Column: Why Spend a Trillion if You Don’t Have to? Hydrogen the Smart Way

This is very exciting stuff. It’s real, the technology works, and it could be a massive boost towards emissions reduction – and it might create a whole new industry. Or…

Wildfires are the “Old Normal” for the Pacific Northwest

 Wildfires and their smoke are a natural part of the Northwest ecosystem.

Climate Change Weekly #446: No, Melting Greenland Ice Is Not About to Swamp Coastal Areas

The same week as the model-driven study was published, data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) and Denmark’s Polar Portal undermined the claims of accelerating ice loss and provided factual…

Blackout News Friday: Germany, Europe Teeter on The Economic Brink as Energy Crisis Intensifies

The Green New Deal in Europe is quickly turning into a House of Horrors

LIVE TODAY at NOON CDT: Climate Tipping Points – Facts or Fiction?

For decades, climate alarmists have been warning of impending doom from climate change. Such admonitions go back as far as 1989, when a senior U.N. official announced that “entire nations…

97% Want UK Green Levies to Be Scrapped

And every time there is a poll to ask them if they want to pay for it?

Guardian: Why did Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Receive More Coverage than the Climate Crisis?

Professor of wildlife ecology Euan Ritchie expressing his dismay that mainstream media doesn’t pay attention to the issues he cares about.