Aussie Energy & Climate Minister: Don’t Expect 3.4GW of New Renewables to Provide Grid Stability

Aussie Energy & Climate Minister: “I don’t see we can put all the pressure on Renewables for Stability and Reliability”, blames Climate Change for Hot Summers.

Aussie Climate Policy Fracture: States Push Back on Paying Carbon Offsets

“No one asked any of us”: A federal plan for states to share the carbon offset cost of new gas field development has not been well received.

Aussie, Canada and NZ Climate Ministers: Send Money

“… We need a global financial architecture that helps address the existential threat of climate change …”

“80% Renewables by 2030 – Its Bullsh*t”: Former Snowy 2 Pumped Hydro Boss Slams Aussie Green Energy Plans

“… you were being realistic and they didn’t want to hear it. …” – Aussie climate and energy minister Chris Bowen has been accused of pushing aside experts who criticise his…

Aussie Climate Minister Rejects Claims the Grid will Fail when the Generators are Decommissioned

Aussie Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen is confident the grid will remain reliable as dispatchable generators are decommissioned, despite official reports which warn there are big problems.

Australia Bidding to Host the COP31 Climate Conference in 2026

Kiss goodbye to the Aussie coal industry? Are Australia’s climate fanatic politicians planning to sell out Australia’s fossil fuel industry, to secure support for hosting the COP31 climate conference in…

Aussie Climate Minister: 600,000 Workers are Required for the Green Transition

Australia’s energy and environment minister Chris Bowen has revealed his vision for an Australian renewable superpower which creates lots of well paid green jobs.

Aussie Climate & Energy Minister: Nuclear Advocates are “Dangerously Ignorant”

“Firmed renewables are quicker to build and cheaper to operate. Those who say otherwise are either dangerously ignorant or simply seeking to perpetuate the climate wars.” 

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