Eco Numpties Unhappy with Charging Costs

Rapid charge points used by motorists topping up on long drives are now nearly £10 more expensive than filling up a car with petrol, analysis by motoring body the RAC…

The Coming Future of Electric Vehicles: Something Here Does Not Add Up

So where is the surge in generation capacity to support a 30% or so additional need for electricity to electrify all cars?

Green Energy Revolution? Oil Use Growing at a Million Barrels per Day Per Year

Other than the Covid lockdown dip, there is no evidence of a drop in demand for oil.

Tesla Fined by South Korea for Exaggerating Cold Weather Range

Who could have guessed battery performance would plummet in cold weather?

Global Holiday Chaos: Long Queues as Tesla Drivers Overwhelm Charge Points

Tesla fans all over the world are learning the hard way they should have bought a hybrid or a second vehicle.

Joe Rogan: EXPOSES The Battery Mining Industry!! EXTREME Problems in The Harshest Conditions !?!

Joe Rogan & Siddharth Kara discuss the insane contains that the people in the Congo face while mining Cobalt.

Melbourne Felling Trees to Improve Access for “Green” Postal Deliveries

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne – another case of destroying trees to save nature?

The Mirage of Electric Vehicles

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach For those who think that electric vehicles make a difference … think again. The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Lab has just released a study…

Deadly E-Bikes: Four Explosions in New York Every Week

BREAKING NEWS – 38 people have been injured in a New York e-Bike fire. “These bikes when they fail, they fail like a blowtorch,” said Dan Flynn, the chief fire…

Battery Airplanes? Nope! (MIT Technology Review)

In order for electric planes to play a more significant role in decarbonizing air travel, energy density may need to quadruple,

Did Henry Ford’s Success Come About Because He Demanded the Execution of Horses?

The transition will happen when, as with automobiles, the public no longer cares about the old at all because the new is so much superior.

Bjorn Lomborg: Electric Car Subsidies Are a Bad Investment

Electric vehicles will only take over when innovation has made them better and cheaper than gas-powered cars.

Cost Of Public Charging an EV Is Now More Expensive Than Filling Up with Diesel–Parkers

In fact Parker’s are understating just how expensive running costs are for EVs, because their figures for petrol/diesel include fuel duties, which account for nearly half of the cost.

Another day, another EV Battery Fire

Public awareness is growing of the apparent tendency of electric vehicles to spontaneously combust, and burn with a blazing hot, difficult to extinguish fire.

Dear Neighbour, Please “Roster Ration” Your Electricity Use so our EVs can Charge

Sydney radio station 2GB has reported a hilarious request from an Electric Vehicle owners group for neighbours to ration their use of electricity, so their EVs can charge.

New Hurricane Ian Challenge: Spontaneously Combusting Electric Vehicles

Flooded electric vehicle fires on a scale firefighters have never faced before, according to Florida’s top fire marshal Jimmy Patronis.

New York Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate

The State’s obsession with being a climate leader is pointless.  Worse there is no recognition that the pursuit of zero emissions has unintended consequences and will likely cause more harm…

Coal Miners Rescue a Dead EV, Push it to the Mine for a Recharge

One mine worker presented the EV driver with a “friend of coal” number plate before going home for the day.

California Urges Residents Not to Charge EVs after 4pm

As California’s global warming ready energy grid of the future buckles under a heatwave, residents have been urged not to charge electric vehicles between 4-9pm.

Oops: Alaskan Electric Buses Run Out of Power in Winter

Who could have guessed electric vehicles might struggle in cold climates?

Inflation Reduction Act will hinder EV growth

EV growth will be hindered as locals’ revolt over lithium mining impacts on water supplies and environmental degradation in their communities.

Ampol CEO: EV Prices Need to Halve to Interest Consumers

According to Aussie Ampol Chief Executive Matt Halliday, whose company is investing heavily in a charging network, Electric Vehicles are currently too expensive to replace Fossil Fuel powered vehicles as…

Claim: “AI Can’t Fix Climate Change, But It’s Great for Preparation”

How do we eliminate anthropogenic CO2 emissions? AI says “Easy – kill all the people”?

Connecticut Steps Up to Save The Planet

It’s really quite something when one of those big lithium-ion batteries suddenly explodes into flames. As usual with these lithium fires, they couldn’t extinguish it with water or anything else,…

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