You are Probably a Criminal. Hands Up–Drop the Feather!

The oddest thing is that this case seems to have been decided, in part, based on the opinion of a fictional character, Atticus Finch, one of the protagonists of Harper Lee’s magnificent novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird.  

Strange Galactic Science

Many of the fields of Science practiced today seems to have veered off into some kind of Alternative Universe – some kind of “Science from a far and very different and strange Galaxy”, maybe the same Galaxy inhabited by the editors and journalists of The New York Times.

Chaos and Weather

The pioneering study of Lorenz in 1963 and a follow-up presentation in 1972 changed our view on the predictability of weather by revealing the so-called butterfly effect, also known as chaos

When a bird changes its song . . .

I like birds – big birds, small birds, common birds, rare birds – all kinds of birds.  I have fed them in my backyard for years and watched then wherever my travels have taken me.  I am not your typical birder – I just find birds interesting.

The Media is Now Opinion-Checking

Today, university campuses are the locus of a new, and sadly misguided movement, the Anti-Free Speech Movement.  Some refer to it as “Cancel Culture”, which is ill-defined, but in essence, by whatever name, it is a movement spurred by the pernicious idea that one group of people should be able to dictate what other people are allowed to say, what opinions they are allowed to express, what they can write and the very words they are allowed to speak.