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Put a cork in it! Claim: wine corks deteriorating due to ‘climate change’

From Science News: Wine corks may owe quality to gene activity Discovery that distinguishes superior stoppers could help reverse global downturn Even the most superb wine won’t last without its cork, but the quality of this renewable oaken resource has … Continue reading

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Like global temperature, ‘climate jobs’ seems to have peaked and are heading downward

From the “you too can be a professional climatologist” department comes this very interesting graph. Reader Shawn Fitzpatrick submits this graph after reading our earlier story “Climate burnout is fast approaching“. What it shows is climate science on the downturn, … Continue reading

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Climate Change is sucking funding away from biodiversity

From the “let’s include climate change is all our work so we’ll keep getting funded” department, comes this admission in the form of a press release from The University of Kent. Overshadowed by climate change Kent research suggests that recent … Continue reading

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Climate Change: it’s the motions of the oceans

From the University of London Scientists discover link between climate change and ocean currents over 6 million years Scientists have discovered a relationship between climate change and ocean currents over the past six million years after analysing an area of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – dictators and climate change

This quote from a WSJ article titled Springtime for Warmists (a hat tip to the satirical play Springtime for Hitler  in Mel Brooks’ 1968 film The Producers ) is one of those “God help us” moments where we realize higher … Continue reading

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Why Climate Change Doesn’t Scare Me

Guest essay by Walter Starck Be scared, the experts tell us, be very scared. Well there is certainly cause for concern, but not about those “rising” temperatures, which refuse to confirm researchers’ computer models. A far bigger worry is the … Continue reading

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Study: Is “Global Warming” about to make a comeback?

Results of the study show that the term “Climate Change” is too bland to excite people Story submitted by Eric Worrall Bryan Walsh, writing for Time Magazine, has published a claim by the Yale Project on Climate Communication, that the … Continue reading

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My local newspaper editor lowers the boom on “climate change” as a catch-all

Thank you, David Little of the Chico Enterprise Record. Readers please note: I had nothing to do with his Sunday column opinion piece, it is as much a surprise to me as I’m sure it will be to you. ============================================================ … Continue reading

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Telling ‘Noble Cause Lies’ About Climate Change Will Backfire

Essay by Tom Harris, originally published in PJMedia Over the past twenty years, we’ve been subjected to a barrage of catastrophic climate change forecasts and prophecies that would put Moses to shame. Coastal communities will be submerged due to rapid … Continue reading

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Climate Change as an omnipotent political force

Or is it…farce? Charles Hushburg sends word of this political assessment. The Swiss might not like the comparison.  

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The climate change movement as guilt trip

An interesting essay written by “Zombie” of Zombietime fame has a climate change component worth noting. I don’t agree with all of it, but it does explain some behavior we have seen in the past decade. “Zombie” writes: I recently … Continue reading

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Occam’s Razor and Climate Change

The simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation Guest essay by Eric Worrall Professor Keven Trenberth once campaigned for the scientific world to accept the alarmist view of climate change as the “null hypothesis”, the baseline theory against which all … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Biodiversity Crisis

by Dr. Craig Loehle, NCASI Naperville, IL The climate change “biodiversity crisis” is like a whack-a-mole game (a carnival game where plastic animals pop out of holes and you try to whack them with a mallet), with an almost-daily claim … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – try eating this ‘crop’ threatened by ‘climate change’

Apparently, all that work in selective crop breeding won’t overcome ‘climate change’ This is the headline and story summary from Eurekalert: Crop species may be more vulnerable to climate change than we thought A new study by a Wits University … Continue reading

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SOTU Open Thread – what freaky climate claims will POTUS make tonight?

While the most recent public polls on climate-change give a ho-hum response, Dr. Roy Spencer recently surmised that in the State of the Union Address tonight, President Obama will join the “everything is caused by global warming” club. He writes: … Continue reading

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The Southern California Colby wildfire and ‘climate change’

While not a full-bore media hype yet, there are the beginnings of chatter on blogs and Twitter that the Colby fire in Southern California might somehow be related to “climate change”.  NASA MODIS has this image and explanation: Colby Fire … Continue reading

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Contrasting Good and Bad Science: Disease, Climate Change and the Case of the Golden Toad

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director Emeritus, Sierra Nevada Field Campus San Francisco State University To insure the public does not become complacent as the 16-year hiatus in rising global temperatures continues, the media is spammed with untested models claiming … Continue reading

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Norway’s wheat production impacted by Climate Change

Guest essay by David Archibald A correspondent in Oslo writes: “The official view in Norway is in contrast to what the people experience because of cooling weather: Late spring gives flooding and avalanches when late snow-melting in the mountains. Water … Continue reading

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A Curious Climate Analogy – Badly Reported by the NYT

Guest essay by Kip Hansen, St Thomas, USVI The AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY just published a Special Supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society titled: EXPLAINING EXTREME EVENTS OF 2012 FROM A CLIMATE PERSPECTIVE edited by Thomas C. Peterson, … Continue reading

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Claim: Climate change is 10x faster than ever before

From Stanford University  comes this breathless missive that sounds just like every one we’ve heard before. No mention of “the pause”, but we do have a “baked into the system” goodness apparently. Climate change occurring 10 times faster than at … Continue reading

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My personal path to Catastrophic AGW skepticism

Note: if the name below is familiar to you it is because of this article from Monday. This will be a sticky post for a day or two, new stories will appear below this one- Anthony Guest essay by Jonathan … Continue reading

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The Handsomest Fox In The Henhouse

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, we had the Senate hearing on the climate. Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. Roger Pielke gave excellent talks. There’s a discussion of it here on WUWT  and Dr. Judith Curry has a post on … Continue reading

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Watch yesterday’s blockbuster performance by Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. and Dr. Roy Spencer at Senate climate hearing

Quite a performance yesterday. Steve Milloy is calling it the “Zapruder film” implying it was the day the AGW agenda got shot down. While that might not be a good choice of words, you have to admit they did a … Continue reading

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Global Warming = Climate Change

Guest Essay by Ed Hoskins This short essay questions the actions to combat Global Warming / Climate Change from three points of view: The Temperature Context Man-made CO2 emissions 1965 -2012. The Significance and Influence of Carbon Dioxide CO2 The … Continue reading

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Can We Actually Even Tell if Humans Are Affecting the Climate? What if we did nothing at all?

Essay by Charlie Martin We know, with great certainty, that the overall average temperature of the Earth has warmed by several degreees in the last 400 years, since the end of the Little Ice Age. Before that was a period … Continue reading

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Leveraging a Changing Climate: Recent advances in understanding how Species cope with Changing Conditions.

Guest essay by Daniel Bourke Introduction The concept of climate change has become a controversial one. By that it is not meant to be said that the happening of climate change is controversial in and of itself, but that it … Continue reading

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Dilbert becomes skeptical of climate change disaster

From Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip) blog, who seems to have stumbled across an interview with the author of this video we recently highlighted at WUWT. Scott Adams writes: ================================= Fact Checking: Adams Law of Slow-Moving Disasters … Continue reading

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Global Warming Consensus Looking More Like A Myth

Image Credit – Wood For Trees and Werner Brozek From the Investor’s Business Daily: The global warming alarmists repeat the line endlessly. They claim that there is a consensus among scientists that man is causing climate change. Fact is, they’re … Continue reading

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Expert predicts ‘Monsoon Britain’

Guest post by Paul Homewood h/t Robuk A study, by Professor Stuart Lane of Durham University back in 2008, appears to have been remarkably percipient. Written just after the extremely wet summer of 2007, the study suggests that, far from … Continue reading

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Challenging the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

Consensus does not necessarily guarantee sound science Guest post by Forrest M. Mims III Consensus is often cited in support of scientific paradigms, including anthropogenic climate change. Australian physicist Tom Quirk has neatly dissected the consensus argument for the human … Continue reading

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Erratic Environment May Be Key to Human Evolution

     Versus      Image Credit: Wikipedia                                 Image Credit: Anne Knock From Live Science: At Olduvai Gorge, where excavations helped to confirm Africa was the cradle of humanity, scientists now find the landscape once fluctuated rapidly, likely guiding early human … Continue reading

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Global data doesn’t support Reuters “fracking” Google search trend claim

Tom Nelson pointed this out this morning. ‘Fracking’ overtakes ‘climate change’ in Google searches | The Dickinson Press | Dickinson, North Dakota This year, for the first time, U.S. online searches for the term “fracking” became more popular than “climate … Continue reading

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The Atlantic Magazine’s ‘5 Charts About Climate Change That Should Have You Very, Very Worried’… Worried about scientific illiteracy.

Guest post by David Middleton I ran into this gem on Real Clear Energy this morning… The article cites terrifying new reports commissioned by the World Bank and the CIA and then launches into a graphical cornucopia of nonsense. The … Continue reading

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Another climate sticky wicket – ‘climate change is poised to reduce the viability of the maple syrup industry’

From the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies  where if you can get past the headline, this is notable: “We found that global climate models omit factors critical to understanding forest response, such as hydrology, soil conditions, and plant-animal interactions.” Point … Continue reading

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