“Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ Fails Test of Time” (New York Times verdict in 2007)

…a number of Carson’s major arguments rested on what can only be described as deliberate ignorance.

Scientists Pushing Net Zero Complain of Hurty Feelings on Twitter

The loss of Twitter as a ‘safe’ space for climate alarmists has been a bitter blow.

Study: Climate Believers Are More Likely to Trust Strangers

Perhaps greens find it difficult to imagine that scientific authority figures can be self serving lying toads, just like anyone else.

Bloomberg News: ‘South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions’ – ‘Unintentional…power plant breakdowns are reducing industrial activity’

Regular breakdowns of the coal-fired power plants that supply more than 80% of South Africa’s electricity mean that less carbon dioxide is being pumped into the atmosphere and daily rotational cuts of…

What I Learned about What Exxon Knew

This essay is the nuclear fallout emergent from that small spark.

French President Macron Sells Out Climate Activists, Calls for a “Pause” in New Regulations

President Macron has chosen to dump climate activists in his desperate struggle to save his political skin from the rise of French Conservative Marine Le Pen.

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