The Economist: EU Should Embrace Tougher Carbon Pricing

The Economist has slammed the European Union for not going far enough with its green initiatives.

Coal Use Drives EU Carbon Prices to a Record High

Cold weather, high gas prices, political manipulation of the market and a drop in wind power output created a perfect storm, which is driving up the cost off energy in…

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Denies He is a Sex Symbol

In the wake of Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “Don’t Look Up”, Michael Mann has gone all coy about whether DiCaprio’s portrayal fully corresponds with his life as a scientist whose…

Climate Council: Global Warming Now Causes MORE Rainfall

Tim Flannery, who founded the Climate Council in 2013, once predicted “the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams”.

Austrian Climate Researchers Excited About Manipulating the Minds of Children

Researchers from Austria and the UK are excited that an experiment in Innsbruck, Austria successfully used children to manipulated adults, pressuring raised parent participation in green charitable giving.

I-95 Ice Storm Overnight Traffic Jam – Imagine you were Stuck in an EV

An ice storm and accident stranded drivers in freezing conditions on the Virginia I-95 overnight on Monday. My question – what would have happened if they were all driving electric…

The Hill: Disintegrating Western Democracies Must Accept Climate Advice

According to Professor Emeritus David Shearman, some problems are beyond the comprehension of elected politicians, and should not be entrusted to their authority. The only way to halt the disintegration…

EU: Natural Gas and Nuclear are now Green Energy

The long predicted collapse of the EU renewable energy push has finally arrived. The EU has effectively just admitted renewable energy does not work, by moving to extend their definition…

Forbes Pushes Climate Activists to Buy Big Oil Shares

Instead of say investing in green energy startups and displacing oil with a better product, business guru Jeroen Kraaijenbrink thinks activists should buy shares so they can mess with big…

Salem State University: New England Climate Change Faster than Average

Did Salem miss a few witches? According to Salem State University and UMass-Amherst, New England has already experienced greater than 1.5C warming.

Ipsos Mori Poll: UK People Reject Expensive Climate Action

According to Ipso Mori, 83% of the British people want drastic climate action, but support “drops off rapidly” when people are asked to make personal sacrifices.

2021: The Year the Electric Vehicle Batteries Burned

Are electric vehicles inherently unsafe? This is a question more people may be asking, as realisation grows that 2021 was a horror year for battery fire vehicle recalls.

3.. 2.. 1.. Claim: Colorado Wildfires Because Climate Change

Climate ambulance chasers are trying to bag another photogenic wildfire for their cause. But Colorado legislated a moratorium on prescribed burns in 2012, following a burn fail which ended in…

The Conversation: Climate Change Turned Polar Bears into Opportunists

According to PHD student Henry Anderson-Elliott, the uptick in photos of polar bears scavenging trash dumps or hunting land animals is likely because of climate change.

Time Magazine: Did We Just Blow Our Last Chance to Tackle Climate Change?

According to Time Magazine, the struggle to keep global warming below 1.5C is all but lost – but governments have to keep spending money.

Climate Scientist: Movie “Don’t Look Up” Captures How Nobody Listens

According to JPL’s Peter Kalmus, Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up”, about an incoming planet killer asteroid, is a moving metaphor for the struggle to be heard faced by climate scientists.

Native Americans Rejecting Biden’s Green Energy Revolution Infrastructure

Native Americans recoiling in horror at plans to desecrate their lands, by extracting the minerals and building the transmission lines President Biden needs to fulfil his promise of a green…

Lithium Turmoil: Chilean President Gabriel Boric Squeezing Miners

Interesting times for green leaders like President Biden and UK PM Boris Johnson; As the green revolution drives up prices, freshly elected far left Chilean President Gabriel Boric has shaken…

Scientists Recruiting Kids for Climate Propaganda

Climate scientist Marji Puotinen hard at work recruiting the next generation of child soldiers for the climate movement.

President Biden’s DOE Announces an “Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations”

Feeling rejected? Need funding for your Unobtainium free energy device? Nobody taking your Alcubierre rotary warp bubble electricity generator seriously? Uncle Joe’s “Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations” might be the…

Tesla: Nothing Says Customer Satisfaction Like 30Kg of Dynamite

Everything was fine until after the first 1500km the error lights came on … €20,000 to replace the battery … no warrantee or anything.

Claim: Japan McDonalds Reducing Food Portions because Climate Change

A bizarre story of Japan, potato farmers, and Canadian Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau, which disintegrates into a mess of lazy reporting, exaggerated claims, misdirection and government incompetence once you…

UK Professors Blame Fictional Future Weather on Climate Change

“The Wheel of Time” TV series apparently features magical powers, dark forces and a warmer climate.

Climate Insanity: “… No individual in Florida should own their own home …”

Academics pouring climate doom on Florida real estate prices.