“In Climate Debate, Exaggeration Is a Pitfall” (NYT article revisited)

The exaggeration continues with fundraising and political power as the prize.

Whale Death Confusion Abounds and Some Is Deliberate

But the sonar blasting is very likely killing a lot of whales indirectly by inducing things like deafness and deadly behavior.

New York Times: ‘There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short’ – ‘Mate with shorter people’ for ‘a greener planet’ & to save ‘the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations’

Lowering the height minimum for prospective partners on your dating profile is a step toward a greener planet.

Allow Children to Learn About the Arctic Without Terrifying Them with Fantasies of Climate Catastrophe

Children need to be allowed to learn without being used as pawns in an adult political battle.

NYTimes Hurricane Analysis is Purposefully Misleading

So, instead of citing the clear and convincing scientific consensus, the NY Times substitutes their own narrative. Yikes!

Miners Explore Amazon Basin to Support “Green” Energy; New York Times Horrified

The Amazon rainforest in South America has large quantities of copper, tin, nickel, bauxite, manganese, iron ore and gold, making it attractive to mining companies all around the world.

New Data Absolutely Destroys Media Claims of ‘Climate Change is Causing More Wildfire’

The lack of any sustained correlation destroys the U.N. and media claims. If CO2 was in fact the control knob for making wildfires worse, wildfires would have increased from 2012…

Biden grants Earth ‘climate stability’ through higher gas prices according to 2012 New York Times OpEd – NYT claimed massive increase in gas prices would ‘result in climate stability’

If Frank’s claims from the New York Times were correct, President Biden has officially solved “climate change” with his higher gas prices.

Wrong, CNN, AP, NYT, etc., Climate Change Did Not Cause South Africa’s Tragic Floods

To make claims about trends in flooding, one should look at trends in flooding and not precipitation. The conflation of the two is a common error.

Comedy Gold: How To Cope With Your “Climate Anxiety”

Evidence that climate change threatens mental health is mounting, according to a recent report from Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation.

The New York Times Wants to Answer Your Questions

It might be helpful if the NYT received more probing questions than those they are used to. The pertinent question here is whether they are prepared to answer YOUR questions.

NY Times Claims Skiing Is Endangered – As Snow Trends Grow and New Records Set

Sorry, New York Times, skiing is not endangered and objective scientific data show powdered ski slopes are increasingly easy to reach.

New York Times Threatens Senator Manchin With Witchcraft If He Obstructs Democrat “Climate” Agenda

In other words, the threat against Mr. Manchin to destroy West Virginia with floods can’t really be based on that. It must be witchcraft!

Smears and science denial from the New York Times

Reposted from the Fabius Maximus Blog By Larry Kummer, Editor / 6 March 2020 Summary: We’re ignorant about the world because we read the news. Here’s today’s example from the…

Trump’s EPA Factchecks The NYT, Says Journos Botched Report On Agency’s Move To Nix Secret Science

From The Daily Caller Chris White Tech Reporter November 12, 2019 4:51 PM ET The Environmental Protection Agency suggested Tuesday that a New York Times’ report fleshing out the agency’s…

‘A Yahoo From Yahoo News’: Trump’s EPA Chief Fires Back At Reporter Who Misquoted Him

Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor From the Daily Caller Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler fired back at a Yahoo News report who misquoted him in a widely-shared tweet. “One…

Three Examples That Prove the Media and Politicians Have No Clue What They Are Doing in Climate Science Inconvenient Truths: Opinion by Chris Martz and Daniel Lai

Reposted from Awesome Weather Facts Blog Thursday, May 30, 2019 Disclaimer: Both of us appreciate the fact that the media exists to spread useful information around to people on a…

Knowledge, Ignorance and Climate Change

By Dr. Tilak K. Doshi N. Angel Pinillos, professor of philosophy at Arizona State University, opines in the New York Times about “what philosophy tells us about climate change sceptics”.…

New York Times Suggests Global Warming Might Be Worse Than Biblical Plagues

From The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor 2:48 PM 11/19/2018 | Energy The New York Times suggested future global warming would be worse than the plagues unleashed on…

Pew Poll Mischaracterized by NY Times

Guest Opinion by Kip Hansen   Using the ever-popular propagandistic visual cliché —  a photo of back-lit steam rising from a power plant (making it look like air- polluting black…

McIntyre charges Grant Foster aka "Tamino" with plagiarism in a Dot Earth discussion

Reader “pottereaton” submitted this on 2013/04/01 at 2:28 pm McIntyre/Tamino Feud brewing: First McIntyre at DotEarth: Steve McIntyre Toronto, Canada Andy, The ideas in Tamino’s post purporting to explain the…

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