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BBC’s gag order on climate skeptics is likely to backfire if history is any guide

Story submitted by Eric Worrall. The BBC, the UK Government Broadcaster, has banned former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Lawson from appearing on BBC programmes to talk about climate change. According to a spokesman for the BBC, a series of … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – dirty rotten scoundrels edition

Over the weekend Dr. Roger Pielke Junior let it be known on his Twitter feed that he’s had it up to his “keester” with certain climate activists, especially the ones that are harassing a former associate of his, simply because … Continue reading

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Another example of ‘team science’ suppression

Over the past decade, we have seen many examples of what would be categorized as” team science” when it comes to suppressing ideas that are considered inconvenient or contrary to belief systems in climate science. Over at the blog Bishop … Continue reading

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Obama invokes ‘tauntology’ in discussing climate skeptics

There’s tautology: In grammar, the use of redundant words. In logic, a tautology is a formula which is true in every possible interpretation. Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein first applied the term to redundancies of propositional logic in 1921 and then there … Continue reading

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Professor’s fellowship terminated for speaking out on global warming in the Wall Street Journal

From Climate Depot: Fired for ‘Diverging’ on Climate: Progressive Professor’s fellowship ‘terminated’ after WSJ OpEd calling global warming ‘unproved science’ Professor’s fellowship ‘terminated’ after WSJ OpEd declaring ‘the left wants to stop industrialization—even if the hypothesis of catastrophic, man-made global … Continue reading

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Idiotic libel from the ‘Skeptical Science’ crowd

From the “Collin Maessen is a now a fair game legal target” department and the “SkS double secret publicly browsable Tree-hut archives”, comes this unsupportable claim of ‘criminal hacking’ by Brandon Shollenberger. My Hidden Information by Brandon Shollenberger. Some Skeptical … Continue reading

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Lennart Bengtsson speaks on the GWPF and furor over his bullying by his climate science peers

Bishop Hill notes: “Swedish website Uppsalainitiativet has managed to get a guest post from Lennart Bengtsson in which he examines the recent furore over his brief involvement with GWPF and explains his views on climate science.” Well worth a read.

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Tough questions about FOIA abuse to the University of Delaware

Readers may recall this story:The Climate Wars and the University of Delaware. Now, there’s some tough questions that need answers. From: The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley 27 Queen Street | Edinburgh | EH2 1JX The Hon. Beau Biden, Attorney General, State … Continue reading

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Bengtsson and others reaction to The Times piece on the ‘damaging climate view’

There’s a lot of reaction to the front page story in The Times (UK) seen at left. Here is one from the Science Media Centre where they claim “science meets the headlines”. Indeed. But the reaction speaks more to tribalism … Continue reading

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In climate science, the more things change, the more they stay the same

Scientists are still behaving badly It has been an extraordinary week. To review, we have news of the resignation of Lennart Bengtsson from The GWPF due to McCarthyism style pressure from climate science community, and according to him, particularly from … Continue reading

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Another ‘Climate McCarthyism bombshell’, leaked memo shows concern within ranks on ‘professional ethics’ of climate science

Leaked Memo On Climatology Exposes Growing Worry Within German Meteorological Society… ”Unacceptable Unethical Developments” Clearly grave concern is emerging over a large swath of the broader German meteorological-climatological community in the wake of the Lennart Bengtsson witchhunt. By P Gosselin 

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Ridley on the ‘Bullying of climate skeptics’

From The GWPF (originally in The Times) When did demonising your opponents become so acceptable? Lennart Bengtsson is about as distinguished as climate scientists get. His decision two weeks ago to join the academic advisory board (on which I also … Continue reading

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University of Queensland threatens lawsuit over use of Cook’s ’97% consensus’ data for a scientific rebuttal

Wow, just wow. Not only have they just invoked the Streisand effect, they threw some gasoline on it to boot. It’s all part of the Climate McCarthyism on display this week.

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Webcast on now: ‘Re-thinking Climate Denialism’

Yes in the wake of the Climate McCarthyism we see on display against Lennart Bengtsson, I wonder if these people might re-think some of their own roles in the smearing of climate skeptics? The webcast is on now at Yale … Continue reading

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Newsbytes – Climate Science McCarthyism

Lennart Bengtsson Blames U.S. Climate Scientists For McCarthy-Style Witch-Hunt I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. –Voltaire A German physicist compared Bengtsson’s move to joining the … Continue reading

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Shameless Climate McCarthyism on full display – scientist forced to resign

Climate McCarthyism: “Are you now or have you ever been a climate skeptic?”. Hans von Storch reports on an email that I also received today, but held waiting on a statement from The GWPF. Since von Storch has already published … Continue reading

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Exeter University Prof: ‘Debating skeptics is like mud wrestling with pigs’

Paul Burtwistle writes: Last night I watched an item on Channel 9′s 60 minutes here in Australia which covered Dr Stefan Harrison of Exeter University in the UK and his work studying the Exploradores glacier in Patagonia, Argentina. The story … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – beyond ‘noble cause corruption’

A lot of popcorn is being consumed these days watching the wailing of the Lewandowsky lemming team as they furiously throw themselves over cyber-cliffs in support of a retracted paper that was doomed from the start by it’s own ethics … Continue reading

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Frontiers fires back again on the hype surrounding Lewandowsky’s retracted Recursive Fury paper

Readers may recall some ethics objections I raised in my complaint letter to UWA and Psychological Science, and also sent to Frontiers. It seems Frontiers agrees. This statement was posted on their website today: =========================================================== Rights of Human Subjects in … Continue reading

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Editor of a related Frontiers journal resigns in protest over Lewandowsky paper retraction

Seems there’s a little too much emotion with this one, Ugo Bardi, who seems to have a burr up his butt for WUWT (in comments to his own article) while completely ignoring complaints like this one. It is important to … Continue reading

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Going totalitarian on Tol

David Rose has a rather depressing yet not surprising article in the Mail on Sunday that documents the hive mind mentality, or some might call it a ‘mob mentality’, of warmists. It’s about Dr. Richard Tol, whose dared to try … Continue reading

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My complaint letter regarding the Lewandowsky affair

UPDATE: 4/5/14 I’ve posted some additional correspondence to make what transpired clearer, see below – Anthony Given the recent retraction of Lewandowsky’s #2 paper “Recursive Fury” and the clear line in the sand drawn by the Journal to Lewandowsky and … Continue reading

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A stunning revelation from a UWA Vice Chancellor Paul Johnson over access to Lewandowsky’s poll data

This post will be a top sticky post for a day, new stories will appear below this one. While this issue was covered previously on Climate Audit, I thought this needed the exposure that WUWT could afford. There’s a famous … Continue reading

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An attorney asks: Are Climate Skeptics Legally Liable for Criminal Negligence?

Guest essay by Roger E. Sowell, Esq. reposted with permission from Sowell’s Law Blog In the past month, several articles appeared calling for the jailing of those who provide financial support for research into climate science with an objective of … Continue reading

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HATE WEEK on the Climate Certainty Channel™

Apparently, being uncertain about climate certainty is a crime worth jail time What a week this has been. In preparation for the release of the IPCC Working Group II report, hate speech against climate skeptics seems to have ramped up … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky co-author Mike Marriott, serial climate goof, strikes again

UPDATE 3/30/14 There is a dispute over a quotation made at  The Australian Independent Media Network between Mike Marriott and the author of a blog post that included a quote about Marriot made by AIMN we repeated here. Therefore, WUWT … Continue reading

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Climate change campaigners fear debate, can’t face climate skeptics anymore, so they rig TV news shows

Yet another reason not to pay your BBC TV license and to not pay attention to the Center for American Progress.  Readers may recall the nuclear reaction over the one time I appeared on The PBS Newshour. Seeing an alternate … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – get your war crimes trial tickets now!

Sometimes you just have to laugh. One of my blog spawn (a not so anonymous academic at a “respected institution of higher learning”) decided to have a go at our post: Despicable climate ugliness courtesy of Lawrence Torcello – assistant … Continue reading

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Monckton’s letter to the Rochester Institute of Technology regarding Assistant Professor Lawrence Torcello

Earlier, I had mentioned Assistant Professor Lawrence Torcello’s despicable climate ugliness and offered some links to addresses on where to complain to. Monckton took the lead on that. I urge others to write such factual and courteous letters. 14 March … Continue reading

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Despicable climate ugliness courtesy of Lawrence Torcello – assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology

While the Anti Defamation League turns a blind eye to their own home grown hypocrisy and ugliness, Lawrence Torcello comes up with even more. Via Delingpole at Breitbart: Scientists who don’t believe in catastrophic man-made global warming should be put … Continue reading

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The silence of the Anti Defamation League suggests they endorse defamation of climate skeptics

I’ve waited several days for a response since I sent a letter last Thursday, I’ve checked the ADL website, my Inbox, fax machine, and asked in the climate skeptic community if anyone has seen any response of any kind from … Continue reading

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Bizarre: Anti-Defamation League apparently gives a green light to defamation of climate skeptics by comparing them to Holocaust Deniers

UPDATE: 2/27 6:30AM PST It seems the person making the attack, Shelley Rose, is part of a climate activist group, see below. UPDATE: 2/27 2:50PM PST, The ADL Atlanta website has deleted comments on the issue, and has closed the … Continue reading

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The Merchants of Smear

The sanctioned punishment of climate skeptics becomes more than just a few aberrant ideas, and is following some historical parallels First, I loathe having to write essays like this, but I think it is necessary given the hostile social climate … Continue reading

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NYT suggests ‘deniers’ should be stabbed through the heart – like vampires

So, as WUWT readers well know, I have a different opinion about global warming. Do you think the New York Times  should endorse stabbing me (and others with similar opinions) through the heart like a vampire because I hold that … Continue reading

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A must read: Why Secretary of State John Kerry Is Flat Wrong on Climate Change

By Dr. Richard McNider and Dr. John Christy In a Feb. 16 speech in Indonesia, Secretary of State John Kerry assailed climate-change skeptics as members of the “Flat Earth Society” for doubting the reality of catastrophic climate change. He said, … Continue reading

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