What our world could be like. Green, no climate disruption, nice non-threatening weather, and most importantly - clean air!

Green Energy ‘steals’ from the Biosphere

An Opinion Piece by Viv Forbes, BScAppGeol, FAusIMM Scientist, mineral economist and grass farmer. Earth has only three significant sources of energy. First is geothermal energy from Earth’s molten core and decaying radioactive minerals in Earth’s crust. This energy moves continents, powers volcanoes and its heat migrates towards the crust, warming the lithosphere and the…


Study: Green household products have hidden toxic hazards

From the University of Melbourne: Hidden hazards found in green products Dr. Anne Steinemann, Professor of Civil Engineering, and the Chair of Sustainable Cities, from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering, is a world expert on environmental pollutants, air quality, and health effects. Professor Steinemann investigated and compared volatile organic compounds (VOCs)…


Video: why renewables equal death

I provide this video for informational and entertainment purposes only. I have no opinion pro or con on it. Videographer Paul Budline writes: First, pardon the overwrought subject heading.  But I would like as many people as possible to see a 5-minute piece that I just finished.  It focuses on the unintended consequences of marchers demanding…

Nobody expects the Spanish solar inquisition!

Over at Bishop Hill, there’s a story about an inquisition into the Spanish solar power industry, which was so heavily subsidized and the price being paid for solar power feed-in so much more than conventional power, that some unscrupulous opportunists decided to run solar power systems at night, with the help of a diesel generator: