Thanks To The IPCC, the Public Doesn’t Know Water Vapor Is Most Important Greenhouse Gas

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball It is not surprising that Roe and Baker explained in a 2007 Science paper that, “The envelope of uncertainty in climate projections has not narrowed appreciably over the past 30 years, despite tremendous increases in computing power, in observations, and in the number of scientists studying the problem.” The Intergovernmental…


IPCC Climate Science As A Gestalt Theory Problem

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball The proverb that “they can’t see the forest for the trees” means, they are so consumed with detail, they don’t understand the larger situation. This is true of society in general and climatology in particular. One book that at least addresses part of the problem as it relates to climate,…


Climate And Truth: A Tale Of Immorality?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball The most recent aberration of climate science is the apparent cherry picking of ocean temperature data by government scientists, Richard Feely and Christopher Sabine. The objective is not to determine what is happening, but why it is happening, and then link it to a human cause. This, cart before the…


People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception

Update: A guest post response, along with a comment from me has been posted, please see A big (goose) step backwards Guest Opinion: Dr.Tim Ball Skeptics have done a reasonable job of explaining what and how the IPCC created bad climate science. Now, as more people understand what the skeptics are saying, the question that…



Josh writes: Following the IPCC Synthesis Report we have had many catastrophists describing the impacts of climate change as ‘Irreversible’ and using the phrase ‘Immorality of inaction’ – I can certainly think of some irreversible impacts that require more immediate action. Posted by Josh Cartoons by Josh


John Coleman fires back on the IPCC Synthesis Report

A RESPONSE FROM CLIMATE SKEPTIC JOHN COLEMAN FOUNDER OF THE WEATHER CHANNEL When you read a news story about the United Nations Panel on Climate Change issuing new climate warnings and making a plea for immediate action to counter the impending climate crisis, do you ever wonder what a climate change skeptic thinks when he…