Greenland Temperature Updates

It is worth noting that temperatures at both sites in 2021 and 2022 were below those 20th Century numbers.

Climate Change Weekly #446: No, Melting Greenland Ice Is Not About to Swamp Coastal Areas

The same week as the model-driven study was published, data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) and Denmark’s Polar Portal undermined the claims of accelerating ice loss and provided factual…

Claim: Coastal Glacier Retreat Linked to Climate Change

but exactly what’s triggering the large-scale retreat has been difficult to pin down because of natural fluctuations in the glaciers’ surroundings.

Changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet Mass: Crisis in the Making, or Example of Uncertainty in Climate Science?

It should come as no surprise that a scientist would underscore the importance of uncertainty in drawing conclusions from observational data.

Newly-discovered SE Greenland Polar Bear Subpopulation: Another Assumption Proven False

I’m thrilled to see evidence that glacier-front habitat can support a small polar bear population even without summer sea ice.

Greenland’s Summers Surprisingly Cooling Over Past Decade…Driven by Natural Oceanic Cycles

“Climate changes in the tropical Pacific have temporarily put the brakes on rapid warming and ice melting in Greenland.“

Ancient Ice Reveals Scores of Gigantic Volcanic Eruptions

Ice cores drilled in Antarctica and Greenland have revealed gigantic volcanic eruptions during the last ice age. Sixty-nine of these were larger than any eruption in modern history. According to…

NASA Greenland Mission Completes Six Years of Mapping Unknown Terrain

To learn how ocean water is melting glaciers, NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland mission extensively surveyed the coastline of the world’s largest island.

More Evidence: Glaciers Existing Today Were Absent For Nearly All Of The Last 10,000 Years

So, once again, there is no evidence to support the alarmist claims that modern glacier extents are unprecedented or even unusual relative to the last 10,000 years – including the…

Stalagmites as Key Witnesses of the Monsoon

Around 130,000 years ago, Earth experienced the penultimate change from an ice age to a warm period. During this transition, Greenlandic meltwater had a massive impact on the Gulf Stream.

The Media Is Lying About Greenland and Climate Change

The mainstream media is hell-bent on instilling climate fear among the masses. This means that they can never get over their obsession with weather events in the Arctic, which is…

Orange County Register Greenland Ice Melting Article Highly Misleading

The Register article is highly misleading and tries to make in a very clumsy way a connection between recent Greenland ice mass loss and the UN IPCC AR6 “code red” hyped climate alarmist report with…

Increased snowfall will offset sea level rise from melting Antarctic ice sheet

Using modern methods to calculate projected changes to sea levels, researchers discovered that the two ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica respond differently, reflecting their very distinct local climates.

Polar bear attack in Greenland gratuitously blamed on recent ‘heat wave’

There is no specific evidence of cause and effect, of course. The news outlet reporting the incident cites some non-specified ‘experts’ as providing the generic ‘warming makes polar bears starve…

Chasing cosmic particles with radio antennas in Greenland’s ice

“Detecting radio signals from high-energy neutrinos is a very promising way of significantly increasing the energy range we can access, and thus opening this new window to the cosmos even…

Greenland And Iceland Mean Winter Temperatures Continue Cooling Since Start Of The Century

Obviously there has not been any warming at this North Atlantic island since the start of the century. The alarmists are screaming about nothing.

Southeast Greenland Sea Surface Temperature 1° – 2°C Warmer In 1940 Than Today, New Study Shows

Today some scientists like claiming the present is warmer than at any time in the past 1000 years and suggest the Greenland ice sheets are rapidly melting. But the results…

Greenland melting likely increased by bacteria in sediment

Bacteria are likely triggering greater melting on the Greenland ice sheet, possibly increasing the island’s contribution to sea-level rise, according to Rutgers scientists.

Newly Discovered Greenland Plume Drives Thermal Activities in the Arctic

A team of researchers understands more about the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. They discovered a flow of hot rocks, known as a mantle plume, rising from the core-mantle…

Greenland and the 1950s Climate Consensus

Glaciers around the world reached their greatest size in four thousand years by 1850. Then abruptly the world began to warm. Arctic sea ice lost 40% of its thickness by…

Coldest Northern Hemisphere temperature, first recorded by UW, officially confirmed

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON Research News MADISON, Wis. — Nearly 30 years after recording a temperature of minus 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 69.6 Celsius) in Greenland, the measurement has been verified…

How the Media Help to Destroy Rational Climate Debate

From Dr. Roy Spencer’s Blog August 25th, 2019 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. An old mantra of the news business is, “if it bleeds, it leads”. If someone was…

Cycles of Rapid Climate Warming

By Jim Steele Published in the Pacifca Tribune May 28, 2019 What’s Natural Cycles of Rapid Climate Warming The globally averaged temperature rose 1.5°F from 1880 to today. Various narratives…

Jakobshavn Isbrae: Mighty Greenland glacier slams on brakes

From the BBC By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent 14 May 2019 European satellites have detailed the abrupt change in behaviour of one of Greenland’s most important glaciers. In the…

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