And Lockdown Crazy California Jumps Into the Lead

Just more evidence of some of the biggest policy failures in history.

Biden Promises to Request 100 Days of Mask Wearing to Combat Covid-19

Joe Biden has called for 100 days where everyone has to wear a mask. But Biden has not clarified whether this mandate will apply to the Obama family and Democrat…

Claim: San Francisco Covid-19 Exodus – 89,000 Families have Left

Your new neighbour could be Californian; Covid-19 and presumably Covid-19 lockdowns appear to be the final straw for people living in California’s filthy crime ridden big cities.

California Governor Apologises for Breaching his Own Covid-19 Lockdown Rules

More evidence strict Covid-19 lockdown rules do not apply to Democrats.

California Governor Gavin Newsom Bans Sales of Gas Cars by 2035

According to Governor Newsom, “we no longer need to drill things or extract things to advance our economic goals”.

Wildfires offsetting California’s expensive cap-and-trade emissions cuts

California’s failure to manage its forests so as to limit wildfires offset much if not all of the state’s expensive efforts to reduce its greenhouse emissions. Three charts from the…

Gavin Newsom’s Exceedingly Ignorant Climate Claim

Guest post by Jim Steele Scientific evidence reveals there has been no climate effect regards California’s wildfires! None! The data below proves it beyond all doubt. There is no denying…

Joe Biden on the West Coast Fires: “climate change poses an imminent, existential threat to our way of life”

According to Joe Biden, the fires raging on the West Coast of the USA are a sign that climate change is an existential threat to our way of life. However…

Minimizing California Wildfires

How do we focus our resources to minimize the devastation caused by California’s wildfires? First, we can reduce ignitions. California’s deadliest fire, the Camp Fire and California’s 2nd largest fire,…

Smoking Out the Golden State’s Green Utopia

Into the grandest of fantasies, reality intrudes. And so, it may be that Mother Nature in the form of annual forest fires, will force a key California agency to face…