The U.S. Could Have Wildfire Smoke Radar

Imagine the ability to determine the three-dimensional distribution of wildfire smoke across the United States in real-time.

Climate Politics Threatens an Era of Energy Poverty

The situation in the U.K. should be a warning to U.S. energy planners, who might face a similar situation if Biden moves ahead with his carbon-reduction proposals and replaces U.S.…

Queensland Government Backs Coal and Green Hydrogen

What do you do if you need the votes of coal miners, but also need the votes of inner city climate activists? Try to please both, of course.

Net Zero California Governor Just Banned Backup Generators and Fire Pumps

California just banned the sale of gasoline powered backup generators, lawn mowers, small gas powered fire fighting pumps, and other small stationary engines, as part of their drive to reduce…

Claim: Immigrants and Robots Can Ease the Climate Transition to a Reduced Population

When climate activists discuss a “well being” economy, I thought they just meant communism. Turns out a “well being” economy is also code for encouraging the deplorables to gradually die…

Analysis: Hurricanes Have Not Gotten More Intense, Frequent Over Past 170 Years

Despite the 1°C global warming seen since the mid 18th century, hurricane intensity and frequency remained well with the range of natural variability and have not trended upwards. “If anything,…

Weekly Energy and Climate News Roundup #474

Quote of the Week: “Nullius in verba” – The Royal Society [UK]