A 10 GW Time Bomb

It is estimated that 10 GW of solar modules in Germany suffer from prematurely aging backsheets, with sites of all sizes affected.

Congratulations To Germany On Achieving More Than 50% Of Its Electricity Production From “Renewables”!

They are destroying their economy, and have almost nothing to show for two decades and hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the useless wind and solar farms.

No Significant Precipitation Trend Change in Germany Since Recordings Began In 1881

a look at precipitation data for Germany over the past 140 years shows no significant change at all. 

More Fuel…For Inflation! German Government Doubles Planned CO2 Price Increase

Germany’s economy is already among the weakest in the Euro Zone and high energy costs will make it all more painful for consumers. The higher price will go into effect…

Germany’s Economic Woes Intensify as Production Slumps “Much More Than Expected”

Much of the decline in production is due to sectors hard hit by Germany’s energy policies.

Europe’s Self-Imposed Energy Crisis: Paying Homage to Gaia

The Not-So-Strange Death of Europe: Cultural Sacrifice at The Altar of Gaia

Germany – UK – France Weather-Dependent “Renewables” 2022 : 2023

This damage to the performance of power generation in Western Nations is made in the context that most of the world including China, India and other rapidly growing Nations have…

Germans Will Need to Turn on Heat as Cold, Wet Weather Sets to Grip Country in Early August

NOAA August forecast for Europe flops!

Meteorologist: “No Need To Worry About Drought” in Germany…Enough Water In The Ground

We don’t need to worry at all that drought and dryness are coming in the foreseeable future. That issue we can completely forgotten about this summer, the way things look…

Germany’s Costly Energy Conundrum: Poor Planning and Bad Choices, 1 Trillion Dollars Needed.

Germany’s $1 trillion energy challenge serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that poor planning can have on a nation’s energy future.

Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ German Nutrition Society recommends over 90% reduction in daily meat eating– to combat global warming

Will the nutrition authority continue to issue certifications to canteens that offer meat beyond the recommended quota?

Coal, Developing Nations, and the Streisand Effect

Thus, was born the “Streisand Effect,” defined as efforts to suppress that only serve to amplify. 

Germany Mean Temperature Trend For The Month Of May Sees No Rise Since 1986

The 2023 May was therefore not entirely satisfactory – but in the long term neither May temperatures nor precipitation showed any worrying trends.

Expert Prof. Gerd Ganteför Calls For More Studies On The Regional Climate Impact By Wind Turbines

More wind parks means less wind, which means less precipitation, which in turn means more drought and warmer temperatures. 

Germans Appear to Have Had Enough Climate Disruption

According to CNN, German Police have been cracking down on organized Climate Protest rings.c

German Greens in Crisis, Plummet 40% In Opinion Polls as Anger Mounts Over Bans, Scandals

…chances are better than even that things are going to get a lot worse as the bills for energy and drastic green policies start coming due.

Germany’s Growing List Of Bans: Next Up: Wood Stoves And Heating With Wood

It’s becoming clear that the climate movement is all about stripping citizens of choices, comfort and ability to move around. 

Germany’s Federal Network Agency Plans To Ration Electricity As Electric Power Crisis Heightens

The greatest energy folly of all time… Germany restricts electricity supply while ramping up demand!

Theft Of Heat Pumps Installed Outdoors Spreads In Germany, Insurances Refuse to Cover Loss

Since the heat pump is not in the house but in front of it, she is stuck with the costs

Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans, expert warns

… warns half of Germans “will no longer be able to afford a car.

Germany’s Renewable Heating Plan To Cost Many Times More Than Expected: 776 Billion Euros!

More than 1 trillion euros for a statistically insignificant climate benefit

EU War on Agriculture Pushback Protests Spread

Emboldened by the recent BoerBurgerBeweging electoral victory in Netherlands, Farmers in Slovenia, Germany and Flanders are staging large protests against the EU’s war on agriculture.

Berlin’s March 26th Climate Referendum… Berlin Leaders Could Have Immediate Dictatorial Powers

Draft amendment: carbon neutrality already by 2030 instead of 2045!

Cinderella Citizens: ARD Public Broadcasting Expects Regular Germans to Eat Worms, Live In Squalor

Privileged ARD German Public Television journalist Anja Reschke wants to turn Germans into worm-eaters, to save the planet. From paternalism to abuse. 

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