About the Claims That Northeast U.S. Blizzards Have Been Amplified by Human-Induced Global Warming

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale The media has been abuzz with claims that the January 2015 New England Blizzard was worsened by human-induced global warming. One of the outspoken activist members of the climate science community who has been quoted often on the storm is NCAR’s Kevin Trenberth. An example of Trenberth’s interviews can be…


Time Magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger writes what might possibly be the stupidest article about climate ever – climate change causes volcanoes

The stupid, it burns like a magnesium flare. Excerpt from the article: Now, you can add yet another problem to the climate change hit list: volcanoes. That’s the word from a new study conducted in Iceland and accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters. The finding is bad news not just for one comparatively remote…

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What are Your Fears about Global Warming and Climate Change?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale The title question is rarely, if ever, asked of people who are skeptical of human-induced global warming and climate change…for obvious reasons.  If persons are skeptical of a future filled with climate catastrophes, regardless of whether they are caused by nature or by emissions of manmade greenhouse gases, then there…

This is an example of a supraglacial lake and rivers on the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet. The water flows down a hole (a moulin) in to the ice sheet in the center right.

Thomas Nylen, NSF, 2007

Cornell University’s Greenland ice melt hype

From Cornell University and the Department of Inflated Headlines come this misleading claim that really should be anything new, and certainly not “groundbreaking” as they claim in this press released. After all, the tops of glaciers have been melting in the summer and making runoff meltwater which finds its way to the bottom of glaciers…