Ford Admits Their Risky EV Gamble Hinges on Government Coercion

Who could possibly have predicted that the promises of politicians aren’t worth the paper they are written on?

Green Fail: British Consumers Paying £1 billion per year for Wind Energy which Cannot be Used

The Express claims a billion pounds per year is being paid to British wind turbine operators who have been asked to disconnect from the grid during periods of low demand,…

British PM Wins Pyrrhic Victory on Fracking

Prime Minister Truss defeated an attempt to ban fracking – barely. But the long winded consultation process tacked on by her rebellious MPs will likely prevent any genuine progress for…

97% Want UK Green Levies to Be Scrapped

And every time there is a poll to ask them if they want to pay for it?

Time: UK PM Liz Truss has Shown “Strikingly Little Interest” in Climate Change

Time Magazine picking up on the potential climate policy conflict between King Charles and Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Putin Responds to Truss / EU Energy Price Cap: “Keep Freezing”

UK PM Liz Truss and the EU plan to impose a Putin Energy Price Cap – but with Chinese hydroelectricity running dry, and Russia sending gas to China via a…

Liz Truss is the New UK Prime Minister: How Will This Affect Climate Policy?

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss apparently wants us to believe she is Margaret Thatcher reborn. But her history of political switchbacks on important issues leaves a lot of uncertainty.

Green Energy Fail: British Union Boss Predicts Riots, 1990s Style Uprising

Some good news – Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss has promised to allow fracking if she wins. But this belated outbreak of political sanity comes way too late to prevent…

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