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I wonder how this dedicated weather observer feels about having his readings adjusted by NCDC?

In my travels surveying weather stations around the United States, I met many dedicated observers like this one. It is sad indeed that their painstakingly recorded data by observers like this one gets adjusted by NCDC to give results that … Continue reading

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New paper finds transient climate sensitivity to doubling of CO2 is about 1°C

A new paper published in Ecological Modelling finds climate sensitivity to doubled CO2 concentrations is significantly lower than estimates from the IPCC and climate models which “utilize uncertain historical data and make various assumptions about forcings.” The author instead uses … Continue reading

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New climate alarm mascot – white ringtail possums

Embarrassed by the stubborn refusal of polar bears to die out, or even to appear convincingly rare, climate scientists are touting a new poster child species for our collective climate guilt – the white lemuroid ringtail possum.

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Mann’s Hockey Stick Goes Zombie

Nuclear war simulation forgets the Medieval Climate Optimum Story submitted by P. Wayne Townsend Yesterday’s Daily Mail carried an article about a simulation of the climate consequences of nuclear war.  The paper Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following … Continue reading

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Another carbon tax domino falls – South Korea goes cold on ETS

South Korea announces delay the day after Australia’s carbon tax repeal Story submitted by Eric Worrall In a sign that rejection of climate alarm is gathering momentum, South Korea has thrown doubt on its carbon plans. Significantly, the announcement was … Continue reading

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Dueling “weather is not climate” press releases – see if you can spot the politically biased one

URI researcher: Weather fluctuations cause people to seek information on climate change Media Contact: Todd McLeish, 401-874-7892 Results vary by political ideology, education levels KINGSTON, R.I. – July 16, 2014 – A University of Rhode Island researcher analyzed Internet search … Continue reading

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Australia: No longer a carbon tax nation

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The Gore Effect has struck again. Al Baby recently visited Canberra accompanied by his usual blizzard to try to convince the tiny band of eccentrics that held the balance of power in the Senate to … Continue reading

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Another missing piece of the climate model puzzle – dust

From Scripps: Global climate models fail to simulate key dust characteristics African dust plays a key role in cloud formation, hurricanes and other global climate phenomena but models can’t characterize it well. Climate models that simulate the airborne African dust … Continue reading

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UK Government Study: Greens use more electricity than skeptics

Story submitted by Eric Worrall A UK government study has concluded that people concerned about global warming, on average, use more electricity than climate skeptics. Some highlights from the study follow. On the “benefits” of switching off appliances;

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Dr. Roy Spencer’s Keynote Speech at #ICCC9

Dr. Spencer asks the question: What do we really know about Global Warming? This is from Wednesday morning July 9th. This is well worth watching, and I get a mention. Some of the graphs he presents are not only hilarious … Continue reading

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Fog May Be Icy

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach That was what the sign on the highway outside of Reno said, at any rate. I kept waiting for the corresponding sign saying Ice May Be Foggy But I haven’t seen it yet. We escaped … Continue reading

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Study provides new approach to forecast hurricane intensity

From the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science UM Rosenstiel School scientists offer new information to help improve tropical storm forecasting MIAMI – New research from University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric … Continue reading

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Climate Change Hysteria and the Madness of Crowds

Guest essay by Charles Battig Shakespeare’s Hamlet pondered the eternal conundrum of competing choices. His “Aye, there’s the rub” nicely summarizes the conflicts inherent in the present socio/political/scientific arena of climate discussions. Years of relentless doomsday prognostications by a variety … Continue reading

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Day-Three Live Stream of International Climate Conference Features Lifetime Achievement Award to S. Fred Singer

Skeptic Conference Ends with Discussions of Latest Science Challenging UN Reports, Recognition of Professional Courage and Honesty LAS VEGAS (July 9, 2014)— Today, the last day of the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change(ICCC9), will include the presentation of the … Continue reading

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Claim: wind change around Antarctica may hasten sea level rise

New research shows projected changes in the winds circling the Antarctic may accelerate global sea level rise significantly more than previously estimated. Changes to Antarctic winds have already been linked to southern Australia’s drying climate but now it appears they … Continue reading

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Full house at #ICCC9

UPDATE: opening remarks posted below. Earlier today I posted a photo showing this auditorium before the conference. It was empty then. Now it is a full house with over 600 attending. Live video feed will start soon:

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#ICCC9 climate conference starts tonight

This is the main room for the ICCC 9 Conference. I’m told that over 500 possibly near six hundred people or more have registered and the conference starts tonight at 5 p.m. Pacific time. Details follow.

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Brought to You by SEPP The Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) Quote of the Week: Details that could throw doubt on your interpretation must be given, if you know them. You must do the best you can – … Continue reading

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About that $30,000 to ‘disprove global warming’ contest

Guest essay by Steven Burnett Most of my income is derived from tutoring, with part being tied into the Google helpouts system. One of my most loyal customers for my physics and mathematics tutoring sent me a link to a … Continue reading

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Big Trees: a new look at growth factors

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen Last week I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Dr. Seth Bigelow, previously of the US Forest Service and currently doing original Forest Adaptation Research at the Huyck Biological Research Station near Rensselaerville, … Continue reading

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The Revenge of the Climate Reparations

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Much of the current angst at the UN regarding climate has to do with the idea of “climate reparations”. These are an imaginary debt supposedly owed by the major CO2 emitting nations to the countries … Continue reading

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Idiot news of the week suggests ‘Don’t go to a National Park because climate will ruin your holiday’

I’m subscribed to some of the daily doom sheets, to see what sort of alarm is being raised on a daily basis. The one that arrived this morning was particularly idiotic, and deserves some attention for that exceptionalism.

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RSS shows no global warming for 17 years 10 months

After a one-month pause in the lengthening of the pause, the lengthening pause is lengthening again By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Taking the least-squares linear-regression trend on Remote Sensing Systems’ satellite-based monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature dataset, there has been … Continue reading

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Blinded by Beliefs: The Straight Poop on Emperor Penguins

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism Two recent press releases concerning the Emperor Penguin’s fate illustrate contrasting forces that … Continue reading

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Claim: ‘heat more than natural disasters will drive people away’

From Princeton University With climate change, heat more than natural disasters will drive people away Although scenes of people fleeing from dramatic displays of Mother Nature’s power dominate the news, gradual increases in an area’s overall temperature — and to … Continue reading

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The scientific method is at work on the USHCN temperature data set

Temperature is such a simple finite thing. It is amazing how complex people can make it. – commenter and friend of WUWT, ossqss at Judith Curry’s blog Sometimes, you can believe you are entirely right while simultaneously believing that you’ve … Continue reading

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Mann overboard! ‘robust debate’ edition

There is a grweat editorial in the Columbus Dispatch by Jay Amrose about the abuse of the legal system by Michael E. Mann and his legal actions to try to stifle debate. More on that below, but first, the history … Continue reading

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A trifecta of uncertainty: study finds global precipitation is increasing, decreasing, & not changing

This story from the Hockey Schtick is a verification of an analysis on WUWT from Bob Tisdale: No Consensus among Three Global Precipitation Datasets According to a paper published today in Atmospheric Science Letters, global precipitation has either decreased, increased, or … Continue reading

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The Science Was Settled Enough? – from the book – Culture and Climate Change:Narratives

Guest Post by Barry Woods I was invited several months ago, to contribute to a collection of essays and narratives about what sort of story is climate change. The book - Culture and Climate Change: Narratives - edited by Joe Smith, Renata Tyszczuk and … Continue reading

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‘Climate Reparations’ an idea that seems to be all about money

Climate Reparations—A New Demand Guest opinion by Peter Wood At the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009, leaders from more than a hundred nations gathered to consider an agenda that included a massive transfer of money from developed countries … Continue reading

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Prominent Global Warming Skeptic Honored with Frederick Seitz Memorial Award

(PRweb) Dr. Sherwood B. Idso – the world’s leading authority on the effects of carbon dioxide on plants – will receive special recognition at an international conference on global warming taking place July 7–9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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Why would climate skeptics hold a conference in HOT Las Vegas?

That is a question that I’m sure is on a lot of people’s minds as they wonder if they should attend. It seems like the sort of thing warmists would do – go someplace hot, talk about how hot it … Continue reading

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Pro-AGW Economists Try to Discredit Skeptics, Succeed in Discrediting Fellow Warmists!

Guest essay by James McCown Oxford economists Felix Pretis and David Hendry (henceforth Pretis), published a critical paper, with a very patronizing and sanctimonious tone, in 2013 in Earth System Dynamics to comment on earlier research by Beenstock, Reingewertz, and … Continue reading

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Climate burnout is fast approaching

Ben Webster in The Times writes: Alarmist claims about the impact of global warming are contributing to a loss of trust in climate scientists, an inquiry has found. Apocalyptic language has been used about greenhouse gas emissions as “a deliberate … Continue reading

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Study: cold-season temperature variability has significantly decreased over the mid- to high-latitude Northern Hemisphere in recent decades

This is one of the reasons severe weather has been on the decrease. Less variance means less mixing, and mixing of extreme temperature differential air masses is what contributes to volatile weather events like tornado outbreaks. Source: Here is … Continue reading

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