BRICS In the New World Energy Order: Hedging in Oil Geopolitics

The BRICS have been catapulted into a position of being the only constellation of forces that challenges the global economic dominance of the G7 developed countries bloc.

Putin Preparing for a “Total Cut off” of Europe’s Gas Supply

Europe is doubling down on their renewable energy insanity, despite Russia’s President Putin threatening at any moment to permanently shut down Europe’s gas supply.

Claim: Ukraine Conflict and Climate Change Striking Chickpea Production

What will Vegans do when their hummus goes AWOL? Bad weather and an interruption to Russian exports have apparently turned this into a climate change story.

Biden Seeks a Global Agreement to Cap Russian Oil Prices

Biden thinks he can reduce the money flowing to Russia’s military by organising a global oil purchasing cartel.

Germany Green Energy Crisis: Warning of “Lehman Like” Contagion

Germany’s renewable policy inspired energy insecurity has reached crisis levels, with Germany’s Vice Chancellor warning of “Lehman like” economic contagion if energy prices rise any further.

After The Ukraine Invasion: Energy Realism Emerges In Germany While The US Doubles Down

Economy Minister Robert Halbeck said that “there were no taboos in deliberations” concerning options to extend the operations of the country’s coal and nuclear power stations or in importing liquified natural gas…