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GISS Deletes Arctic And Southern Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Data

Guest post by Bob Tisdale There are numerous blog posts and discussions about how the GISS global temperature anomaly product GISTEMP differs from the Hadley Centre and NCDC datasets. The repeated reasons presented for this are, GISS uses 1200km radius … Continue reading

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SST update

Steve Goddard writes: Below are animations for the entire year (150 days) so far, based on NOAA SST maps. The videos are presented with minimal commentary. As they say, “150 pictures are worth 150,000 words.” El Niño has faded and … Continue reading

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Americans: Fly your flag

I’ve been proverbially “sick as a dog” this weekend either from stomach flu, or some food poisoning, not sure which. Spending so much time in bed, I almost forgot to put up my flag today. My neighbors must have wondered … Continue reading

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WUWT Arctic Sea Ice News #7

By Steve Goddard The last piece of ice remaining in the Arctic The death spiral continues, with Arctic ice extent and thickness nearly identical to what it was 10 years ago.

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What happens if a hurricane hits the Gulf Oil Slick?

There’s been a lot of worry and speculation over what will happen if a hurricane and the gulf oil spill collide. In response, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has prepared a document answering some of the questions. There’s of course, … Continue reading

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Ken Cuccinelli versus 810 academics

Guest Commentary by Paul Driessen “Scientific debates should be played out in the academic arena,” insists University of Virginia environmental sciences professor David Carr. “If Michael Mann’s conclusions are unsupported by his data, his scientific critics will eventually demonstrate this.” … Continue reading

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The fix is in

Engineering a cooler Earth Researchers brainstorm radical ways to counter climate change By Erika Engelhaupt None of the scientists in the room so much as blinked when David Keith suggested saving the world with spy planes spraying sulfuric acid. Keith, … Continue reading

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You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! Melting!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Yesterday, I discussed the Shepherd et al. paper, “Recent loss of floating ice and the consequent sea level contribution” (which I will call S2010). I also posted up a spreadsheet of their Table 1, showing … Continue reading

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Leif Svalgaard on the experience of peer review

I’m remiss in getting this up until now, as Leif sent it back on May 12th. Prep, travel and recovery for ICCC4 took up quite a bit of my time, but I’m pleased to be able to offer this from … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Volume Has Increased 25% Since May, 2008

By Steve Goddard and Anthony Watts The Navy requires accurate sea ice information for their operations, and has spent a lot of effort over the years studying, measuring, and operating in Arctic ice both above and below, such as they … Continue reading

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Throwing the polar bears under the bus

From a Eurekalert press release, it seems the polar bears just aren’t doing the job anymore: “Communicators need to move away from the traditional images of polar bears or fear-laden imagery to find new, inspirational motifs to engage people with … Continue reading

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Where’s the ice for my drink?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I don’t know what to make of this one. I was wandering the web when I came across a Reuters article about a scientific study called “Global Floating Ice In “Constant Retreat”: Study“. The Reuters … Continue reading

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Volcanic Smoke Ring

Via NASA’s Here’s something you don’t see every day, in fact it has only been seen once before by the volcano researchers that got the photo. The diameter of the ring must be huge to be visible at the … Continue reading

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Does PIOMASS verify?

Pursuant to the previous post on The great 2007 ice crunch – it wasn’t just melt this is a follow up post for questions raised there. By Steve Goddard One of the favourite web sites quoted by the AGW faithful, is … Continue reading

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Study concludes: “major hurricane could devastate the Houston/Galveston region”

A major hurricane could devastate the Houston/Galveston region? Whooda thunk? Thank goodness they consulted the all knowing supercomputer model to figure this fact out: “it could easily have caused $100 billion in damage“. Or, they could have simply consulted history … Continue reading

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The great 2007 ice crunch – it wasn’t just melt

By Steve Goddard CIRES photo of an Arctic ice pressure ridge I generated an animation of 2007 sea ice thickness from the US Navy’s PIP database, and noticed something remarkable. Watch the video below, particularly inside the red square – … Continue reading

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Royal Society to review climate consensus position

“I don’t think they were very pleased. I don’t think this sort of thing has been done before in the history of the society.” Society to review climate message By Roger Harrabin Environment analyst, BBC News There is debate over … Continue reading

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Anthropogenic Decline in Natural Gas

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, Nature Geoscience is on a roll. Their latest “scientific study” makes an old claim in a new way. After ascribing the temperature changes in Lake Tanganyika to human actions, in a new paper they … Continue reading

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