Europe can achieve Net Zero by demolishing historic buildings and starting again, Central Bank claims

While it’s obviously tongue in cheek, Angelini does raise a serious issue about Europe’s old buildings. But at least it appears that Komrade Khan will be happy!

Wrong, WEF, Climate Change Is Not Threatening Lizards, Wine, Coffee or Air Turbulence

The evidence suggests that the WEF is ignoring facts in pursuit of an agenda, because hard data fails to confirm any of the WEF’s “unexpected side-effects of climate change

Energy and Environmental Review: May 22, 2023

This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post…

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #553

The third aspect of my subject is that of science as a method of finding things out. This method is based on the principle that observation is the judge of…

Lord Frost warns: Hurtling towards net zero at any cost will be a mistake

“I think people have got captured by this ideology. They believe the messaging without thinking about it rigorously.”

DAVID BLACKMON: The EU Chief Just Let Slip the Dirty Secret Behind The ‘Green’ Transition

That economic de-growth enforced by authoritarian governments is a fundamental element of its agenda.

Relax, Fresh Plaza, Florida Strawberry Production Is Growing

Existing data refutes claims that climate change is harming strawberry production in Florida or nationwide, and when data and model projections conflict, science says believe the data.

Finally, A Solution to The Problem of Intermittent Power Generation — The “Virtual Power Plant”

It’s one more front in the all-out war against your well-being now being waged by our government.

John Kerry targets farmers: ‘We can’t get to Net-Zero…unless agriculture is front & center as part of the solution’ – ‘I refuse to call it climate change anymore. It’s not change. It’s a crisis’

We welcome agriculture ministers participating in the implementation of the Global Methane Pledge

King Charles backed these care homes for 40 years – now Net Zero is forcing them to close

It’s hard to think of anything more damning about the King’s obsession with climate change:

Germany’s Growing List Of Bans: Next Up: Wood Stoves And Heating With Wood

It’s becoming clear that the climate movement is all about stripping citizens of choices, comfort and ability to move around. 

Experiment with me: A user-friendly algorithm for chatting about climate change

I decided to experiment with creating my own algorithm to insert into this conversation.

Coral Snapshot 2022-23, & All the Unanswered Questions

It is impossible to reconcile 60% bleaching based on the official aerial survey with 0% bleaching based on the official underwater survey for John Brewer Reef, with both surveys undertaken…

Unreliable Green Energy Has the World Running Back to Coal and Nuclear

…the reality of energy demand beckons these advanced economies to fall back on trustworthy fossil fuels and embrace highly efficient nuclear energy.

Climate Change Weekly #471: Special Edition: The Republican Debt Ceiling Bill Deserves the People’s Support

You borrow the money, you pay it back.

USA Today ‘fact-checks’ Milloy tweet as correct

First, USA Today acknowledges that the graph in the tweet is correct and April 1895 was warmer than April 2023.

How is widespread use of helicopters to study polar bears defensible in a warming world?

…the lifeblood of most polar bear research is jet fuel needed by helicopters

Germany’s Federal Network Agency Plans To Ration Electricity As Electric Power Crisis Heightens

The greatest energy folly of all time… Germany restricts electricity supply while ramping up demand!

RFK Jr.: Green hero turned anti-vaccine activist takes on Biden – As climate skeptics welcome him – Morano: ‘We need to realign coalitions to oppose Covid & climate coercion’

The climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big Mega billionaires the same way that COVID was…

Column: Net Zero 2050? That’s Nothing – Hold My Beer

Chaining ourselves to arbitrary deadlines that are not even understood will bring down many of the world’s economic engines (see Germany).

Cyclone Mocha: Don’t Fall for the Climate Bait

Don’t fall for the climate bait.

“Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ Fails Test of Time” (New York Times verdict in 2007)

…a number of Carson’s major arguments rested on what can only be described as deliberate ignorance.

Scientists Pushing Net Zero Complain of Hurty Feelings on Twitter

The loss of Twitter as a ‘safe’ space for climate alarmists has been a bitter blow.

Bloomberg News: ‘South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions’ – ‘Unintentional…power plant breakdowns are reducing industrial activity’

Regular breakdowns of the coal-fired power plants that supply more than 80% of South Africa’s electricity mean that less carbon dioxide is being pumped into the atmosphere and daily rotational cuts of…

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