Robert Felix Of Ice Age Now Sadly Passes Away

Sadly Robert Felix, who ran the Ice Age Now website, passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Even More Extreme: Extraordinary Record Highs Followed by Perhaps the Most Rapid Cooling in Northwest (US) History

The latest model runs, all at very high resolution, show even more profound extremes than previously predicted. And the end of the event will be extraordinary, with temperatures falling by…

SMH: Young People Are Pouring Their Money into Climate Charities

According to Sydney Morning Herald, climate charity donations are surging, mostly coming from the children of wealthy families.

The Temperature of the Whole and the Parts

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been pointing out for some time that the current warming of the globe started about the year 1700, as shown in the following graph…

New York Has No Idea Whatsoever How To “Decarbonize” Its Electric Grid

Long-duration storage is necessary so depending upon a technology that does not even exist in a pilot project is an incredible risk.

Scientists Use NASA Satellite Data to Track Ocean Microplastics From Space

Scientists from the University of Michigan have developed an innovative way to use NASA satellite data to track the movement of tiny pieces of plastic in the ocean.