Quicky Mid-October 2014 El Niño Update

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale This is a quick update on the status of the sea surface temperatures of the equatorial Pacific, along with a brief discussion of the recent excursion of the daily Southern Oscillation Index into El Niño conditions.  Things are NOT looking good if you’ve been looking forward to an El Niño…

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Figure 1

The 2014/15 El Niño – Part 16 – Is There Still Hope for a Moderate El Niño?

Guest post by Bob Tisdale I’ll provide the September update in a week or so, but I found the following interesting. According to the animation of subsurface temperature anomalies along the equatorial Pacific, which is available from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center Equatorial Pacific Temperature Depth Anomaly Animation webpage, another downwelling (warm) Kelvin wave may…