Climate Lockdowns Begin: France bans short-haul flights in favor of train travel ‘to cut carbon emissions’

They’re going after your freedom of movement; they’re going after private car ownership, they’re going after everything it means to be a free person and turning it over to the…

Media Bombshell: Shocking Outbreak of ‘Climate Disinformation’ in the Media, i.e., Journalists Asking Questions About Net Zero on GB News and Talk TV

…climate scepticism was on the rise throughout the world, as populations start to grasp the effects of the looming Net Zero disaster.

Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed!

Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed!

ExxonMobil is Right, Net-Zero Efforts Will Cause a Lower Quality of Life

If voters were aware of the true costs of net-zero, the alarmist media and politicians may have a harder time forcing it on the public.

Europe can achieve Net Zero by demolishing historic buildings and starting again, Central Bank claims

While it’s obviously tongue in cheek, Angelini does raise a serious issue about Europe’s old buildings. But at least it appears that Komrade Khan will be happy!

Lord Frost warns: Hurtling towards net zero at any cost will be a mistake

“I think people have got captured by this ideology. They believe the messaging without thinking about it rigorously.”

King Charles backed these care homes for 40 years – now Net Zero is forcing them to close

It’s hard to think of anything more damning about the King’s obsession with climate change:

Column: Net Zero 2050? That’s Nothing – Hold My Beer

Chaining ourselves to arbitrary deadlines that are not even understood will bring down many of the world’s economic engines (see Germany).

Biden and the Bank Crash – Why Biden’s Green Energy Push is Driving US Banks into Insolvency

Here I make the case that the financial crisis engulfing the USA’s banks and financial sector can be traced straight back to Biden’s inflationary green energy push.

Aussie Green Energy Shock: Snowy Hydro Cost and Completion Time Blowout

As coal power operators respond to the new carbon tax by accelerating plant closures, Australia’s big battery, the Snowy 2 pumped hydro project, has just announced more cost and delivery…

“No Bricks, No Glass, No Cement” – What Net Zero 2050 Demands According to Government-Funded Report

…phrases such as “economic and societal breakdown”, and “mediaeval mud huts within 30 years”, would appear to be increasingly justified.

Renewable Experts: Undeterred and Unmoved by Failed Ideas

The truth is that integrating increasing amounts of solar and wind is complicated, expensive and poses reliability risks. 

Victorian State Government Begging for Private Renewable Energy Investment

“… We need to see 25GW of new [generators] between now and 2035 …” – but Victoria is consistently voted the hardest place to do business in Australia.

Tesla’s Entry into The Net Zero Game: “Sustainable Energy for All of Earth”

And if it all doesn’t work in the end? Somebody else’s problem.

Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis? Part Two: Where We are in the UK Today

We, the people, want all this climate crap stopped. Now. And we want our money back!

Climate Hysteria in The Dark Age: Are We Seeing Glimmers of Light?

Whether these glimmers of light in the West’s dark age today are real indicators of an emerging rationality or merely the dying throes of those who are fighting an invincible…

The contradictory Green policies to limit CO2 emissions

…the scale of CO2 emissions from Biomass cancels out any potential CO2 emissions savings made from using Weather-Dependent “Renewables”. 

Berliners Fail to Endorse Climate Neutral by 2030 Ballot

The brutal reality of Germany’s green energy failure and unaffordable power bills may have finally generated some reluctance to push forward.

The Economic Case for Net Zero Is Zero

At the very least, political leaders backing the net zero agenda should reconsider imposing on their citizens economic damages equivalent to a war for no good result.

Biden Putting Climate Change Agenda Over Energy Security – Linnea Lueken

In her discussion with host Rachel Campos-Duffy, Lueken explains how artificially raising energy prices in America by moving away from fossil fuels is going to raise the prices of everything,…

IAEA: Wants Papers Describing the Nuclear Path to Net Zero

The International Atomic Energy Agency has called for papers ahead of the Atoms4NetZero Conference in October 2023. The papers must be submitted by 28th April.

Don’t Believe the Geniuses Claiming to Know Our Energy Future

The energy supply will inexorably move to whatever best supplies consumer needs at the lowest cost.

Net Zero Intelligence: British TUC Demands Net Zero AND Energy Subsidies

After years of pushing Net Zero, the British Trades Union Congress has demanded the British Government continue subsidising energy the TUC helped make unaffordable.

EU Puts Continent on Fast Track to Zero… New Fossil Fuel Cars to Be Banned By 2035!

There isn’t going to be any soft landing for this reckless blind leap by the EU.

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