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A wall to wall crazy idea – build a ‘great wall’ in the USA to prevent tornadoes

From World Scientific Publishing Co. and the International Journal of Modern Physics comes this insane idea; build 300 meter (984 feet) high “great walls” in the midwest to break up the flow patterns. Riiiigght. We can’t even build a wall … Continue reading

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You just have to laugh. In their zeal to make the current drought situation all about their irrational CO2 fears, Bill McKibben’s tweeted this ridiculous comparison of before and after at California’s Folsom Reservoir, near me. Only problem is, … Continue reading

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‘Vortex of Stupidity’ – the sequel

Many thought the media’s focus on the ‘Polar Vortex’ this winter was pretty stupid, well another kind of similarly stupid vortex is about to reappear again. All we can hope is that it dies and never comes back after this … Continue reading

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Farmers Insurance Group pulls the plug on idiotic ‘weather is climate’ lawsuit

From the Insurance Journal: Insurer mysteriously withdraws high-profile lawsuit for climate damages in Chicago flooding case Evan Lehmann, E&E reporterClimateWire: Thursday, June 5, 2014 Farmers Insurance Co. has withdrawn its lawsuit against Chicago for climate-related flooding, marking an abrupt end … Continue reading

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Solar Roadways – Biggest Indiegogo Scam Ever?

Dr. Roy Spencer and I have been watching this project with amusement combined with incredulity. Somehow, this mom and pop operation have raised over $1.9 million on Indiegogo from gullible people who don’t have the skillset or decide to ignore basic … Continue reading

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5.7 million dollar NSF grant to Columbia University for climate ‘voice mails from the future’

You have to wonder who at the National Science Foundation thought funding a website that makes fake voicemails from the future and games that have people running around looking for fictional fallen “chronofacts” (artistic plastic disks named “chronofalls” that apparently … Continue reading

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Forget polar bears and global warming, witness the terrible tragedy of stunted shrub growth

From the University of Washington and the Department of Pointless NSF Grants, comes this: Shrub growth decreases as winter temperatures fluctuate up Doree Armstrong Many have assumed that warmer winters as a result of climate change would increase the growth … Continue reading

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Off the rails – Godzilla and climate

I had thought to myself a couple of days ago that something like this might happen, but then I dismissed it as too #^&^#*@! stupid for anyone to even attempt. Boy, was I wrong. I should have listened to the … Continue reading

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Climate mitigation via Ergonomics ???

Two-Part Special Issue of Ergonomics in Design Highlights Climate Change Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) experts, like professionals in many other scientific domains, have joined the fight against global warming and climate change. Their research and practice focus … Continue reading

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The Guardian tries to claim global warming sank the Titanic – research says the exact opposite

Kate Ravilious makes this nutty claim at The Guardian: But in fact the catastrophe may have been set in motion by a warm, wet year over Greenland in 1908, resulting in greater snow accumulation. Writing in the journal Weather, Grant … Continue reading

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Idiots on parade: Portland water bureau’s tenuous grasp of science

From ARStechnica and the stupid, it burns, department comes this ridiculous story of a bureaucrat gone off the rails. See the video that set off this pissing match below. The city of Portland, OR will empty a 38-million gallon reservoir … Continue reading

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Low brow PR antics from ‘Skeptical Science’ disguised as an April Fools joke

We mentioned before how we thought John Cook’s Hiroshima bomb global warming comparator sidebar widget for websites was ridiculous propaganda. True to form, yesterday the SkS Kidz tried to elevate the application status by creating what appears to be a … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky paper flushed, then floated again

Today has been entertaining to say the least. On Twitter, Ben Pile of Climate Resistance has been telling us all about how he learned that the Lewandowsky-Cook Paper#2 – titled ‘Recursive Fury’, which detailed all manners of conspiratorial ideation theory, … Continue reading

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CNN’s dumbest news question, evar

And we thought this one was bad:  CNN talking empty head (Feyerick) asks Bill Nye if approaching Meteor was a result of global warming…. OK that set the stage, what could be dumber than that? Now study the picture below, … Continue reading

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National Wildlife Federation ‘jumps the shark’ – claims school animal mascots are at risk for climate change

Egads!  The stupid, it burns like magnesium. And I thought the cannibal lobsters were bad. This is what I call parasitic messaging, they are hoping they will get some sort of mention in March Madness basketball related stories. – Anthony … Continue reading

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Critical mass of Cotton

Yesterday, the climate blogosphere reached critical mass of Cotton. Douglas J. Cotton. And with that critical mass, as such things go, they go boom. Lucia has previously announced why Doug Cotton is banned at her place. Undeterred, and fully advised … Continue reading

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Gore Enlists Extraterrestrials to fight Global Warming?

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Al Gore’s missives are often stranger than both. Robert Schaefer writes: I just got back from the 2014 International UFO Congress, the largest UFO conference in the world, where somebody was passing out … Continue reading

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An attempt to politicize the winter Olympics over climate change fails to demonstrate climate consensus

Olympic athletes just won’t know what snow is (with apologies to Dr. David Viner) With  the winter Olympics taking center stage of world media right now it of course becomes a potential on-camera political opportunity for anybody with an idea … Continue reading

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A review of Professor Matthew England’s ‘say anything’ past failed claims

Readers of course recall the latest claim in a series of excuses about “the pause” in global warming with the new paper from Professor Mathew England of the University of New South Wales (home of the award winning Chris Turney … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: If you thought Mann’s lawsuit was ridiculous, take a look at this one

Remember this before and after picture in the news recently from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity? Well, it appears there’s a conspiracy theory under every rock, more fodder for Lewandowsky and Cook I suppose.

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Oh noes! Richer countries get more climate research than poorer more vulnerable regions of the world

That darn wealth distribution is affecting who has money for climate research. “The results show that the supply of climate change knowledge is biased toward richer countries.”. Can the begging be any more transparent? Oh, the pain! Climate change research … Continue reading

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#spiritofmawson fiasco leader gets award for ‘excellence’

The Australian Academy of Science has announced their 2014 HONORIFIC AWARDS FOR SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE The description reads: Academy Medal: for contributions to science by means other than the conduct of scientific research. Hmmm, that actually seems appropriate, since his tourist … Continue reading

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Dumbest climate activist statement, evar!

The chooming is strong with this one. Once in awhile, something so over-the-top dumb comes along, that all you can do is point and laugh. This is one of those times. From my Twitter feed:

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RealClimate Co-Founder Exposes His Inability to Grasp Complex Subjects

And most regulars will recall William Connolley. Connolley’s likely best known for his hijinks as a former editor at Wikipedia. (See the WattsUpWithThat posts here, here, here, here, here, here here….and here.) But Connolley is also a former climate modeler … Continue reading

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Climate campaigners start to eat their own over ‘Cleantech Crash’

The Center for American Progress affiliated attack group “Forecast the Facts” is turning on the CBS News magazine “60 Minutes” for reporting truthfully on the issues surrounding green technology last Sunday. See the press release below and the full video … Continue reading

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The Antarctic ‘research’ fiasco – ‘would you, could you, in a boat’?

This will be a top “sticky” post for awhile since interest is high – new stories will appear below this one – Anthony UPDATE: Josh channels the boat people UPDATE2: Another irony is discovered, this one doubly deep.  See update 2 … Continue reading

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Friday Funny? Meet the new spokesperson for ‘I Heart Climate Scientists’

This ranks right up there with Heartland’s blunderous Unabomber billboard.

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The bogosity of Winter Storm Bodil

There’s so much desperation to tie extreme weather to climate change these days, that some people have taken to photoshopping faked images to make the point. In case you didn’t catch that, it’s a double entendre. Observe. Sadly, even the … Continue reading

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New emotification of global warming: selling the sizzle of melting glaciers

From the American Institute of Physics, some research they lament doesn’t carry “the same emotional wallop as images” related to “climate trends”. Oh, darn. Maybe they need to link up with artist Paul Kos whose performance art is seen at … Continue reading

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Are the ‘climate will affect sports stadiums’ claims of U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse the dumbest ever?

An examination of the data suggests “quite possibly”. You can read the press release from the Senator’s office here. From CNS News video: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) warns sports stadiums are at risk from the “sea level rise effects of … Continue reading

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Move over millibars, Flickr is the new atmospheric metric for hurricane central pressure

From the University of Warwick, and the ultra-short baseline department comes this study of ridiculous proportions. I don’t have the words to accurately describe this utter waste of time and money. I can just see future NOAA bulletins: HURRICANE WHOPPER … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Lewandowsky study this phenomenon?

One of the favorite smears from Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky used to try to diminish the arguments of climate skeptics is to create dodgy psuedo-scientific psychological studies with a bent on trying to prove that skeptics are conspiracy theorists. Except for … Continue reading

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Mannic hypocrisy – How much should Michael Mann pay?

Since Michael Mann seems fond of fossil fueled trips like this one: Mike Mann, Stephan Rahmstorf, Kari Norgard at the rift between continental plates in southern Iceland. Big in Reykjavik | Climate Denial Crock of the Week And since he … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: A note to ‘Supermandia’ – Mother Nature doesn’t even need Kryptonite to squish you like a bug

Professor Scott Mandia, aka ‘Supermandia’, for his infamous climate scientist in tights imagery must have a head injury form being in the ring with mother nature, otherwise he wouldn’t write stuff like this:

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Climate Boiling Point

From the James Hansen said the oceans would boil and the Tabloid Climatology™ department… As a long-suffering member of the television news media, some-days, I just want to find the reporter and slap him upside the head and tell him … Continue reading

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