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Capture the Sun & Power America With Solar – Is There a Business Case?

Guest essay by Philip Dowd Whenever the subject of renewable energy comes up, the conversation usually turns to solar. You hear statements like: “The world receives more energy from the sun in one hour than the global economy uses in … Continue reading

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Temperature analysis of 5 datasets shows the ‘Great Pause’ has endured for 13 years, 4 months

Time to sweep away the flawed, failed IPCC By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley HadCRUT4, always the tardiest of the five global-temperature datasets, has at last coughed up its monthly global mean surface temperature anomaly value for June. So here is … Continue reading

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Who’s really waging the ‘war on science’?

When it comes to attacking climate scientists, the alarmist Left has the market cornered Guest opinion by Paul Driessen Global warming alarmists constantly claim they are being “harassed” by climate chaos skeptics. The Climate Armageddon-istas proclaim they are victims, and … Continue reading

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Should you trust NOAA claims about May and June records?

Guest essay by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM Last month was the hottest June since record keeping began in 1880, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Monday. It marked the third month in a row that global temperature reached … Continue reading

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Rate Of Climate Change and Rate of Adaptation Deliberately Distorted

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitus If you want things to stay as they are, things will have to change. – Giuseppe di Lamedusa Moving the Goalposts Again. Climate changes significantly all … Continue reading

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Solar Cycle Driven Ocean Temperature Variations

What Slow Fourier Transforms can tell us. Guest essay by Stan Robertson, Ph.D., P.E. On May 3, 2014, an article on WUWT by Willis Eschenbach entitled, The Slow Fourier Transform (SFT) was posted. As he noted, the amplitude of the … Continue reading

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Climate Science; Winning The Science Battle, But Losing the Policy War

Essay by Dr. Tim Ball (Elaboration of my Heartland Climate Conference Presentation) We’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge. Rutherford Rogers So-called climate skeptics, practicing proper science by disproving the hypothesis that human CO2 is causing global warming, achieved … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Tautology

A response to A conversation with Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. Guest essay by Scott Bennett Willis Eschenbach described the Kaya Identity as being “trivially true”, his opinion is uncontested by Dr Pielke Jr., whose only retort in its defence was, … Continue reading

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Mann’s Hockey Stick Goes Zombie

Nuclear war simulation forgets the Medieval Climate Optimum Story submitted by P. Wayne Townsend Yesterday’s Daily Mail carried an article about a simulation of the climate consequences of nuclear war.  The paper Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following … Continue reading

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Deep Oceans Are Cooling Amidst A Sea of Modeling Uncertainty: New Research on Ocean Heat Content

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism Two of the world’s premiere ocean scientists from Harvard and MIT have addressed … Continue reading

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A courtesy note ahead of publication for Risbey et al. 2014

People send me stuff. In this case I have received an embargoed paper and press release from Nature from another member of the news media who wanted me to look at it. The new paper is scheduled to be published … Continue reading

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Australia: No longer a carbon tax nation

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The Gore Effect has struck again. Al Baby recently visited Canberra accompanied by his usual blizzard to try to convince the tiny band of eccentrics that held the balance of power in the Senate to … Continue reading

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NASA GISS runs ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ as an outlier again

NASA GISS Version 3 vs. Version 2, using HadCRUT.4 Version differences as a baseline Guest essay by David Dohbro Recently the climate blogosphere has uncovered the effects of adjusting past and present United States’ land-temperature data as measured by the … Continue reading

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The Law of Unintended Carbon Tax Consequences

Coal generator admits its profits will fall without a carbon tax Guest essay by Phillip Hutchings Within minutes of the Australian parliament voting to scrap our carbon tax today, one of our major coal-fired electricity generators issued a profit warning … Continue reading

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RIP Australia’s Carbon Tax

UPDATE: at ~ 11:14AM local time in Australia, it was repealed! From ABC: Legislation to scrap the carbon tax has passed the Federal Parliament in a major win for the Abbott Government. After a lengthy debate, the Senate voted to … Continue reading

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Climate Consensus? Nonsense!

by E. Calvin Beisner July 16, 2014–So, someone privately messaged us saying her friend had posted this article, and she (who messaged us) wondered how we’d respond. Okay, we give up. We’ll never persuade people like’s Phil Plait. Not … Continue reading

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Macro, Meso, and Micro Climates: The Importance of Trees in Urban Climates

Guest essay by Dr Tim Ball I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree, -Joyce Kilmer Is dishwater dull? Naturalists with microscopes have told me that it teems with quiet life. – G. K. Chesterton. … Continue reading

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Latest NOAA mean sea level trend data through 2013 confirms lack of sea level rise acceleration

UN IPCC AR5 WGI claims of increasing rates of sea level rise from 1971 to 2010 are unsupported Guest essay by Larry Hamlin NOAA has released new and updated mean sea level trend data for it’s Global Network Stations tide … Continue reading

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What an Engineer Finds Extraordinary about Climate

Guest essay by Ronald D Voisin For quite some time we have known that atmospheric CO2 lags Earthly temperature in both directions. This fact has been repeatedly and internationally validated at both ends of the Earth. It is, frankly and … Continue reading

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Barking Mad – A rave, prompted by facing insane heating costs

Guest essay by Caleb Shaw It is a painful thing to confront someone whom one is accustomed to respecting, and to tell that person they are barking mad. Usually one avoids it, or dismisses the other’s strange behavior as “a … Continue reading

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Corruption Of Academic Journals For Profit and Climate Change Propaganda

Opinion by Dr. Tim Ball Everything you read in newspapers is absolutely true, except for the rare story of which you happen to have first-hand knowledge. – Erwin Knoll The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than … Continue reading

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North Carolina Outlaws Alarmist Planning Advice -Restricts SLR planning input to maximum timeframe of 30 years

Story submitted by Eric Worrall North Carolina has just outlawed the use of long term sea level predictions, when making planning decisions for sea front developments in the Outer Banks. The new rules restrict planning applications to the use of … Continue reading

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The climate consensus is not 97% – it’s 100%

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Shock news from the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Climate Change Conference: among the 600 delegates, the consensus that Man contributes to global warming was not 97%. It was 100%.

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Climate Change Hysteria and the Madness of Crowds

Guest essay by Charles Battig Shakespeare’s Hamlet pondered the eternal conundrum of competing choices. His “Aye, there’s the rub” nicely summarizes the conflicts inherent in the present socio/political/scientific arena of climate discussions. Years of relentless doomsday prognostications by a variety … Continue reading

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A Colder Climate is a Drier Climate

Guest essay by David Archibald In trying to understand how the US agricultural system will respond to lower solar activity, and thus a posited colder climate, we have to go way back. As far back as the 1970s in fact … Continue reading

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About that $30,000 to ‘disprove global warming’ contest

Guest essay by Steven Burnett Most of my income is derived from tutoring, with part being tied into the Google helpouts system. One of my most loyal customers for my physics and mathematics tutoring sent me a link to a … Continue reading

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Holding Greenpeace accountable

Poor countries should hold Big Green groups and directors liable for deaths, ravage they cause Guest opinion by Paul Driessen Fossil fuel and insurance company executives “could face personal liability for funding climate denialism and opposing policies to fight climate … Continue reading

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Lying with Statistics: The National Climate Assessment Falsely Hypes Ice Loss in Greenland and Antarctica

by E. Calvin Beisner and J.C. Keister How fast are Greenland and Antarctica losing ice? If you trust the National Climate Assessment (NCA), you’ll think, “Very fast!” And that’s intentional. The aim is to provoke fear so the American public … Continue reading

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Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’

Story submitted by Eric Worrall Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham has described climate alarmism as fraud, while presenting a preview of his upcoming Heartland presentation scheduled July 7-9 to MRCTV. “Since about 2000, I looked farther and farther into it,” … Continue reading

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Message to the President: data shows ‘CO2 Reduction is Futile’

The record of recent Man-made CO2 emissions: 1965 -2013 shows that China and the developing world is laughing at your position, Mr. President. Guest essay by Ed Hoskins The following calculations and graphics are based on information on national CO2 … Continue reading

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A comment on Hurricane Arthur by Joe Bastardi

I was corresponding quite a bit with Anthony after he let me share my post on WUWT. (See: Bastardi: ‘potential nightmare.. a tropical cyclone coming at the outer banks on the July 4 weekend’ ) Much of it was … Continue reading

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Another Antarctic sea ice record set – but excuses abound

There’s an information war on the recent Antarctic sea ice records Guest essay by Frank Lansner Today Cryosphere reports 2,112 million km2 more sea ice around Antarctica than normal. Fig 1 Reality is that we right now have an area … Continue reading

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Blinded by Beliefs: The Straight Poop on Emperor Penguins

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism Two recent press releases concerning the Emperor Penguin’s fate illustrate contrasting forces that … Continue reading

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IPCC Method Of Proving The ‘Human Caused Warming’ (AGW) Hypothesis Forced Deliberate Creation of Misinformation

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given … Continue reading

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A Cool Question, Answered?

Guest essay by David Archibald A couple of years ago the question was asked “When will it start cooling?” Of course solar denialists misconstrued this innocent enquiry. There is no doubt – we all know that lower solar irradiance will … Continue reading

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