UN: The Climate Breakdown has Begun

According to news sources, in August we just hit 1.5C warmer than pre-industrial. Hands up who wants to surrender their automobile?

African Climate Summit Demands a Slice of All Western Movements of Goods or Money

But we should look on this demand as an investment opportunity.

The Conversation: Today’s International Free Trade Rules are Not Suited for the Climate Crisis

Climate subsidies like the Biden Inflation Reduction Act violated international free trade rules. The green solution: Get rid of free trade.

Net Zero Fail: UK Government to Forcibly Switch Your Appliances Off

Imagine needing government permission to turn up your winter heating when you catch Covid, or pleading with bureaucrats to allow you to heat more rooms in your house. But don’t…

Investment Advisor CEO: Why Value Investors Should Doubt “Climate Science”

Chris Leithner, Joint Managing Director of Leithner & Company Ltd, on why going with the crowd on climate change violates the basic principles of sound investment.

Mud Cake Man? Burning Man Participants Trapped in the Desert by Rain

Remember back when climate change was going to cause eternal drought?

Renewable Fail: East Coast Aussie States Are Failing or About to Fail Energy Reliability Standards

A just published Australian Energy Market Operator report highlights the urgent “opportunity” for the provision of reliable electricity to Australia’s East Coast grid.

Electric vehicles catch fire after being exposed to saltwater from Hurricane Idalia

The Idalia vehicles were apparently flooded with salt water. My question – could salt spray from a windy day at the beach also trigger a deadly battery fire?

Danish Wind Energy Giant Crashes 25% in One Day, Blames “Severe” US Market

“… in talks with federal stakeholders to qualify for additional tax credits, which haven’t progressed as expected….”

Did a Climate Alarmist Law Student Just Kill the Green Movement?

An Aussie law student has forced the government to settle an accusation it breached its duty to investors, by not adding climate risk warnings to new sales of government debt.…

Climate Classroom: “I tend to be very gentle” about Telling Kids they’re Going to Die?

Full quote: “I tend to be very gentle and very careful or I’m very focused on hope.”

Tribal Rangers Smash Burning Man Climate Protest Roadblock

Apparently its not OK for climate protestors to stop America’s elites from attending important events.

John Kerry: Climate Deniers “lash out at the truth tellers, and label indisputable evidence as hysteria”

h/t J Boles, PJ Media; “… humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself …”. John Kerry speech 24th August, with fun annotations to hilight his ridiculous mistakes.

“Bring it On Lord”: The Christians who WANT the Climate Apocalypse?

The climate crisis is Armageddon?

Claim: Record Coral Reef Cover Hides “Cryptic” Diversity Loss

Following the embarrassment of record coral abundance, Aussie academics now claim the reef is dying in ways which cannot be observed.

Fast Company: Climate Optimists are Worse than Climate Doomers

According to Brian Kateman, climate alarmists like Musk who think colonising other planets will solve our problems are worse than people who think it’s all hopeless.

Aussie Government Intergenerational Report 2023: We’ll All Live Longer and Be Richer in the Age of Climate Crisis

… But EV owners have a nasty surprise coming.

Bernie Sanders: Confronting Chinese Tyranny is Undermining Climate Cooperation

According to Sanders, we should reconsider confronting China over mistreating Uyghurs and bullying Taiwan, to improve the odds of a climate deal.

CPAC Australia – Coal Overboard, Nuclear to Appease the Greens?

To say I’m disappointed with this year’s Australian CPAC would be an understatement.

Malcolm Turnbull: Fossil Fuel Derived Hydrogen Must be Restricted for Green Hydrogen to Flourish

Renewable hydrogen will “struggle to compete” unless fossil fuel hydrogen production is restricted.

Twitter Climate Alarmists Alarmed at the Rise of Free Speech

“… Half of regular green tweeters abandoned platform after its sale and cuts to moderation, analysis finds …”

Kids Win Montana Climate Change Lawsuit

The judge has upheld a claim the State of Montana has a duty to protect citizens from climate change.

Great Reset U-Turn: British Mainstream Political Parties are Road Testing Anti-Green Policies

In the wake of the shock Uxbridge by-election result, mainstream British political parties are questioning whether an unequivocal commitment to green policies is a guaranteed vote winner.

New York Climate Change Congestion Charging Scheme Blocked by Federal Environment Law

US Environmental laws are so complicated even green schemes backed by friendly regulators are struggling.

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