Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #508

“Social Engineering – The art of replacing what works with what sounds good.” – Thomas Sowell

‘The Energy Poverty Prevention and Accountability Act’ (H.R. 4266 )

It is high time for free market energy reform in place of climate alarmism/forced energy transformation. 

The Democrats’ Energy Disaster

So, why, if we’re on the precipice of this apocalypse, if saving the planet trumps every other concern, is President Biden begging everyone to drill?

$Trillions For Nothing…Damning Report: Green Energies Grow Only “Paltry Two Percent in Entire Decade”!

In 2020, only 12.6 percent of global energy demand was met by renewable energies. In 2009, the figure was 10.6 percent.

The Origins of the Yellowstone Flooding and a June Gloom Forecast: All in My New Podcast

As I discuss in my podcast, there are two main elements behind the Yellowstone flooding:  (1) the melting of an extreme snowpack and (2) heavy localized rain.   And to make…

Newly-discovered SE Greenland Polar Bear Subpopulation: Another Assumption Proven False

I’m thrilled to see evidence that glacier-front habitat can support a small polar bear population even without summer sea ice.

Heatwave Lockdowns Have Arrived

Outdoor events – including, ironically, annual ‘Resistance’ celebrations – are banned until the officials declare the heatwave is over. They’re even restricting some indoor events that don’t have air conditioning.

Researchers: Wood Burning Unsustainable, Huge Footprint…”Will Accelerate Warming For Decades”

The researchers say governments have been using “ false accounting” when calculating forest bioenergy’s emissions and that it “must end”.

A Review of Dr. John Christy’s Book “Is it Getting Hotter in Fresno…or Not?”

His thorough examination of Fresno’s temperatures suggests there is no climate crisis.

Munich Professor: Role of Methane from Cows on Climate Exaggerated by A Factor Of 3 To 4!

The impact of ruminants on climate has been overestimated by a factor of 3 to 4, according to Prof. Dr. Dr. habil Wilhelm Windisch of the Technical University of Munich. 

Hydrogen Is Unlikely Ever to Be a Viable Solution to The Energy Storage Conundrum

I don’t know how much extra our energy would cost if we forcibly got rid of all hydrocarbons and shifted to wind and solar backed up by “green” hydrogen —…

Biden’s Virtue-Signaling: The Costs of Climate Policy

President Biden’s climate policy is not “the root of all evil,” but it’s close. Instead of improving the earth’s climate, it is causing or at least substantially worsening several economic…

BBC’s Institutional Alarmism

The study, written by me, reveals that the BBC has been forced to correct a dozen items of false claims and fake news in climate-related coverage after receiving public complaints…

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #507

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent…

Greenland’s Summers Surprisingly Cooling Over Past Decade…Driven by Natural Oceanic Cycles

“Climate changes in the tropical Pacific have temporarily put the brakes on rapid warming and ice melting in Greenland.“

Energy Crisis Is a Taste of What the IEA Has in Store for Us

Biden may call it the “Putin price hike”, but the root cause of our energy crisis has been festering for a few years now.

German Economics expert Sees 6 Formidable Problems with Germany’s Green Energy Push

Leading German economist Hans Werner Sinn sees 6 major problems with Europe’s green energy transition (Energiewende) and warns other nations against following the German energy model.

Elevated CO2 and the Enhancement of Plant Medicinal Properties

“overall, elevated CO2 provoked changes in the phytochemical contents of caraway plants, particularly at the sprouting stage and, hence, improved their nutritive and health-promoting properties.”

The Revenge of The Fossil Fuels

Last month, Saudi Aramco overtook AppleAAPL -3.9% as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.

Biden’s Climate Czar Mccarthy Redefines ‘Disinformation’ As Questioning Whether Climate ‘Solutions’ Impact the Climate – Prods Big Tech To Crack Down On Dissenters

Biden aide Climate czar Gina McCarthy prods tech companies to censor / deplatform opposition to her climate policy.

Climate Change Weekly #437: Persistent Lies about Green Power

Misleading advertising and outright fraud are all too common among companies and politicians promoting green energy schemes. Two of the biggest scams are biofuels and biomass burning for electric power.

Top Producer Albemarle Risks Shutting German Plant if EU Declares Lithium a Hazard

Top lithium producer Albemarle Corp (ALB.N) may have to shut its Langelsheim plant in Germany if the metal used in electric vehicle batteries is declared a hazardous material by the European Union,…

CNN Hypes False Dengue Fever Claims, Putting Climate Fears Ahead of Facts, Again

As CNN’s own story notes, dengue bearing mosquitos are already endemic to the countries it discusses, causing thousands of illnesses and hundreds of deaths each year.

‘Calif. Dilemma: Fight Climate Change and Keep on the Lights’ (energy reality at E&E)

“If the public sees this year after year — shortages and blackouts and curtailment — I think there will be a lot of setback for the long-term green energy plan…