Elevation-dependent warming is a poorly observed phenomenon that requires urgent attention to ensure that potentially important changes in high mountain environments are adequately monitored by the global observational network," say members of the Mountain Research Initiative Working Group.

Douglas Hardy, UMass Amherst

Despite ‘extremely sparse’ data, Mann’s buddy Ray Bradley seems sure that ‘High mountains are warming faster than expected ‘

From the University of Massachusetts at Amherst High mountains warming faster than expected UMass Amherst climate scientist and international team call for extra attention AMHERST, Mass. – High elevation environments around the world may be warming much faster than previously thought, according to members of an international research team including Raymond Bradley, director of the…


Failed Earth Day Predictions

Via iHateTheMedia, here are a few of the predictions made on the first Earth Day. Don’t these sound like the predictions today that fail, like the 50 million climate refugees by 2010 followed by the moving of the goalposts to 2020? “We have about five more years at the outside to do something.” • Kenneth…


Too Many Wild Cards in the Climate Game

Guest essay by Viv Forbes Climate alarmists claim incessantly that all bad weather is caused by man’s use of hydro-carbon fuels – oil, gas and coal. They insist that man-made carbon dioxide is the trump card in the climate game. Their computerised models of doom assume ever-rising levels of carbon dioxide which will trump all…

Black Holes: Monsters in Space (Artist's Concept). Public domain image originally created by NASA

Claim: Graduates shunning climate studies

The Economic Times reports that there is a profound shortage of scientists choosing to study climate change – that advanced Physics and Maths graduates are being attracted to more interesting fields, such as Cosmology. According to the Economic Times; The facts should speak for themselves. The Divecha Centre for Climate Change, at the Indian Institute…