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On Climate, Comedy, Copyrights, and Cinematography

The good news: there’s new and exciting opportunities opening themselves to us.The bad news; some people are hilariously unquestioning. It has been an even more entertaining than usual couple of days in the alarmosphere. I’d been traveling the last week, … Continue reading

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Sea level rise by 2100, “nailed”! Between 7 and 82 centimeters

New predictions for sea level rise Sea level graph from the University of Colorado is shown below: University of Bristol Press release issued 26 July 2009 Fossil coral data and temperature records derived from ice-core measurements have been used to … Continue reading

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Interesting article on thermometer placement

How to properly place your outdoor thermometer 04:52 PM PDT on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 By TRAVIS PITTMAN / excerpts: SEATTLE – With temperatures in the Puget Sound region breaking records this week, many people are playing a watching … Continue reading

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American Chemical Society members revolting against their editor for pro AGW views

Scientists seek to remove climate fear promoting editor and ‘trade him to New York Times or Washington Post’ An outpouring of skeptical scientists who are members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) are revolting against the group’s editor-in-chief — with … Continue reading

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Which is the bigger threat: PHA’s or GHG’s ?

This makes a lot of sense if you are a rational thinking person. I thought I’d alert WUWT readers to it. Below is a table from the front page of today, operated by NOAA and Dr. Tony Phillips. And … Continue reading

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Employment slump at NHC

Bob Tisdale writes in with: What Do You Suppose They’ve Been Doing At The National Hurricane Center This Summer? Source: Bocce maybe? Horseshoes? UPDATE – Ryan Maue of Florida State University writes in comments:

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Global Warming to Threaten California Fruits and Nuts?

I found this press release on the UC Davis website interesting, because it discusses something new to me, “winter chill”. I found it interesting. But immediately, I thought of this study on irrigation by Dr. John Christy of the University … Continue reading

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NASA now saying that a Dalton Minimum repeat is possible

Guest Post by David Archibald NASA’s David Hathaway has adjusted his expectations of Solar Cycle 24 downwards. He is quoted in the New York Times here Specifically, he said: ” Still, something like the Dalton Minimum — two solar cycles … Continue reading

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Met Office forecasting ability questioned by the Beeb.

Not only does the Met Office/Hadley Climate Center have trouble with pesky “moles” this week, they are now finding a staunch ally, the BBC, is questioning their forecasting ability. One wonders if they will improve using “deep black”, the 1.2 … Continue reading

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Met Office / Hadley CRU discovers the mole

In case you are just joining us, here is some background on the story below. I know the identity of the mole. The ball is now in CRU’s court. Steve McIntyre reports below and throws down the gauntlet. Met Office/CRU … Continue reading

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Statement on Arctic Climate Change from the President of the Royal Society

While we are on the subject of the APS and their consideration of their stance on climate, this statement came to me today via Philip Bratby in comments. I thought it presicent and worthwhile sharing, since once again there is great … Continue reading

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American Physical Society reviewing its climate stance

WUWT readers may recall that my posting in July 2008 on some of the angst going on within APS over a paper from Christopher Monckton ruffled a few feathers. The paper,  Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered, was reviewed by APS and this … Continue reading

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Why regression analysis fails to capture the aftereffects of El Nino events

In a study in the Journal of Geophysical Research a paper, Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature,  researchers Chris de Freitas, John McLean, and Bob Carter find that the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a key indicator of … Continue reading

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Lindzen on Climate Hysteria

Resisting climate hysteria by Richard S. Lindzen on Quadrant Online July 26, 2009 A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action The notion of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the earth or any other planet with a … Continue reading

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“Deep Cool” – the Mole within Hadley CRU

As some WUWT readers may have learned from reading Climate Audit, an anonymous source deep within Hadley CRU has provided Steve McIntyre a copy of a data file he has been seeking but has had his FOI requests to Hadley … Continue reading

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July 24th issue of Science: Study shows clouds may exacerbate global warming with positive feedback, but there’s a caveat in the Science summary

This study is being listed as proof by some of the usual alarmist types that the issue of cloud feedback is settled. Before accepting that, read this from the summary in the June 24th issue of Science by Richard A. … Continue reading

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The 30 day Southern Oscillation Index is at +12 – will El Niño fade again next month?

Here is what the current SST map looks like: From Nine News in Australia: The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) is calculated from the monthly or seasonal fluctuations in the air pressure difference between Tahiti and Darwin. A strongly and consistently … Continue reading

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NYC may miss 90°F for second time in history

More from the “weather is not climate” department. While our economy cools, so do apparently our cities. Cincinnati has a similar problem, and does Traverse City, and the cool weather doesn’t “play in Peoria“. Taken by themselves it doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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More on Hadley’s hiding behind the curtain

CRU Refuses Data Once Again by Steve McIntyre on July 24th, 2009 Let me review the request situation for readers. There are two institutions involved in the present round of FOI/EIR requests: CRU and the Met Office. Phil Jones of … Continue reading

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I’m traveling again today, as I have been all week, so postings and comments for the next 48 hours will likely be delayed. Volunteer moderators please note.  – Anthony

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India says no to climate alarmism

INDIA ATTACKS WESTERN CLIMATE ALARMISM Financial Times, 24 July 2009 By James Lamont in New Delhi, Joshua Chaffin in Are and Fiona Harvey in London Himalayas a key area of contention. Excerpts: A split between rich and poor nations … Continue reading

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UK Met Office and Dr. Phil Jones: “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

For all of our UK readers, now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country (and science). The Met Office refuses to release data and methodology for their HadCRUT global temperature dataset after … Continue reading

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Climate Science: follow the money

Government monopsony distorts climate science, says SPPI The climate industry is costing taxpayers $79 billion and counting Washington, DC 7/22/2009 09:12 PM GMT from TransWorldNews The Science and Public Policy Institute announces the publication of Climate Money, a study by … Continue reading

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“Surge in global temperatures since 1977 can be attributed to a 1976 climate shift in the Pacific Ocean”

Note: Above graph comes from this source and not the paper below. Only the abstract is available. A new peer-reviewed climate study is presenting a head on challenge to man-made global warming claims. The study by three climate researchers appears … Continue reading

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New paper from Lindzen demonstrates low climate sensitivity with observational data

“…ERBE data appear to demonstrate a climate sensitivity of about 0.5°C which is easily distinguished from sensitivities given by models.” On the determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data Richard S. Lindzen and Yong-Sang Choi Revised on July 14, 2009 … Continue reading

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Historic snow event in South America

More news from the weather is not climate department. A historic winter storm event in South America is underway (July 22nd, 2009) meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, fresh snow in the Alps in July. – Anthony Guest Post By Alexandre … Continue reading

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GISS Step 1: Does it influence the trend?

Guest post by John Goetz The GISStemp Step 1 code combines “scribal records” (multiple temperature records collected at presumably the same station) into a single, continuous record. There are multiple detailed posts on Climate Audit (including this one) that describe … Continue reading

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Another look at UC sea level data

Sea Level Data In Monthly Format Guest post by Bob Tisdale As noted in prior Sea Level posts (Sea Level Update – Through March 2009 and Sea Level Data: Global and Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans), the sea level data … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt on solar trends and global warming

I really wish Gavin would put as much effort into getting the oddities with the GISTEMP dataset fixed rather than writing coffee table books and trying new models to show the sun has little impact. This paper gets extra points … Continue reading

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Thanks Neil, Michael, and Buzz

America, and the world, is in your eternal debt. My fond memories from this time would not be complete without the mention of another person.

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Governmental environmental tax soon to be up your…

From Planet Gore, this has to be the poop de grace of bureaucratic achievement in the climate and ecology category. Not a Square to Spare [Chris Horner] Where are the Beatles when you need them? Someone inside EPA has brought … Continue reading

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And now, the most influential station in the GISS record is …

Guest post by John Goetz The GISS temperature record, with its various adjustments, estimations, and re-estimations, has drawn my attention since I first became interested in the methods used to measure a global temperature. In particular, I have wondered how … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week #15

There are so many to choose from in this interview, I suppose I’ll just have to list them all. But #3 is the most profound. From the Atlantic: An Interview With Nobel Prize-winning economist Thomas Schelling, Part Two – Conor … Continue reading

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Insufficient Forcing Uncertainty

It seems depending on who you talk to, climate sensitivity is either underestimated or overestimated. In this case, a model suggests forcing is underestimated. One thing is clear, science does not yet know for certain what the true climate sensitivity … Continue reading

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Christy on questions about UAH seasonal signals

As promised, I contacted Dr. John Christy regarding the seasonal signal that the anonymous blogger “deepclimate” says he/she has identified in the UAH data, seen below. He/she says: “I am a Canadian citizen residing in Canada. For private and professional … Continue reading

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