Corporate Climate Claims in Australia Now Subject to Hard Regulatory Review

Back in May, WUWT published an academic claim that weak climate promises could be used as a trap, to leverage real corporate climate expenditure. This scenario is now unfolding in…

New Zealand Lawyers Sue Government Over Alleged Carbon Budget Miscalculation

When virtue signalling goes bad; Back in March, WUWT published an academic allegation that the New Zealand government is trying to cheat on their own carbon budget. Now the lawyers…

Academic: Miami Building Collapse an “Early Warning” of Climate Change

According to Visiting Lecturer in Sustainable Development Ran Boydell, The horrific collapse of the condo building in Surfside may be a warning of things to come, if we don’t reduce…

BBC Censors their Own Climate Change Page

The BBC has caved in to pressure from climate activists and academics, to remove any suggestion warmer temperatures might bring benefits to people living in Britain.

SMH: Trump’s Fault that China is Not Trying Harder on Climate Change

According to SMH Reporter Nick O’Malley, Trump’s victory in 2016 created a perception of “boom and bust” commitment to climate action. But Chinese leaders do not have to face elections,…

NYT: President Biden Just “Walked Back” his Pledge on Climate Action

NYT contributor Farhad Manjoo is horrified President Biden appears to have “walked back” an apparent pledge to veto the bipartisan infrastructure bill, if it is not accompanied by a partisan…

Media Scrambles to Deny Climate Revolutionaries Staged an Insurrection

The other day WUWT published a satirical piece, suggesting self described climate revolutionaries who sat on their butts in front of the White House and demanded money were an “insurrection”.…

The Conversation: Earth Exhibits a Cold Climate Species Distribution

Academics Emma Dunne and Bethany Allen think we are heading into a new climate driven mass extinction – but they admit Earth still has polar icecaps, and global species diversity…

UK Government Explicitly Exempts Rich People and Other Elites from Covid Lockdown Rules

Following the very recent embarrassment of the minister for lockdowns Matt Hancock breaching his own lockdown rules, while having a fling with a staffer, the British Government has decided to…

SMH: Aussie Government Economic Forecasts Ignoring Net Zero Impacts

It is almost as if the Aussie Government thinks commitments to shut down coal plants and eliminate the use of steel and alumina in industry will not happen.

Green New Deal Insurrectionists Blockade the White House, Demand Money

Or is it only an “insurrection” when the protestors support President Trump?

British BBC Scolds Australia for Failing to Embrace Net Zero

BBC’s Australian correspondent is aghast that Australia continues to resist pressure to join President Biden’s climate change economic suicide pact.

SMH: Young People Are Pouring Their Money into Climate Charities

According to Sydney Morning Herald, climate charity donations are surging, mostly coming from the children of wealthy families.

Bjorn Lomborg: “Climate Change Coverage Ignores the Heavy Impact of heat on cold deaths”

This article was originally published in USA Today, and has been reproduced here with kind permission from the Copenhagen Consensus Center.

Climate Scientist: “Politics Is Now The Battleground For Climate Change”

David King, former long term UK government science advisor, is heading a new climate advisory body. But his track record of recommendations includes some worrying missteps.

President Biden Bans Imports of Chinese Forced Labor Manufactured Solar Panels

The White House has banned products manufactured by Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd, due to to the alleged use of forced labor, widespread sexual abuse, genocide and detention.

Green Group Accuses Europe of Climate Change Colonialism

According to the Equinox Initiative For Racial Justice, the EU Green New Deal is driving exploitation in poor countries.

UK Government Funded Climate Think Tank Demands Peak Cars by 2030

According to the Institute of Public Policy Research, even Electric Vehicles are not green enough to permit unfettered growth in car ownership.

Music to Soothe the Climate Denial Away?

Climate activist Naomi Oreskes now has her own theme song, after the University of Utah commissioned a musician to compose a song about climate denial, to convince people to read…

Global Warming? Scott Base Antarctica Endures -115F

Global warming appears to have brought near record cold to Scott Base in Antarctica, which a few days ago endured -81.7C / -115F, almost 4 degrees below the freezing point…

UN Fury: World Leaders Just Failed to Deliver $100 Billion / Year Climate Deal

Despite green claims that renewables are now the cheapest form of energy, according to the UN the renewable revolution simply won’t happen without billions of dollars of sustained international financial…

Claim: China Weaponising UN Protection For the Great Barrier Reef

China’s ongoing effort to punish Australia for opposing their South China Sea territorial ambitions has now allegedly extended to stacking the UN Heritage Committee.

The Guardian Demands More Nuclear Power to Fight Climate Change, Slams Plant Closures

According to The Guardian, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Closure of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant was a big step backwards in the battle to reduce CO2 emissions.

Covid Problems Disrupting UN Climate Negotiations

You couldn’t make it up; Internet glitches, delegates too lazy to match timezones, and China objecting to the presence of observers at negotiations on transparency.