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Solar Periodicity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I was pointed to a 2010 post by Dr. Roy Spencer over at his always interesting blog. In it, he says that he can show a relationship between total solar irradiance (TSI) and the HadCRUT3 global … Continue reading

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March solar activity, down slightly, still lower than last solar cycle 23

The solar data from the NOAA Space Weather prediction center has been posted, and like the global temperature, there isn’t much change. Sunspot numbers are down slightly, but still up from most of 2012/2013. The double peak looks more prominent. … Continue reading

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Bigger things to worry about than global warming: Scientists say a destructive solar blast narrowly missed Earth in 2012

Video follows of the July 23rd, 2012 Coronal Mass Ejection, said to be the fastest ever From UC BERKELEY — Earth dodged a huge magnetic bullet from the sun on July 23, 2012. According to University of California, Berkeley, and … Continue reading

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Sun’s energy output may have led to marked natural climate change in Europe over the last 1000 years

From Cardiff University Sun’s energy influences 1,000 years of natural climate variability in North Atlantic Changes in the sun’s energy output may have led to marked natural climate change in Europe over the last 1000 years, according to researchers at … Continue reading

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The Sun wakes up: highest values of Solar Cycle 24 observed in February 2014

The updates from NOAA’s SWPC are now available, and there are big jumps all around in February 2014. Sunspot number reaches the highest ever for SC24:

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Strongest X class solar flare since March 2012

From NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center and Strong Solar Flare Radio Blackout Newly numbered Region 1990 (the return of old Region 1967), just now rotating into view, produced an R3 (Strong) Solar Flare Radio Blackout at 0049 UTC on … Continue reading

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The $2.2 Billion Bird-Scorching Solar Project At California’s Ivanpah Plant

It’s not just Wind Turbines that kill wildlife, from the Wall Street Journal: “A giant solar-power project officially opening this week in the California desert is the first of its kind, and may be among the last, in part because … Continue reading

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An end to the ‘Modern Warm Regime’ identified from TSI data?

Dr. Sam Outcalt : Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography, University of Michigan writes in with an analysis of the recently revised TSI Data from the University of Colorado as mentioned on WUWT here. He notes that elements of his analysis … Continue reading

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Historical and present Total Solar Irradiance has been tinkered with again

One of the big problems of climate science is uncertainty. Some things that always seem to be in flux are historical datasets, partly because, well, they have so much inherent uncertainty built in. Such is the case of the Historical … Continue reading

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January solar cycle 24 numbers, a new high for one, continued slumps for others

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center released their January 2014 solar data, and it has one small surprise, the 10.7 radio flux is the highest ever in cycle 24, the other metrics, not so much. SSN has been about where … Continue reading

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BBC runs 6 excellent minutes on quiet sun and past correlation with Little Ice Age

Guest post by Alec Rawls Nice hype by Matt Drudge, whose three linked quotes are all from the BBC’s one brief paragraph of text, but the accompanying video (full transcription below) is more substantial, with scientists talking about the likelihood … Continue reading

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New study claims low solar activity caused “the pause” in global temperature – but AGW will return!

This is on a tip from Dr. Leif Svalgaard, WUWT’s resident solar expert. It was just published in the journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, and is open access. I found this study’s conclusion a bit amusing, because there are numerous … Continue reading

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The Solar storm has arrived – initial impact weaker than expected

From NASA: Spaceweather: As expected, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 9th (around 20:00 UTC or 3 p.m. EST). Although the initial impact was weaker than expected, geomagnetic storms could still develop as Earth passes through the CME’s … Continue reading

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Upwelling Solar, Upwelling Longwave

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The CERES dataset contains three main parts—downwelling solar radiation, upwelling solar radiation, and upwelling longwave radiation. With the exception of leap-year variations, the solar dataset does not change from year to year over a few … Continue reading

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X class solar flare ejection may hit Earth with solar storm

From the WUWT Solar Reference page, an X 1.2 event has occurred: From NASA Spaceweather: Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on Jan 7th at approximately 1832 UT, producing a powerful X1-class solar flare. First-look coronagraph images from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft appear … Continue reading

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On The Stability and Symmetry Of The Climate System

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The CERES data has its problems, because the three datasets (incoming solar, outgoing longwave, and reflected shortwave) don’t add up to anything near zero. So the keepers of the keys adjusted them to an artificial … Continue reading

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MSM finally gets that the sun’s magnetic field has flipped

While we’ve known about this for quite some time at WUWT, going back to August 2013, the story is now starting to make the rounds in the MSM. And, NASA has created a cool visualization of the event. Video follows. … Continue reading

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Gavin was for solar forcing of climate before he was against it

Readers may recall when Dr. Gavin Schmidt appeared on a television program with Dr. Roy Spencer, but by Gavin’s cowardly choice, not at the same time. After listing the known causes for climate change aka global warming, Gavin Schmidt said: … Continue reading

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