Past Climate Change Was Caused by the Ocean, Not Just the Atmosphere, New Rutgers Study Finds

Most of the concerns about climate change have focused on the amount of greenhouse gases that have been released into the atmosphere.But in a new study published in Science, a group of Rutgers researchers have found that circulation of the ocean plays an equally important role in regulating the earth’s climate. The study published in…

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Friday Funny – You’re a climate denier if:

By Mark Heyer – You’re a climate denier if: – You believe that the atmosphere has continued to warm for the last 17+ years despite rapid growth of CO2. 97% of real climate scientists acknowledge that it hasn’t. They call it the “pause” or “hiatus” although there is no scientific evidence that warming will pick…

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New Study Predicts a Slight Cooling of North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures over the Next Decade

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale Pierre Gosselin at NoTrickZone provided an introduction to a recently published paper in his post IPCC Scientist Mojib Latif Sees North Atlantic Cooling Over Next Decade…Confirms Oceans Play Crucial Role. The paper is Klöwer et al. (2014) Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and the prediction of North Atlantic sea surface temperature.…