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Prince Charles Calls for Global “War Like Footing” to Address the Climate Crisis

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Prince Charles has described climate change as an existential threat, which requires a war like footing to address.

COP26 Reset: Prince Charles Calls for ‘Vast Military-Style Campaign’ to ‘Radically Transform’ Global Economy


Heir to the British throne Prince Charles called for a “vast military-style campaign” to combat climate change as he opened the COP26 summit in Glasgow on Monday.

Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburgh, called on the governments of the world to take a “war-like footing” to solve the supposed climate crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how devastating a global cross-border threat can be, climate change and biodiversity loss are no different. In fact, they pose an even greater existential threat, to the extent that we have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing,” Charles said.

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The following is Prince Charles talking up his “War Like Footing” (h/t Breitbart):

Am I making too much of what might just be a clumsy turn of phrase? Perhaps – but even The Guardian back in 2013 admitted Prince Charles’ climate kookery is a danger to democracy.

Prince Charles is a danger to democracy – even when I agree with him

Peter Wilby

I support Charles’s views on climate change, but still believe he should stay silent – as the Queen probably does

t is sometimes tempting, even for a republican like me, to applaud Prince Charles. Talking about climate change at a conference in London this week, he mocked “the Incorporated Society of Syndicated Sceptics and the International Association of Corporate Lobbyists”, and urged politicians “to face down a storm of opposition from all sides”. The risk was too great to wait for more scientific tests, he argued; like doctors treating a fever, politicians should “act on what is there”. Well said, sir!

But no matter how much you and I agree, the prince should have remained silent. True, global warming is accepted as a fact by every party in the Commons, and nearly all climate scientists think it no more controversial than the roundness of the planet. Charles, however, strays into areas of political dispute over what should be done. He is not even helping the green cause: he feeds the sceptics’ paranoid belief that “warmists” have infiltrated the establishment, rather as Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt (the spy who became surveyor of the Queen’s pictures) once did on behalf of Moscow.

Charles’s lack of judgment may explain why, though he will take over dutiessuch as attending Commonwealth heads of government conferences, the Queen will not agree to either abdication or a regency. Twenty years of Charles on the throne would probably destroy the monarchy. Its justification is to provide a head of state above politics, as a symbol and focus of national unity. The Queen’s views on almost everything are unknown. No doubt she sometimes expresses opinions to prime ministers, notably on the Commonwealth, of which she is head, and on widening social divisions, which could leave her without a national unity to symbolise. Crucially, however, a prime minister can be confident she will not repeat them publicly. Nor will she lobby or correspond with ministers.

Read more:

Queen Elizabeth might be a little more discreet, but lately she has allegedly made it clear, in a semi-private way, that she is frustrated by the lack of climate action.

Queen ‘irritated’ by climate change inaction in COP26 build-up

By Alex Kleiderman

The Queen appeared to suggest she was irritated by leaders’ slow response to the climate crisis.

The Queen has appeared to suggest she is irritated by people who “talk” but “don’t do”, ahead of next month’s climate change summit.

Her reported remarks were overheard during the opening of the Welsh parliament on Thursday.

The monarch, who is due to attend the UN’s COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, said she did not know who was coming to the event.

Read more:

Convincing large numbers of people there is a crisis is a well worn path to toppling democracies and republics. Frightened people have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to trade freedom for security.

I’m not accusing Prince Charles of attempting to restore an absolute monarchy, of being an intentional villain – he doesn’t seem smart enough. But Prince Charles is fanning the flames of tyranny with his militaristic rhetoric and hard line climate fear and Covid fear propaganda. I would love to know who puts these ideas into his head.

In these times of widespread fear and poor political decision making, there is no doubt in my mind the ambitious and unscrupulous are weighing their chances, and taking every opportunity to encroach upon our freedoms.

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November 1, 2021 10:10 pm

He is a very dim fellow.

Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 1, 2021 10:43 pm

Captain of the ship of fools has spoken!

Reply to  mikee
November 2, 2021 12:26 am

Like Simon, Lloydo, Griff, Izaak….they need to step overboard for humanity’s sake. They will never stop their insanity of hurting us all.

Reply to  Derg
November 2, 2021 7:12 am

Has Telegraph gone republican, or HRH had one too many at the distillery?

Reply to  Vuk
November 3, 2021 1:09 am

Good one! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

Geoffrey Williams
Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 1, 2021 10:45 pm

It’s the breeding that does it . .

4E Douglas
Reply to  Geoffrey Williams
November 1, 2021 11:04 pm

Well when your family tree doesn’t branch…

Robert Heath
Reply to  Geoffrey Williams
November 2, 2021 12:14 am

Did you mean in-breeding?

Peta of Newark
Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 1, 2021 11:13 pm

All the more so for someone with the ‘given name’ of “Charles”

As I understand the name Charles alludes to ‘farmer’ or farming

As such he really should know about weather, plants & climate and hence how this world works.
That Climate Science is a joke, a hoax & a scam

Even worse, as a leader (of sorts), diplomat, ambassador. negotiator and being as well-travelled as he is – he should be able to ‘read people

He should have empathy and understanding.

Just like Donald Trump had by the shed-load and was able to see clearly when people were lying, exaggerating and generally talking & bragging about things of which they were completely clueless.

That he doesn’t posses any sort of skill or aptitude for the position he’s in is not just A Fail, it is perfectly unforgivable.
So he talks big. He calls for ‘war’ while having every intention of himself of never never ever ever coming anywhere near any manifestation of any sort of weapon

The very definition of ‘coward’ ‘wimp’ ‘pathetic’
Give it up Chuckles. Retire to your real little glasshouse/greenhouse and say no more on topics that are waaaaaaay above your head
The Great British will give you genuine love & respect, for ever more, for doing so.
They will. Really.

Exactly = BoJo innit?
(Are we any closer to seeing the effects of long-term sugar & alcohol abuse – e.g.How The Orange Man was T-Total while all hs denigrators were bloated and diabetic boozers. now prove me wrong)

And what became of the War on Drugs, the War on Cancer, the War on Obesity, the War on Internet Pron, the War on <fill this blank>

A War on Wars would make a nice Monty Python sketch 🙂

As if The War on Emu wasn’t a big enough joke.
Only Australia could pull a stunt like that. bless.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peta of Newark
Reply to  Peta of Newark
November 2, 2021 2:58 am

Ahhhh…….. The great Emu War of 1932.. not many recall that little gem…

Leo Smith
Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 1, 2021 11:25 pm

Poor old jug-ears. He has a huge heart, really wants to love everyone and be loved by everyone, but simply not the brightest bulb in the box. Would have loved to have been an orgasmic farmer, stomping round the fields with Camilla.

Royalty has been torture for him.

Robert Heath
Reply to  Leo Smith
November 2, 2021 12:15 am

True but he could have given up the job. There is precedent. I am not sure has a big heart either.

Reply to  Robert Heath
November 2, 2021 1:53 am

He’s p!ssed he might have to give up his throne to his son. I’m now pretty convinced he’s in on all this scamming and is desperate to invoke a one world, feudal government that he can be King of.

Reply to  Robert Heath
November 2, 2021 5:03 am

“he could have given up the job”

This is the black spider we are talking about.

Meddling in democratic affairs is his greatest hobby, and it’s expensive as the Qatari ruling family found out.

I wonder if they’ve forgiven him?

Last edited 1 year ago by strativarius
Reply to  Leo Smith
November 2, 2021 5:41 am

If he ever gets to take over from his mother I think we will be re-enacting 1789. He will need lots of wine and cheese to fuel his Aston Martin to escape the peasantry baying for his head on a spike

Elle W
Reply to  Leo Smith
November 2, 2021 12:10 pm

Or an organic farmer.
But “orgasmic” is fitting seeing as how Camilla is involved!

Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 2, 2021 4:11 am

It’s a toss up between Charles the halfwit and a certain Wolf Blitzer – who went on social media yesterday to claim he was “reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland, where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered” for the COP26 climate conference.

There’s a lot of competition.

Richard Page
Reply to  fretslider
November 2, 2021 5:40 am

Try Ash Sarkar – incredibly woke and eco-loony, a firm believer in the most extreme scenarios of climate change and has her head so far into the sand that even the soles of her feet aren’t showing. Believes everything she is told about climate change, perfectly willing to regurgitate it at will and completely of the opinion that if ‘something isn’t done’ in the next few years, a fifth of the world will be uninhabitable due to extreme temperatures by 2070. This is the standard of frenzied lunacy that passes for intelligence amongst the London twitterati.

Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 5:44 am

Novara Media was hilarious last week. So good to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

Who but die hard Corbynistas take any notice?

Richard Page
Reply to  fretslider
November 2, 2021 6:03 am

True. Novara are a group of people far too impressed with how wonderful they all are based on absolutely sod all as far as I can tell.

Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 8:18 am

A whole continent is already uninhabitable because of extreme temperatures. Extreme cold, but we are told climate change is causing that, too.

Edward Sager
Reply to  Richard Page
November 5, 2021 7:11 am

You mean, Greta?

Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 2, 2021 5:13 am

Get a real job. We just had a war like footing due to over reaction to the Wuhan virus -$ trillions wasted.

Last edited 1 year ago by antigtiff
Reply to  Anti-griff
November 2, 2021 11:15 am

Prince Charles is describing something that is already happening behind the scenes. This is less of a call to action and more of a psychological normalization / articulation (designed to shift the Overton Window) of what is already underway.


The last time Britain went on a war footing, they began rationing of food and all basic necessities in 1939 and didn’t halt the rationing until 1955. Rationing went on for 16 years, for 10 years after the War ended and the progressive Atlee Labor Government want to extend it “indefinitely“.


British bakers reintroduce World War II bread in coronavirus fight

Britain’s National Loaf — a nutrient-dense whole wheat bread first produced in 1942 — has been re-emerging in recent weeks.

Today, as was the case back then, a scarcity of ingredients and a concern for public health are challenging the culinary status quo.

The U.K. has also seen a surging public interest in the growing of fruits and vegetables — a trend immortalized by the government’s “Dig for Victory” wartime campaign.

Britain embracing its culinary past would be no bad thing, Evans said.

“If standing in supermarket lines during this crisis prompts people to think more deeply and critically about the inequalities and unhealthiness inherent in our food system, all the better,” he added.

As for Atha, he said he was happy to see the National Loaf make a return.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anon
John Tillman
Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 2, 2021 9:29 am

Still time for Britain to reconsider the impending doom of a Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg dynasty. Parliament doesn’t need to establish a republic, just to make the monarchy elective by the House of Lords, for life.

As in Wessex and other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms:

Last edited 1 year ago by John Tillman
Joel Snider
Reply to  Stephen Wilde
November 2, 2021 6:42 pm

Don’t dismiss him – people like him are encouraging a whole new level of modern progressive fascism all over the world, on all subjects.

No one
November 1, 2021 10:12 pm

Who, indeed?

Reply to  No one
November 2, 2021 4:03 am

He belongs to the throne that is used to subjugate the world since 400 years (alongside the East India company )
therefore this globalist approach is nothing new ,just the use of a trojan horse is.

On a more interesting note is that his opinion is exactly the same as Bill Gates while his Brother used to visit the same epstein island as Bill Gates (It’s a small world).
And he didn’t gave a crap when ‘his’ British childpeasants were massraped by muslims for years (they call it grooming)while he is so worried about climate.
Which make sense as the Windsors were good friends with mass child raper Jimmy Saville who was already exposed in 1977 on bbc by Johnny Rotten who also said in the interview that the bbc won’t air the interview – and that’s exactly what happened.

Richard Page
Reply to  SxyxS
November 2, 2021 5:56 am

Almost exclusively Pakistani and Albanian Muslims, which tends to say far more about Pakistan and Albania than it does about Islam. Albania has long been the centre of drug, people and sex trafficking and has a history of gang violence going back a hundred years or more. Pakistan, as the country that gave us the Taliban and it’s indoctrination schools, is fast developing a similar reputation as that earned by Albania.

Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 10:27 am

Objection from an ex muslim = me
From an article 20 years ago from a german feminist Alice Schwarzer :
” Warum ich es leid bin .._ ”

A police officer told her that 90 % of all rapes in Cologne are being committed by TURKS ” and you can bet that most of the remaining 10% are are also committed by muslims.

Stockholm is europes rape capital no1,thx to muslim.

The biggest part of them are neither pakis nor albamians nor turks but arabs.
You can do some research about how au pair girls (mostly phillipinas)are treated in Saudi Arabia.
Or about how a common “ceremony” for rich arabs from emirates and Saud is to defecate on their white instagram whores after they had sex.

Richard Page
Reply to  SxyxS
November 3, 2021 1:55 am

That’s fine but you were talking about the UK, then appeared to move the goalposts and start talking about occurrences across the world except for the UK. Which is it – are you discussing what was happening in the UK or the entire world? If It’s the latter, then what the hell has that got to do with Charles? You’re making no sense whatsoever.

Zig Zag Wanderer
November 1, 2021 10:15 pm

This makes sense. Everyone seems to want to ‘fight’ Climate Change ™, so it makes sense to have a Climate Change ™ ‘army’ to combat it.

Having said that, I’m pretty certain that it will be very much like the Emu Wars here in Australia. They’ll lose!

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 1, 2021 10:24 pm

Thanks for the education! Did you also have feral cat and rabbit wars?

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Brad
November 1, 2021 11:32 pm

I think the rabbit wars was a biological one, using myxomatosis.

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 2, 2021 1:57 am

A dry run for the human version.

4E Douglas
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 1, 2021 11:07 pm

Hmm. About as much success as controlling Coyotes here on the American West.

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  4E Douglas
November 2, 2021 3:39 am

Coyotes have very successfully re-colonized the east and take quite a toll on young livestock.

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 2, 2021 12:43 am

They didn’t fight fairly

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 2, 2021 3:50 am

Emus can devastate a pasture in no time at all and they will eat anything they can catch, including guinea keets, kittens, and bunnies. As for their value as a meat bird, stick to turkeys! There is surprisingly little flesh on these beasts for all their size and it tastes like lizard.

Zig Zag Wanderer
November 1, 2021 10:19 pm

The Queen’s views on almost everything are unknown. No doubt she sometimes expresses opinions to prime ministers, notably on the Commonwealth, of which she is head, and on widening social divisions, which could leave her without a national unity to symbolise. Crucially, however, a prime minister can be confident she will not repeat them publicly. Nor will she lobby or correspond with ministers.

I was actually very disappointed in Elizabeth this week, warbling on about COP26 and how we must ‘do something’ now. As one of the richest people in the world, she just joined the mass hypocrisy that is demonstrated by the likes of Al Gore and most of Hollywood.

Nobody important takes Chuckles seriously, but Her Majesty has always been pretty sensible up until now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 2, 2021 12:44 am

They reached their use by date

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 2, 2021 1:36 am

Poor old Lizzie doesn’t understand that the point is there never will be anything done. Were anything to be actually achieved it would see them all put out of work. No more grants, no more expenses-paid jaunts around the world, no more taxpayer-funded gravy train. They are not here to “do” anything.

Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
November 2, 2021 1:59 am

Judging by what I’ve seen of her remarks, she’s as likely to be a sceptic as an alarmist.

Having said that, they have all been second hand so I’m likely not fully informed.

Ian Smith
Reply to  HotScot
November 3, 2021 12:44 am

The Queen’s income comes as a fixed fraction of the Crown Estate. It is currently guaranteed to rake in billions from leasing seabed and shore access to offshore wind/tidal farms and their connectors.

Net zero looks very different if you are on track to receive billions compared to if you are a fixed income pensioner seeing your bills shoot up.

Reply to  Ian Smith
November 3, 2021 3:47 am

The Crown Estates revenue from renewables falls from 25% back to it’s former level of 15% over the coming years.

If not the Queen, Charlie boy will be seeking alternatives.

November 1, 2021 10:23 pm

Rothschild’s, IMHO. He knows the globalist cabal is crumbling, blackmail is no longer working to keep people in place. Trump has opened the gates of both heaven and hell, and we all have our reservations once we get to where we belong…

Reply to  Brad
November 1, 2021 10:37 pm

How many times does it take before the people who did trust the IPCC and globalists climate hoax deceptions turn against them as the long list of warning periods were passed?

Like the children’s story about the little boy who cried wolf too often and was ignored.

However at long last the politics and redistribution of developed nation’s wealth objective is being understood, people react when their hip pocket nerve is activated.

November 1, 2021 10:23 pm

The World passed Prince Charles’s 96-Month Deadline to Save The World From ‘Ecosystem Collapse about 4 years ago and the climate looks pretty much the same as it was 12 years ago. Perhaps Prince Charles should talk to a few more trees for a second opinion..

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
November 1, 2021 10:40 pm

Australians were warned that by 2000 the famous Sydney Opera House on the side of Sydney Harbour, Port Jackson, would be swamped and under water.

It remains high and dry and Sydney Harbour at highest tides laps around the base of the seawall outside.

Reply to  Dennis
November 1, 2021 11:13 pm

At least it wasn’t for another 2000 years. 😉

Geoffrey Williams
November 1, 2021 10:44 pm

Charles is living in a world of his own, its called ‘royal privilege’ . . .

Reply to  Geoffrey Williams
November 1, 2021 11:51 pm

And what is worse, is that his sister Anne is a climate skeptic… so you would think he would have hashed this out with her and learned something. (sigh)

Reply to  Anon
November 2, 2021 3:23 am

The male side of the family are cerebrally challenged, just like the Simpsons.

4E Douglas
November 1, 2021 11:10 pm

Yep grab momma hitch her and the young’ns to the plow while ride the cart behind the mule pickin’ bugs off his majestie’s argula..

Chris Hanley
November 1, 2021 11:41 pm

It’s war, the ‘governments of the world’ vs. the climate, my money’s on the climate.

Reply to  Chris Hanley
November 2, 2021 4:35 am

x 97

November 1, 2021 11:45 pm

Covid was an existential threat?

Or is he talking about the response to Covid?

Last edited 1 year ago by Dean
November 1, 2021 11:58 pm

Charles knows of what he speaks. If you have ever seen him in his full military regalia hIs chest is covered with medals earned from many historic battles. He is obviously a highly decorated war hero.

Reply to  Klem
November 2, 2021 4:06 am

Anytime he successfully wipes his butt without assistance he gets one of those medals.
That’s why Biden still does not have a single medal.

Richard Page
Reply to  SxyxS
November 2, 2021 6:40 am

That is a vile and slanderous thing to say about the heir to the throne – at least one of those medals is for doing up his own shoelaces.

Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 10:09 am

even with the shoelace medal … biden doesn’t have one.

November 2, 2021 12:12 am

Boris announced no more ICE car sales in Britain after 2030.

The annual sales rate in the UK is around 2.5 million. Has been as high as 3 million. In 2020 electric car sales were about 108,000.

I’m really skeptical that this is doable. I doubt industry can make enough, I doubt people will buy them or can afford them, if they do I doubt that with the long refuel times it will be possible for anything like current usage to continue. And its also certain that if 2.5 million a year were sold, with the move to wind power generation, its going to be impossible to charge them when people want to.

This is going to be a disaster. Another ill-thought through, or not at all thought through, green adventure, like trying to power the grid from wind.

Its very hard to forecast specifically what the results will be of seriously attempting it, but they have to include drop in annual sales to around half a million or less as people hold on to old cars. The implications for industry and the economy would be considerable.

Then we’d have changing patterns of use to accomodate the increased fuelling times and lower range. Expect big effects in areas like Cornwall and Norfolk which are heavy tourist economies.

This is going to be a wild ride. Lots of people will be wondering what on earth to do as their cars reach end of life in the period up to 2030. One can imagine a sales surge of ICE cars followed by a slump. But who knows?

Steve Case
Reply to  michel
November 2, 2021 1:06 am

“Lots of people will be wondering what on earth to do as their cars reach end of life in the period up to 2030.”
Wonder no more, Cubans have been keeping their old American cars going since the 1960 trade embargo.

Reply to  Steve Case
November 2, 2021 7:31 am

The uk government will rack up fuel taxes as well as introducing road pricing to charge per mile driven in an attempt to price ICE vehicles off the road. The big energy corporations will also be squeezed to end the supply of oil based fuels.

Last edited 1 year ago by b13mart3in
Reply to  michel
November 2, 2021 7:05 am

Apparently, the trade in second hand ice vehicles has seen prices going up.

lee riffee
Reply to  michel
November 2, 2021 8:07 pm

This would be a boost to repair shops and machine shops – to replace and even make parts that would no longer be available. Other companies may spring up (probably in Asia rather than in the UK) to supply electronic and computer components for old gas and diesel powered cars.

a happy little debunker
November 2, 2021 12:24 am

When Charles talks about a war-like footing, he is using it as code for rationing.

The last time rationing was used in the UK – crime rates soared and the poor were made significantly poorer.

Meanwhile, out of ‘equity’ they will funnel money from the undeserving poor @ home to 3rd world sh!th0les to support the elites (not the poor) of those sh!th0les.

November 2, 2021 12:34 am

Wait a minute, didn’t he give up his claim to the throne when he divorced Diana? Maybe I am just an ignorant yank but I thought William was the heir apparent. Whazzup with that?

M Courtney
Reply to  Owen
November 2, 2021 12:48 am

No. He did not.

Richard Page
Reply to  Owen
November 2, 2021 6:50 am

No he didn’t but there is a constitutional crisis waiting in the wings, as happened to Edward. Although some C of E allow divorcees to remarry, it is not universally recognised by the Church: some will see Charles, as future head of the C of E, as maybe forcing it into this position. I don’t think it’ll be a clear cut or straightforward transition.

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 10:24 am

There is speculation that there were other reasons Eddie was asked to stand down..

John Tillman
Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
November 2, 2021 1:23 pm

It’s worse than that. During the war, Edward was actively a traitor. He was willing to serve as figurehead king over a Nazi-occupied Britain.

As Germany overran France in May and June 1940, Churchill threatened to court martial the Duke of Windsor if he didn’t return to British soil from Vichy territory. Hence, he was exiled to the Bahamas in July.

Last edited 1 year ago by John Tillman
Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 1:11 pm

Although some C of E allow divorcees to remarry, it is not universally recognised by the Church:

I think you’ll find that the C of E was created by Henry VIII specifically to allow divorce and remarriage. It was more acceptable than lopping the heads off his various wives.

Richard Page
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 3, 2021 2:01 am

True but it is still not universally recognised by the C of E – each minister has to decide for themselves whether to perform the ceremony or not. Having said that, it would have been a very brave minister to say no to Hal!

John Tillman
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
November 3, 2021 2:31 pm

Henry’s marriage to his brother’s widow Catherine of Aragon was annulled. They didn’t divorce.

Climate believer
November 2, 2021 12:36 am

This is where we are at with this alarmist mania…. imagine living with these kind of thoughts in your head…

Jon Snow, a “reporter” from the far left channel 4 news, tweeted this on his way to the conference:

“En route to COP26 – trees and branches affected by climate change have slowed our rail journey – tho the branches have been cleared we are doen to 5mph – What an irony! What a message! We MUST change!
Dare we hope that we shall?

Spelling mistakes are all his.

Autumn winds have blown some tree branches onto the rails……… climate change™…yeah “irony”, whatever Jon.

M Courtney
Reply to  Climate believer
November 2, 2021 12:51 am

There was never any bad weather before CO2.
It was a lovely garden where everything was perfect and everyone had enough food to eat.
(Except from the one tree called “Reduced Poverty” because if we ate from that we would be able to afford clothes).

Reply to  M Courtney
November 2, 2021 4:00 am

There wasn’t the level of flooding, flash flooding, storms, coastal inundation we have seen since 2000 in the last century.

Joseph Zorzin
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 4:16 am

That’s crazy- and you would know if you tuned into Tony Heller’s YouTube site:

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 4:43 am

You are spouting complete bollocks … again; read some history, look in the geographic & geological records (ask your mummy what they are).

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 5:59 am

Once again griff completely ignores history in order to justify his insanity.

Climate believer
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 8:07 am

“There wasn’t the level of flooding, flash flooding, storms, coastal inundation we have seen since 2000 in the last century.”

Ever heard of the “Benchmark Flood” 1947? “Big flood” 1953?

Do your homework before making yourself the eternal useful idiot.

From the Natural Environment Research Council:
“The UK coastline has been subject to terrible floods throughout history. Records suggest that coastal floods killed 100,000 people in the UK in 1099, with similar death tolls in 1421 and 1446. Up to 2,000 people drowned around the Bristol Channel in 1607, the greatest loss of life from a natural catastrophe in the UK in the last 500 years.”

John Tillman
Reply to  Climate believer
November 2, 2021 8:27 am

Besides the disasters of 1947 and 1953, just from the latter 20th century in the UK:

The Big Freeze of 1962-63, which persuaded Callendar that he had been wrong about man-made global warming in 1938;

The Great Storm of 1987;

The Burns Day Storm of 1990, and

The Floods of 2000.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:47 pm

The IPCC AR6 declines to find any evidence that flooding has become more widespread. Same with winter storms, thunderstorms and tropical cyclones.


Vincent Causey
November 2, 2021 1:06 am

The queens remarks were taken out of contex, deliberately. She was actually referring to a VIP who was going to COP-26 and then pulled out, when she said “talk but don’t do”, not to leaders not taking action on climate change.

Of course, all of them are hypocrites at best, and many are deliberately levering the “climate emergency” to gain power and wealth. All at the expense of the public.

November 2, 2021 1:14 am

Senile- Attenborough
Autistic- Thunberg
Dim- Prince Charles

Very SAD.

Imagine that trio as Prime Minister, Treasurer and Home Secretary.

With Boris as well, I am deeply embarrassed on behalf of my nation.

Reply to  Eric Worrall
November 2, 2021 2:06 am

I keep thinking that – but I also keep finding my hopes let down.

How Dare They!?

Reply to  Eric Worrall
November 2, 2021 6:00 am

Unfortunately they have rigged the schools so that only the completely ignorant can graduate.

November 2, 2021 1:14 am

and nothing will stop him or his sons traveling on their private jets to tell the world.

And the world has moved onto a war like footing-

Agriculture yields are up-
Poverty has decreased-
Life expectancy has increased-
Deaths from weather related disasters have declined-
oh and the planet and deserts are greening from the increase in CO2-

and as the world’s population is increasing a million a week , far hotter 3rd world countries are experiencing the fastest growth.
According to the World Obesity Federation 1/3 rd of the word is now obese and is now a problem in every country.
8 Ancient Civilizations Destroyed by Climate Change › ancient-civilizations-were-destroyed-climate-change-4869712
Climate change is not a uniquely modern threat. From the Ancestral Puebloans to the Mayans, many ancient civilizations crumbled due to climate change- oops!

Last edited 1 year ago by richard
Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  richard
November 2, 2021 7:33 am

Nice listing . . . and I’ll just point out that all of the above benefits were obtained overwhelming with the assistance of heat and power obtained by mankind’s burning of fossil fuels AND the naturally increasing global warming since exiting Earth’s last glacial interval.

Right-Handed Shark
November 2, 2021 1:48 am

Meanwhile, the doom pixie herself was relegated to delivering her lecture outside, in Glasgow in November. Not invited inside? How dare they!

Richard Page
Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
November 2, 2021 8:55 am

I liked her new chant: “You can shove your climate crisis up your ar$e!” Nice to see Greta learning some native Glaswegian words!

Coeur de Lion
November 2, 2021 1:48 am

What does he propose for the billion or so who burn down their habitats because they lack electricity?

November 2, 2021 2:01 am
November 2, 2021 2:03 am

Just reporting on the radio of a major breakthrough at COP26. Hundreds of companies have agreed to stop deforestation by 2030.

That obviously means DRAX must be returned to coal to stop trees being chopped down in America to feed it.


Reply to  HotScot
November 2, 2021 3:59 am


(I am glad so many Watts readers support WWF, Greenpeace etc in their opposition to Drax)

Richard Page
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 5:22 am

WUWT have been behind exposing the Drax hypocrisy for far, far longer than WWF, Greenpeace, etc. I am glad to see you and they supporting the work done by WUWT readers.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:43 pm

You misunderstood as usual. We’re happy to have it revert back to coal

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 1:48 pm

None of us support the WWF, Greenpeace etc. because we are all environmentalists.

Joseph Zorzin
Reply to  HotScot
November 2, 2021 4:19 am

I presume you don’t live in a wood home or have wood furniture or use any paper products, especially toilet paper, because all those products mean trees get chopped down.

Reply to  Joseph Zorzin
November 3, 2021 3:57 am

Timber for those purposes is used in a meaningful and long term way, not burned to ash in an instant.

Some of the furniture in my house has been handed down since it was bought 70 years ago, many people have much older pieces. That gives plenty of time for the regrowth of more trees for replacement. But mine and many others won’t need to replaced furniture for another 100 years, down the generations, at least.

Even the modern furniture I have bought is ten years old and will be handed down.

My house is full of timber, it’s over 200 years old and Listed, so will go on in perpetuity protected by the state.

What’s your contribution to conservation?

Like I have said elsewhere on this article, no one cares more about environmentalism, conservation and the planet that the genuine contributors to WUWT, and most certainly not ignorant green adherents.

Joseph Zorzin
Reply to  HotScot
November 3, 2021 11:05 am

“Timber for those purposes is used in a meaningful and long term way, not burned to ash in an instant.” IRRELEVANT- who cares???

“But mine and many others won’t need to replaced furniture for another 100 years”. Billions of people on this planet, you know, and they all like furniture- and for that, we need to manage forests, and for that, we need markets for the “junk wood”.

“What’s your contribution to conservation?” I’ve been a professional forester for 50 years- so I know infinitely more about forestry than you do.

“Like I have said elsewhere on this article, no one cares more about environmentalism, conservation and the planet that the genuine contributors to WUWT, and most certainly not ignorant green adherents.”

Well this proves how ignorant YOUR are because, you fool, “green adherents” HATE forestry, especially biomass- yet, some of the people here still think biomass is just another phony green renewable resource- it’s the ONLY truly green renewable resource.

Besides, why do you give a dam about carbon emissions, are you a green adherent?

Before any of you rant against forestry and biomass, talk to foresters.

Jon R
Reply to  HotScot
November 2, 2021 1:03 pm

Somebody Tell Bozos this at his Virtue Signaling grocery store where everything is “organic”. I asked today if they had any inorganic bread and they said no.

November 2, 2021 2:15 am

The level of hysteria around COP26 is astounding and alarming.

The scale of the problem, if there is one, is hysterically exaggerated. We had for instance a reporter blaming a railway line blockage due to a falling branch on global warming. Every autumn trains in the UK are delayed because of leaves on the line, which will now also probably be blamed on global warming.

The measures advocated by the hysterical seem to be demanded from countries doing about 25% of the world’s emissions, so for that reason alone they will be totally ineffective in the claimed goal of reducing global emissions.

Meanwhile, the big emitters are growing, and that is simply condoned or not spoken about.

And the measures themselves are either impossible of achievement, as when its proposed to switch grids to wind and solar supply, or will have no effect even on local emissions, as when generating plants are converted to burn wood rather than coal or gas.

The BBC appears to have converted its news to almost nothing but climate and COP. The Guardian similarly though not quite so extreme.

The only comfort one can take is that this surely must be peak climate hysteria. But the worry is that this has even further to run and that the UK, under a Prime Minister who seems to have gone mad, is seriously headed down the road to de-industrialisation.

Without even realizing that that is the implication of the Government’s policy measures. The most terrifying thing is that they seem unable to foresee the consequences of what they are intending to implement.

I would actually like to see cars restrained and a planned role for walking and cycling in cities and even in the countryside, where frequently to take a bike to shopping involves some section of the journey on main roads with no bike provision, and impossibly risky and unpleasant. Better public transportation would be good too.

For a tiny fraction of the amount we are spending on the illusion of wind and solar we could be making the country much pleasanter and healthier on a local basis. But both political parties appear to be in the grip of this mad spending hysteria on things that don’t work and don’t improve any quality of life for anyone – in fact, all it does is increase fuel poverty.

Reply to  michel
November 2, 2021 3:59 am

but the rainstorm was climate change: it was 3 times the October average rainfall in 3 days… the UK Met Office figures confirm that the UK is 6% wetter on average than 30 years ago, with the extra now falling in more intense rain events – and that change in weather patterns is how climate change impacts the UK.

Joseph Zorzin
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 4:22 am

now try to PROVE that the UK rainfall is due to CO2 emissions

Reply to  Joseph Zorzin
November 2, 2021 6:04 am

Anything that is different from last year, is because of CO2. The sacred models have spoken.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 4:57 am

There are lots of similar or worse events from before 30 years ago. The 1940s and 50s were notably more stormy than before and after. That is what led to the fears of a new ice age at the time. All is within pre existing natural variability.

Richard Page
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 5:24 am

Weather NOT climate change. The weather patterns across the UK are still as random and chaotic as ever.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 6:03 am

One constant with griff, no lie is so venal that he won’t repeat it over and over again.

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 10:28 am

Do you get paid by the number of posts, or by the number of responses?

Elle W
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:27 pm

Um, “30 years ago” is your benchmark?How old are you? Thirty years is nothing on a global time scale. Go back fifty years or 100, then 1000 and report back.
Gah. This reminds me of my 6-year old grandson telling me “This is the most snow I’ve seen IN MY LIFE!” Sure, kid.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:56 pm

Scotland has seen its annual rainfall vary since 1994, but it usually received more than 1,500 millimetres (mm) of rain per year. However, in 2018 the recorded rainfall amounted to 1,395mm, which was the fourth lowest during this period. Rainfall peaked in 2011 at 1,886mm. As of 2020, rainfall reached 1,797mn
There is a bar graph on that page showing Scottish rainfall each year from 1994 to 2020. In 1994 it was 1,623mm. In 2020 it was 1,797mm. In 1996 it was 1,272mm. The lowest figure was 1,209mm in 2003. The highest figure was 1,869mm in 2011. 

John Culhane
November 2, 2021 2:17 am
JLC of Perth
November 2, 2021 2:29 am

At Tim Blair’s blog, a commenter compared Charles’s war declaration with Emperor Caligula declaring war on Neptune. Caligula took an army to the beach and ordered the soldiers to attack. They waded into the water and chopped at the waves with their swords, then collected seashells on the beach. They took the shells back to Rome and Caligula said they were tributes paid by Neptune after Caligulas great victory.

rhoda klapp
November 2, 2021 2:31 am

You first, Charlie. I presume you will be going home on your bike?

Reply to  rhoda klapp
November 2, 2021 2:43 am

Pedal-electric bicycle maybe?

His mother might say “on yer bike laddie”, back to your secret garden to consult the pixies.

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  rhoda klapp
November 2, 2021 4:04 am

Surely he arrived in his pet Astin Martin running on “surplus” wine and cheese.

Stephen Skinner
November 2, 2021 2:41 am

Charles I was an autocrat and his view that he was appointed by god to govern (top down) as he chose put him in direct conflict with those that thought otherwise, particularly Oliver Cromwell. Charles 1 was defeated in battle and executed. What followed was a republic and the beginnings of parliamentary democracy. Following the death of Cromwell, Charles II was restored to the throne and the long road to the modern world began with the beginnings of free market capitalism, and perhaps key, the start of the scientific, agricultural and industrial revolution, which was all bottom up.
Prince Charles is unelected but thinks he is entitled to push not just the UK, but the world, back towards top down government and it is likely he will be Charles III.

Last edited 1 year ago by sskinner
November 2, 2021 2:45 am

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, now in Glasgow that’s where we could be.

November 2, 2021 2:54 am

Charlie lost the plot many years ago… It gets worse with time… now completely deluded..

November 2, 2021 3:15 am

And then he flew in his personal helicopter back to Windsor to dine on the finest cuisine known to man and drink a bottle of wine worth more than the average monthly salary.

Right-Handed Shark
November 2, 2021 3:36 am

Somewhere behind the scenes..

Andrew Lale
November 2, 2021 3:40 am

Been a royalist all my life, but if Prince Charles goes woke then all that is done and finished.

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Andrew Lale
November 2, 2021 7:36 am

Why did you insert the word “if”?

Reply to  Andrew Lale
November 2, 2021 10:43 am

Chuck been woke LLOONNGG before woke was “cool”. Wokest of the woke since the 1980s. That is why Mummy has to totally support him financially. Oh, off the backs of the people because she has never done anything productive or profitable in her life, either. Only thing in her defense is she ain’t a woketard, yet.

Reply to  Andrew Lale
November 4, 2021 10:21 am

Yes, I really want to like the royal family and had a blast visiting London, seeing the royal sights and all that, and I am pretty sure that having the monarchy is better, financially, for England from the tourist industry. But the more I learn about them the less I like them. Prince Andrew and Epstein, then Harry and Megan Markle and now this totalitarian jug eared dauphin! Good grief.

November 2, 2021 3:42 am

I agree entirely, we real human beings have to realize these leftards are at war against the Human Race and treat them accordingly.

Reply to  2hotel9
November 2, 2021 3:53 am

Climate science isn’t ‘left wing’. Nor is it a conspiracy.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 4:56 am

But you are a conspiracy theorist, who dosnt know left from right, & are nearly always wrong.

Richard Page
Reply to  saveenergy
November 2, 2021 5:26 am

What do you mean ‘nearly’ – I don’t think I’ve known him to ever be completely correct.

Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 6:09 am

He now opposes Drax, because WWF and Greenpeace now oppose Drax.

Reply to  Richard Page
November 2, 2021 10:38 am

Not even vaguely “correct”, ever.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 6:08 am

Funny how everyone who supports the climate science conspiracy, is a left wing to far left wing.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 10:37 am

And you simply can not stop lying, you lie spewing lying leftarded c*nt. Good job, buddy.

Bruce Cobb
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 10:48 am

Heck, it’s not even science.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:48 pm

There’s very little climate science around, worth the name of science. Look at yourself, you’re a Marxist and a liar to boot.

November 2, 2021 3:53 am

A war-like footing?

First round up the traitors and incarcerate them; the damage Mr Dim is willing to inflict on the UK and Commonwealth is legion, while he’ll allow China to remain untouched and with growing strength.

Charles is a science illiterate of the same genre as the uneducated Thunberg girl, they’ll regurgitate the words and unsubstantiated data of the subsidised zealots but never mention the data and papers which don’t support their AGW fantasy. It’s the best they can do, never can they debate, take questions or show understanding beyond that of Lenin’s willing idiots.

When the flying tomatoes and roaring boos meet Citizen Windsor it will be too late for him.

Reply to  Fin.
November 2, 2021 3:57 am

Exactly what papers don’t support the consensus?

R Taylor
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 5:51 am

All the ones that aren’t approved by the politically subservient “scientists”.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 6:11 am

The so called consensus has never been more than a carefully crafted lie.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 1:27 pm

Exactly what papers don’t support the consensus?

I ink it was about 99% of the papers that Cook collected. Obviously he removed about 98% of them so that he could come up with his bogus ‘consensus’. That’s Climate Scientology for yer!

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 4:23 pm

Griff is incapable of even the smallest amount of homework. Where would you like the thousands published here, Griffy? You know, exactly.
A random choice: Journal of Geophysics – Oceans, August 2010, Abstract includes “there has been no acceleration of sea level rise in the last 100 years”.
Yes, yes, Griff, you would have no chance of understanding the statistics so give yourself an immediate out. Go and whine with the uneducated.

November 2, 2021 4:07 am

“Prince Charles Calls for Global “War Like Footing” to Address the Climate Crisis”

There just isn’t enough Pinot and Camembert to go round….

And in other news. 

“Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby sparked outrage when he claimed that politicians who fail to act on climate change will allow an “infinitely greater” genocide than the Holocaust and be judged “in far stronger terms” than those who appeased N a z i Germany.

inevitably, the archbishop did feel the need to take to social media to apologise for these claims, tweeting that he “unequivocally apologise[d] for the words I used when trying to emphasise the gravity of the situation facing us at COP26.”

Welby, a former oil executive, bumped into Godwin on the road to Damascus

Giordano Milton
November 2, 2021 4:14 am

Almost the last person I would listen to.

November 2, 2021 4:18 am

MSM accused Harry of ratting on the royal family, but in hindsight, he jumping of the wobbly ship looks a right thing to do, maybe he is not that stupid after all. 

Richard Page
Reply to  Vuk
November 2, 2021 8:59 am

No he really is. Even a moron can get something right by accident once in their life.

David H
November 2, 2021 4:29 am

Poor Brits. Looking at who follows the Queen. They’re screwed.

Reply to  David H
November 2, 2021 4:39 am

The Monarch does what Parliament says. That’s how it works.

Parliament above monarch and people. Guess which way Parliament leans.

David Sulik
November 2, 2021 5:09 am

War? OK, first act of war, cut off his feet.

Matthew Sykes
November 2, 2021 5:18 am

As an Englishman, let me be the first to say, why the hell did we do what the US did and throw these useless idiots out.

Richard Page
Reply to  Matthew Sykes
November 3, 2021 2:06 am

The US got the French to do the heavy lifting on that job, though.

Joao Martins
November 2, 2021 5:25 am

We have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing.

… said Chuck to his room mate Joe when eating their bowls of hot soup in the care house …

November 2, 2021 5:35 am

The British Monarch receives a rake off of £100 million a year from leasing the uk seabed for offshore wind farms. Thats a hundred million reasons to shill for big green

Last edited 1 year ago by b13mart3in
Richard Page
Reply to  Martin
November 2, 2021 9:03 am

Of which, most goes straight to the UK government. The Monarchy did a deal with the government a long while ago; in return for not having to pay for the whole of the UK government, they get the vast majority of the income from the Crown Estate every year.

Last edited 1 year ago by Richard Page
Joe Gordon
November 2, 2021 6:33 am

Poor Britain. Once they complete Brexit, they’re going to need Chexit.

It’s almost as if they wanted independence from Europe solely to see if they could destroy their economy faster than the EU can destroy its own collective economies.

November 2, 2021 6:38 am

We have seen insanity in response to COVID. Our rights have been suspended and we’re treated like cattle to herded into chutes and forcibly treated with an experimental mRNA regardless of the costs or needs of the individual. All of this based on authoritarian top down behaviour arising out of faulty computer models and deference to a tiny subsets of self designated experts. Scientists and real experts who disagree are censored and when that doesn’t work forcibly silenced by being stripped of their licenses and even imprisoned. The last thing we need is more light weight idiots pushing bad science in order to help the same fascists switch from oppression over a flu that has a 99.8% survival rate to saving planet from climate change. Prince Charles will be the end of royalty if he continues to stumble down this path. The more he talks, the more convinced I am this would be a good thing. Time to go back to talking to plants, Charlie.

Reply to  Natalie Gordon
November 2, 2021 10:03 am


you have been subject to the same pandemic health precautions prevalent for hundreds of years.

Mrna vaccines work. I thought you Watts readers were in favour of science, no religion and witchcraft?

Joe Gordon
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:05 pm

Yes, normally the witchcraft and religion is on your side of the fence. No wonder you were the first to notice this post.

I’m not for forcing vaccines, but I’m in awe of the teams that managed to develop at least three very different and very successful vaccines. They’ve saved a lot of lives and I encourage people to read the studies for themselves . While I’m not sure children need the vaccine, I would recommend it for adults who aren’t at high risk for complications from the shot itself.

Elle W
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:37 pm

Actually, quarantines we’re once for sick people, not healthy ones. Quaint concept, huh?
And, mRNA “vaccines” do not work; they merely suppress symptoms. For a few months only, apparently. Think about it, you don’t get non-symptomatic hepatitis or cholera once you have a vaccine, but you do covid.
But, hey, don’t let facts get in the way of feelings.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Elle W
November 2, 2021 1:34 pm

For a few months only, apparently.

When it have a ‘solution’ to a problem that makes you billions of dollars, you don’t want it to be a one-off do you? You want it to go on forever!

Now the complicit lying media are happily shouting about a need for a third shot. Soon we’ll be having mandatory shots every couple of months in order to be allowed to leave our homes…

Last edited 1 year ago by Zig Zag Wanderer
Carlo, Monte
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 1:43 pm


November 2, 2021 6:43 am

Either this guy can make a buck off the Climate Change scam, or his support for it results from centuries of Royal inbreeding.

Richard Thornton
November 2, 2021 6:50 am

If Prince Charles poops in the woods is the Pope still a communist?

November 2, 2021 7:20 am

COP 26 itself is a great illustration of “talking but not doing”.
Even Greta has stumbled on that fact.

Gordon A. Dressler
November 2, 2021 7:23 am

Prince Charles is a poser when it comes to the science of climate.

He lost all credibility more than two years ago with this (firm) proclamation:
“I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival”, Prince Charles speech at a Reception for Commonwealth Foreign Ministers, July 11, 2019.

Note that July 11, 2019 + 18 months = mid-January 2021, so we passed that point-of-no-return more than 9 months ago.

It is impossible for the Prince, as an aged member of British nobility, to admit “Ooops, I made a misjudgment”, rather we are embarrassingly presented now with the farce of “Please, trust me this time because I really, really know what I’m talking about.”

John the Econ
November 2, 2021 7:28 am

Hear that kids? Time to reinstate the draft so we can send you off to China, Russia, India etc to put a stop to carbon expansionism. Just think about the stuff you’ll see and do for your Instagram.

November 2, 2021 7:45 am

“Prince Charles has described climate change as an existential threat” It could be, for the Royal Family, if the UK doesn’t build any more wind farms offshore:

“The Queen’s property managers will this week set out terms for the world’s biggest offshore wind auction in a decade. Industry experts expect the complex bidding process to raise record sums, which could increase energy bills and hand a windfall to the crown – potentially generating hundreds of millions for the Queen.

The Crown Estate, which manages the monarch’s property portfolio, holds exclusive rights to lease the seabed around the British Isles for wind and wave power. Its profits go to the Treasury, which then sends 25% back to the royal household in the form of the sovereign grant.

The Crown Estate does not make its forecasts public. However, if the government’s 2030 target is met, the Queen could be collecting more than £100m a year within a decade.”

Probably not her, but King Charles, or King William would be.

November 2, 2021 7:54 am

Does this mean I can shoot at tornadoes and hurricanes? Can I launch artillery at droughts? Drop a MOAB on the next heat dome? Do we use the existing military branches, or do we set up a Climate Force, with tie-dyed shirts and flip flops for a uniform? Maybe give all the enlisted mirrored hats to increase the earth’s albedo while they’re at it.

Richard Page
Reply to  whatlanguageisthis
November 2, 2021 9:11 am

No. The last thing they actually want is some sort of war-like footing, the screaming from the woke privileged elite wouldn’t stop. What they actually want is for everyone to let them do anything they want to, for the greater good, without question.

November 2, 2021 7:59 am

No problem. The UK can go first. Put your people into WWII style rationing in the name of climate change and let us know how that turns out.

Reply to  wadesworld
November 2, 2021 10:01 am

So we in the UK already cut our CO2 by 48.8% on 1990 levels and achieved 42% renewable electricity.

No adverse impact whatever.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 10:43 am

That’s not what they’re talking about griff.

Reducing emissions is not enough. Emissions must be eliminated. NOW.

Let me know how stopping the use of all fosil fuels in the UK over the next say 5 years jibes with your “no adverse impact” (which of course isn’t true anyhow).

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:51 pm

It’s really about tariffs and protectionism.

Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 12:53 pm

Except no industries either.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  griff
November 2, 2021 1:43 pm

No adverse impact whatever

Soaring electricity bills that will cause many to have to choose between heating their homes or eating are “No adverse impact whatever”? You and your ilk just hate people, don’t you?

Which would you prefer them to do, die of cold or starvation?

Last edited 1 year ago by Zig Zag Wanderer
Coach Springer
November 2, 2021 8:21 am
  1. What inaction? They’re already doing quite a lot of harm – physically – just look at all those windmills and closed power plants, economically and politically..
  2. The world has warmed a little since it had cooled a little. What existential threat? And when?
  3. So, sanction China and India or just flail on your own people for no effect on the claimed threat?
  4. Isn’t everyone looking for the big cause and “war-like footing”? It’s the ultimate virtue signal.
Last edited 1 year ago by Coach Springer
Tom Abbott
November 2, 2021 8:39 am

From the article: “climate kookery”

I like it! Excellent description!

Tom Abbott
November 2, 2021 8:48 am

What Charles is really saying when he proclaims we need to be on a war-footing over CO2, is it is going to take a LOT of money to fix the Earth’s climate.

November 2, 2021 9:54 am

OK, but first order of business – ban Charlie from using fossil fuels for anything.

John Garrett
November 2, 2021 9:56 am

Clown Prince Chuck Saxe-Coburg und Gotha is a silly arse whose pronouncements aren’t worth the time of day.

His sole contribution to humanity is the entertainment his antics provide.

November 2, 2021 10:04 am

You are looking at the face of a no-consequences policy position. They may say any dumb thing you please and make any inexperienced prediction you want. It does not matter to them or the climate. You on the other hand need to stay on the edge of your seat for a another money grab at money you might make in the future.

November 2, 2021 10:08 am

Time for Parliament to cool the Monarchy.

November 2, 2021 10:12 am

“Warlike footing…”

What does he mean?

Against China, Russia, & Saudi Arabia ?


Against his own people???

Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  DonM
November 2, 2021 10:27 am

He means rationing, like happens when an entire nation goes on war footing for resource allocation.

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
November 2, 2021 12:13 pm

Somehow I don’t think there will be much heat rationing at the palaces or government offices.

Joel O'Bryan
November 2, 2021 10:25 am

The war-time rationing would be only for the Little People, you know…. you and me.
The billionaire Bilderberg Club and the political class see themselves as exempt from such restrictions on their lavish lifestyles of chalets, yachts, and private jets that “war-time” rationing would bring to everyone else, including the Royals like Chuckles.

November 2, 2021 1:22 pm

War is great for earning money.
When your Rothschild bank owns the Royal family

Barry Sheridn
November 2, 2021 2:05 pm

HRH Charles statement is disturbing, all the more given there is no crisis that justifies tyranny.

Trying to Play Nice
November 2, 2021 3:54 pm

Why do we care what a retarded Brit says?

November 2, 2021 7:33 pm

Yes, lets go to war against climate change!
in the words of Winston Churchill…

We shall go on to the end to fight climate change…
we shall fight on the seas and oceans,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender! Death to climate change!

November 2, 2021 7:47 pm

I remember that during the coronation of Queen Elisabeth, Charles was being led by the hand.
He looked completely lost and inhabiting a separate reality. After all of these years I see no change.

Patrick MJD
November 3, 2021 1:05 am

His 100 months left claim to save the planet is 50 months overdue. Anyone listening to this cretin needs therapy.

Gerry, England
November 3, 2021 6:37 am

There might well have to a be a war eventually but not of the kind he is thinking about given that with no democracy in the UK – especially with the lying womanising oaf Johnson denying us a referendum – there may be no other way to pursue our political goals.

There could a little light if it is true that UKIP are getting their act together to be the voice of those of us on the right of centre – or Far Right as described by the BBC/Guardian.

November 3, 2021 8:47 am

Club of Rome co-founder Sir Alexander King declared the enemy is humanity, so one should not be surprised.
And the RIIA, Royal Institute for International affairs, Chatham House, has Prince Charles’ back – they want to define ¨ecocide¨ an international crime with military intervention an option :

War-footing should now be clear?

Jeff in Calgary
November 3, 2021 10:08 am

Can we please, PLEASE skip Charles in the line of succession?

Gregory Kelly
November 3, 2021 4:36 pm

When goofballs like him and John Kerry preach one thing but do something else it tends to make me angry. If they will give up their lifestyles of the “Rich and Famous’ and move into an 800 square home and use nothing but renewable energy for homes, then I might consider believing them, but not until. And don’t give that crap about we planted ten thousand trees to offset our use, that is only something RICH folks can do!

November 3, 2021 4:41 pm

Prince Charlies greatest attribute is that he is actually stupider than John Kerry!

Russell Johnson
November 3, 2021 5:21 pm

Charlie and the rest of the COP26 A-HOLES want to wage a war on climate change? The
Hell you will!! The war will be on us!! They will steal our freedom, wealth and mobility with their phony war!!

November 3, 2021 9:16 pm

Thank goodness that jug-eared moron doesn’t have authority to do squat.

November 4, 2021 12:40 pm

It’s amazing how, after the global warming INSTITUTION came into being, that global warming became climate change, that historical climate temperature records were adjusted to show cooler past temperatures, and that the climate temperature rise from a declared dangerous rise of 2 degrees Celsius was lowered to an even more dangerous 1.5 degrees Celsius, that the alarmists began claiming global warming to be an existential threat to humanity.

November 4, 2021 1:02 pm

Watcha going to do Charlie? Going to lead us in decommisioning all your palaces and castles etc.are you? Distribute your inherited wealth in more windmills and use British weather to build more Solar electricity maybe?

Edward Sager
November 5, 2021 7:09 am

Prince Philip must be rolling in his grave.

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