Prince Charles Calls for Global “War Like Footing” to Address the Climate Crisis

Prince Charles has described climate change as an existential threat, which requires a war like footing to address.

Important Work at COP26

Here is the Overview Schedule of the entire conference.

Energy Policy Advocates Files Suit Against State Department Seeking “Special Climate Envoy” Kerry’s Ethics, Recusal Records

Today, the nonprofit governmental transparency group Energy Policy Advocates (EPA) filed an open records lawsuitagainst the United States Department of State seeking records including and relating to the required ethics clearance…

COP26 Chaos: G20 Failure, Wild Weather, Tornado Strikes Pro-COP26 Church

Not an auspicious start to the event which Prince Charles informs us is our last chance to save the world from global warming.

USDA tries an end-run around law to enable a climate agenda

People send me stuff. Here’s an email worth reading. Comment deadline is today. – Anthony The USDA, as expected, will likely try and use Section 5 of the Commodity Credit…

Texas State Geologist Scott Tinker: The Bad Assumptions Underpinning COP26 and the Impending Energy Train Wreck

Guest “Reality can be a harsh teacher” by David Middleton The world is already in an “energy crisis” of sorts due to the tremendous misallocation of capital from functioning energy…

Holocene CO2 Variability and Underlying Trends

Guest Post by Renee Hannon Introduction This post compares CO2 data from Antarctic ice cores during the Holocene interglacial period with other publicly available CO2 datasets. Antarctic ice CO2 is…

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #477

“With a true view all the data harmonize, but with a false one the facts soon clash.” Aristotle:  Ethics, Book I, Section 8, 10 [H/t Paul MacRae]