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Take’s First Annual Survey on Global Warming

This is an interesting survey that cuts across a number of lines and held beliefs. I believe it to be worthwhile to participate in this survey. – Anthony Guest post by Tom Fuller If you are tired of having everybody … Continue reading

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A real hockey stick

In the past decade, since the release of the flawed 1998 study by Michael Mann, now known as MBH 98, the phrase “hockey stick” has been used to describe a certain shape of a graph. It has also become synonymous … Continue reading

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An idea I can get behind – regulate [as in capture waste gas and recycle] methane first

UPDATE: Some readers took exception to my title, and I can see why now. I regret my choice of wording for the title. “Regulate its escape into the atmosphere” is where I was going. “Regulate” from my perspective in engineering … Continue reading

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Previously Unknown Volcanic Eruption Helped Trigger Cold Decade

From the University of California, San Diego Press Release A team of chemists from the U.S. and France has found compelling evidence of a previously undocumented large volcanic eruption that occurred exactly 200 years ago, in 1809. The discovery, published … Continue reading

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Monckton on Glenn Beck video now available

In case you missed it live, Christopher Monckton spent an entire hour on the Glenn Beck program today on the topic of global warming, skepticism, and the Copenhagen Treaty. The video is now available. Watch it below.

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Met Office Climate Official on Arctic Ice Forecasts: “The danger is they can be accused of scaremongering.”

I’ve been very critical of statements made by Dr. Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center. It seems that I’m not the only one critical of his statements to the press. – Anthony Excerpts from The Times, … Continue reading

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Monckton on Glenn Beck Today

You won’t want to miss Lord Christopher Monckton (Former advisor to UK Prime Minister Thatcher) on Glenn Beck  – Today Friday, October 30th! Monckton as many WUWT readers know, is a prominent skeptic and has been making presentations around the … Continue reading

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Yamal treering proxy temperature reconstructions don’t match local thermometer records

Circling Yamal 3 – facing the thermometers Guest post by Lucy Skywalker Let’s look closely and compare local thermometer records (GISS) with the Twelve Trees, upon whose treerings depend all the IPCC claims of “unprecedented recent temperature rise”. For my … Continue reading

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Minnesota Public Radio can’t handle comments on climate change

Like Others Of Its Ilk, The Minnesota Public Radio Censors Comments On Its Climate Blog Guest Post by Bob Tisdale This morning while checking blogs with the phrase “sea surface temperature” I happened on the Minnesota Public Radio Updraft © … Continue reading

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Al Gore still addicted to nonexistent hurricane-climate link in new book

Gore 2.0, now with Pacific Hurricanes, coming to a book store near you. Gore plans to hawk it on David Letterman next Tuesday night. One more reason not to watch Dave anymore. One can always hope though. Maybe he’ll feature … Continue reading

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Arizona gets some interesting new minimum high records

From the “weather is not climate department”….whether it is cold or snow, long lived records keep falling, and recently in large numbers. Today, new “minimum high” records fell in a traditionally warm southwest state. Flagstaff, and Prescott, Williams, and Winslow … Continue reading

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Vaclav Klaus gets opt-out, EU clears hurdle to Lisbon treaty

from EU clears hurdle to Lisbon treaty EU leaders meeting in Brussels have agreed a deal designed to win Czech backing of the Lisbon Treaty, clearing a major hurdle to its ratification. The Czechs were granted an opt-out from the … Continue reading

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Live Feed: Senate EPW Committee Climate Hearings

Click video window below to Watch Live: Senate EPW Committee Climate Hearings — All Day Thursday

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IPCC Climatologist: “It would ruin the US economy and it wouldn’t save the climate either”

From Northern Broadcasting System: BILLINGS-  As debate over climate change legislation heats up on Capitol Hill, the Director of the University of Montana’s Climate Change Studies Program, and a co-author of a Nobel Prize winning report, says cap and trade … Continue reading

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North Carolina sea levels rising 3mm a year? UC sea level data says differently

Below: North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound. Note marker at 36N -76W. First the Press Release from the University of Pennsylvania: North Carolina Sea Levels Rising Three Times Faster Than in Previous 500 Years, Penn Study Says October 28, 2009 PHILADELPHIA –- … Continue reading

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Asteroid explosion over Indonesia

From NASA’s INDONESIAN ASTEROID: Picture this: A 10-meter wide asteroid hits Earth and explodes in the atmosphere with the energy of a small atomic bomb. Frightened by thunderous sounds and shaking walls, people rush out of their homes, thinking … Continue reading

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Tornados and global warming link – “just not there”

We’ve contended many times before that severe weather and global warming are not linked. Here’s a new essay on the issue. From CO2 Science Tornados — Summary Climate alarmists typically claim that global warming will lead to both more frequent … Continue reading

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The “Statisticians: ‘Global Cooling’ a Myth” story

By William M. Briggs, professional statistician “J’accuse! A statistician may prove anything with his nefarious methods. He may even say a negative number is positive! You cannot trust anything he says.” Sigh. Unfortunately, this oft-hurled charge is all too true. … Continue reading

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