The Case Against Sabotaging Biden’s Paris Agreement Plans

A few days ago WUWT published an article urging President Trump to kill the Paris Agreement by submitting it to the Senate. I disagree with this view. Quite apart from…

UN Paris Agreement Architect Blasts Australia’s “Lack of Integrity” on Climate Action

According to former UN climate chief and Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres, coal exporting Australia is not acting with integrity when it comes to global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Conversation: “Right now, there is no federal agency tasked with developing a systemic understanding of climate change…”

According to Clark University Professor Edward Carr, Biden will struggle to truly transform society, though restoring California’s control of automobile environmental standards and re-imposing Obama era methane rules will help.

The Guardian: Joe Biden’s $1.7 Trillion Investment Could Reduce Global Warming by 0.1C

The Guardian has inadvertently revealed the utter futility of throwing trillions of dollars of borrowed government money into the bottomless renewable energy pit.

The Guardian: Tax Meat to Hit Paris Agreement Climate Targets

According to The Guardian, meat intake in rich countries must be cut, to help the world keep global warming under 1.5C.

The USA is Officially No Longer a Party to the Paris Agreement

Breathe the free air America – whatever happens in the next few days, with this act of defiance the USA under President Trump has struck a heavy blow against the…

The Guardian: “Intensive farming worldwide threatens Paris climate accord …”

According to the Guardian, agricultural fixation on providing high yield affordable food, instead of paying more attention to GHG emissions associated with farming, is endangering the Paris Climate Accord.

FP: Did the Chinese President Just Save the World from Climate Change?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Despite admitting China added a whopping 58GW of coal capacity this year, and admitting a few human rights abuses in Hong Kong, Foreign Policy is…

CSIRO: An Entire Covid-19 Lockdown Worth Of Cumulative CO2 Emission Cuts Required Each Year

If you thought the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on your financial circumstances or the national or global economy was bad, imagine if a similar amount of money was cumulatively…

Greening the planet and slouching towards Paris?

Reposted from Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc. Posted on May 14, 2020 by curryja | by Patrick J. Michaels A new paper finds higher than expected CO2 fertilization inferred from…