Ladybug Lost

This is the time of year that ladybugs start to look for places to spend the winter. They don’t migrate like songbirds, but hibernate, more like bears or turtles. Many of us find ladybugs inside our homes once the weather starts to get cold.

Turtles: Back to the Future!

He just got a reprieve! Sort of . . . This is a Burmese Roofed Turtle – thought to be extinct until it was re-discovered in 2002. Now scientists have grown the population to nearly 1,000 animals in captivity, some of which have been successfully released into the wild in Myanmar over the past five years.

Strange Galactic Science

Many of the fields of Science practiced today seems to have veered off into some kind of Alternative Universe – some kind of “Science from a far and very different and strange Galaxy”, maybe the same Galaxy inhabited by the editors and journalists of The New York Times.