estimated variance TSI steinhilber 2009 closeup

Steinhilber 2009

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Someone recommended that I look at the Steinhilber 2009 paper. I did. The data is here. My first-cut graphs are below. Discuss. For the reasons I talked about in my previous post, I gotta run. Best wishes to all, I’m outta here … w.

CEEMD SOI and nino3.4

CEEMD and Sunspots

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been investigating the use of the “complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition” (CEEMD) analysis method, which I discussed in a previous post entitled Noise-Assisted Data Analysis. One of the big insights leading to modern signal analysis was the brilliant idea of Joseph Fourier. He realized that any given waveform can…


Solar Update March 2016

Guest essay by David Archibald There are a couple of interesting features of the state of the Sun at the moment. Firstly the Oulu Neutron Count has had a rapid reversal in the last few months: Figure 1: Oulu Neutron Count 1964 – 2016 The neutron count is looking like the rapid reversal during Solar…


The Sun in February 2016 and the latest heat records

By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt In February 2016 our sun’s activity was, as in almost every month of the current cycle, well below the average. The observed SSN (SunSpotNumber) was 57.2. The average of the cycles 1 … 23 for this month is 80.8, thus the observed activity was 71% of the average value…


Cycle 24 Solar activity slowly ramping up (this month)

After being in a slump last month, it seems that sunspots are starting to pick up again as this latest SDO image shows: This of course is just a minor blip, as the trend is downward, as we now are on the downslope of cycle 24 activity as this plot from Dr. Leif Svalgaard demonstrates.…