Green Energy Fail: Germany Imposes Strict Winter Rationing on Individuals and Companies

Essay by Eric Worrall German landlords can now turn down living area thermostats without tenants permission, thanks to Germany’s failed Energiewende programme, and Germany’s complete failure to plan for contingencies.…

Green Energy Nightmare: German Politician Labels Poor People “Enemies of the State”

Germany’s Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, is worried agitators and conspiracy theorists might be taking advantage of people’s distress over energy bills and the cost of living crisis.

Can Australian Green Hydrogen Replace Russian Gas?

It seems like we will need an awful lot of solar panels, simply to replace a tiny amount of gas!

What Would Happen if They Threw a War and it Upset Europe’s Climate Plans?

Guest “Is anyone else annoyed every time the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and climate change appear in the same sentence?” by David Middleton This NPR article isn’t as awful as…

Biden Promised Europe More LNG From US… Forgot to Check With Industry First

Guest “You don’t have any LNG to promise to anyone” by David Middleton “Saturday’s Energy Absurdity of the Day” Given that industry was already expanding capacity over the next few…

EU Russian Energy Plan: Gas Storage and Rooftop Solar Energy

Any hope for an outbreak of energy policy sanity amongst EU leaders is rapidly fading, as they unveil their innumerate plan to replace dependence on Russian imports.

Who Needs Russian Gas? We’ve Got Windmills!

Supplant Russian gas? Clearly neither the Express or Mr Jackson have bothered to do any sums! So let’s help them.

European Green Energy Crisis is Crushing Metal, Silicon Production

A quadrupling of EU energy prices is crippling energy intensive industries, but the EU sees this as a reason to invest in more renewables.

IEA: More Renewable Investment Required to Stabilise European Energy Markets

According to Dr. Fatih Birol, $4 trillion per year of global renewable investment would reduce European dependence on Russian Gas, though Russia is also to blame for the recent energy…

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