, and 20. For example, Rev 13:16 “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,”.
    By no means am I implying or saying that Elon Musk is the beast. But I am implying that the “beast” will use similar technologies eventually to mark those persons that allow it – one day future to us.
    None of us should ever take the “mark of the beast”, but rather be claimed as a Child of God of the Bible, by grace thru faith in Jesus.

    • Considering the tremendous escalation in the burning, looting, injuries, killing and destruction in our cities and elsewhere, ……. me thinks “the beast” has been working overtime at “marking” his/her loyal subjects.

  13. Mr. Musk can “implant” his chip much further up the other end, where the sun don’t shine! Thank you!

    • Request for clarification: Are you asking Mr. Musk to “implant” his chip in you that way or are you telling Mr. Musk where he can “implant” his chip in himself? I suspect it’s the later, but can’t rule out the former 😉

  14. Even Michael Knight knew not to have an implant. He used a smart watch to summon KITT. But hey, read The Book of Revelation to see how this all turns out.

  15. Speaking of quality control, a house block away from us burned down just before the lockdown in March. The battery of the Tesla car in the garage ignited.

  16. Apple, Samsung and co have done it, people carry large chip in their pocket or a handbag , look at and don’t realise that the neuro-visual processing system is picking subliminal messages to which person gets addicted, while the effectiveness is in inverse proportion to the age of the proprietor.
    For many teenagers life without it is unbearable, looses its meaning and on numerous occasions has induced bouts of depression and long lasting mental aberration.

    • It clearly has not worked with me, I hate leftist scumbags even more now than before I got a smartphone. Before they just bored me, now I wish death upon them.

    • For many teenagers climate has a big problem and in less than 10 years it will be all over. So what future are we talking about?

    • Apple, Samsung and co have done it, people carry large chip in their pocket or a handbag ,

      which they can choose to not carry with them at any time. The amount of time in each day that my “Apple, Samsung and co … large chip” is on my person (in my hands or in my pocket) can be measured in minutes (and most days you won’t even need to take off your socks to count those minutes, Vuk).

      Even those people who are “addicted” to their smartphones manage to put them aside from time to time (when they take a shower, sleep, or perform other activities in which that “large chip” would merely be in the way or impractical to handle, when the phone is being charged during waking hours because they forgot to charge it at night, etc). A chip that’s implanted in your body can’t be put aside ever, so really not comparable.

  17. This would seem to be the first step on the road to being able to download your mind into a virtual reality after life like in the series, “Upload.” on Amazon Prime, and I’m sure many other TV shows and movies.

    Far better than simply scanning your brain wholesale, it would record and store all your life experiences over decades and upon death that could be used to resurrect you in your virtual after life.

    Long, long, way into the future.

  18. I am normally leery of having any kind of computer chip implanted in my brain for fear it might take control of my mind and make me do something crazy… like vote Democrat. But I’m also a multiple sclerosis sufferer. For the last 25 years I’ve been watching my physical abilities deteriorate to the point where I will soon be in a wheelchair. So would I allow a brain implant if it would allow me to walk again? Absolutely!

    • Indeed David. It all comes down to what the chip is designed to do. A chip designed to override/bypass parts of the human nervous system that are no longer functioning properly, so as to allow someone to walk again, is a good thing. A chip designed to “communicate” with the human mind such that “thoughts” that aren’t one’s own could then be “downloaded” into ones mind, not so good.

  19. Suurreee. Not to mention we would all have to have USB pillows so it can recharge wirelessly while we sleep.

  20. Something similar to pet chip implants was trialled by a Reading University Professor a few years ago. It’s coming! We already have in Australia bio-metric passports. And there is talk about if you don’t have a valid COVID-19 vaccine certificate, digital of course, you don’t get paid.

  21. Unrelated? Here are two pig quotes, or rather quotes involving pigs:
    “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it” – G.B Shaw
    “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look uo to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” – W. Churchill

  22. This is a fabulous idea. Can you just imagine all the hilarious Tic Tok videos of Walmart shoppers who put them selves on autopilot and proceed to act like bumper cars, colliding over and over again at the checkout line to the point where not a single shopper get’s home without serious brain injury.

  23. Could we manage to have it made some sort of requirement that first its Elon Musk that has the chip implanted, so that all Tesla owners with a problem can signal him directly. Second in line would be all the politicians so that constituents can signal them directly whenever there is a problem needing responding to, like say in California when the lights go out because they have destroyed their base load grid. About then, I reckon they will be banned completely.

    As for the chip in my pocket, I can and do turn off my phone and it is up to parents, like me, to teach their kids the phone is a tool not a crutch.

  24. Imagine that your laptop is a product of a mysterious advanced civilization. You hook up a few wires to its CPU leads and soon can record some signals, which seem to be somewhat correlated to what the laptop is doing. Now all you have to do is reverse-engineer the mysterious device to read and control it- sounds easy, right?

    Except our brain is at least 100 times more complicated as a CPU. It will be a long time before anyone can figure it out. Sure, it can summon your car- every time the topic of cars or driving comes up in a conversation.

  25. I gave my daughter one piece of advice I said she could never go against no matter what.

    “If anyone wants to put a microchip in you, no matter the reason, the answer is always a hard NO”.

    Cannot think of anything more terrifying than being chipped.

    • Cows don’t seem to mind being chipped, nor dogs or sheep. Goats get a real attitude over the process. Take from that what you will.

    • Depends on what the chip does. Not all chips are evil. If your daughter was in an accident that caused her to loose the use of her legs and the doctors could implant an chip that would circumvent the damaged section of her spinal cord enabling her to walk again, would that still be a hard NO?

  26. Those who refuse the chip will not receive health insurance discounts and may have their tax refunds reclaimed. Hold still while we scan for your chip before boarding the plane. Do you believe in the climate change god and his political disciples?

    • I don’t get those things and stopped flying when the leftarded morons ruined it so they are going to have to find a different approach.

    • Those who refuse the chip will not receive health insurance discounts

      What health insurance discounts?

      may have their tax refunds reclaimed

      good thing I have my tax withholdings set so that I make a payment to the government at tax time rather than the government giving me back my own money. Why should I give the government an interest-free loan every year?

      Hold still while we scan for your chip before boarding the plane

      Haven’t been on a plane since the 1990s, and have no plans to do so any time soon. So really no penalties there for not having the chip as far as I’m concerned.

  27. Sounds like the show Altered Carbon on Netflix. Season one was great…Season two was good. Worth a watch if this is our future.

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