Study: A Green Covid-19 Recovery will Save the World and Boost Growth

Green energy is not economically viable. When government life support is removed green energy investment collapses. But according to a new study, a green Covid-19 stimulus package would deliver us to renewable nirvana.

Extreme Floods / Covid-19 / China Food Shortage Fears

China is not having a good year. Following China’s largely self inflicted Covid-19 disaster, and months of extreme rain pushing floodwaters against the structurally questionable Three Gorges dam, failure of which could wash away China’s industrial and agricultural heartland with a 39 trillion litre inland tsunami, reports are now appearing claiming there is a looming Chinese food shortage.

Food Security in a Post-Covid World

US-EU trade talks are already stalled over agriculture issues. And yet the European Union’s new “Farm to Fork” strategy doesn’t just double down on the EU’s contentious agricultural regulations. It promises to use access to European markets to compel the United States and other countries to adopt EU-style organic farming, precautionary and other regulations if they want to remain trading partners with Europe.

Study links abnormally high blood sugar with higher risk of death in COVID-19 patients not previously diagnosed with diabetes

DIABETOLOGIA New research from Wuhan, China shows that, in patients with COVID-19 but without a previous diagnosis of diabetes, abnormally high blood sugar is associated with more than double the risk of death and also an increased risk of severe complications. The study is by Dr Yang Jin, Union Hospital and Tongji Medical College, Huazhong…

FDA: Deregulating during the pandemic, and beyond

The press has obsessively focused on supposed government shortfalls regarding COVID-19 testing. However, virtually no attention has been given to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) vigorous and unprecedented efforts to ease regulatory requirements during the pandemic.