I’m traveling again today, as I have been all week, so postings and comments for the next 48 hours will likely be delayed. Volunteer moderators please note.  – Anthony

13 thoughts on “Offline

  1. If you are traveling to have fun, then have fun !! If it’s for work, well,………….

  2. you are a hero to me and to so many people who aren’t even aware of it – standing up for the human right of free speech on one of the most important issues of my generation. I’ll happily wait a little longer for your next contribution!

  3. Perhaps “fun” has the wrong connotation, so maybe I should have said “enjoy yourself at work or play”.

  4. You should come to New Zealand some time Anthony; there’s a Purakanui beer waiting for you. And the rest.

  5. The Watts Diet – spreading yourself thin.
    But seriously, enjoy the travel and make new contacts. We’ll be here when you get back.

  6. Have a good trip Anthony.
    So, what subversive misbehaviour can we get away with while the boss is out of the office?
    REPLY: None, I’m online now.

  7. Hi Anthony. Hope your travel was better than mine usually is.
    “The great impediment to knowledge is, in our opinion, not discussion, but the want of that knowledge which is gained by discussion preparatory to action. For we have a peculiar power of thinking before we act and of acting too, whereas other men are courageous from ignorance but hesitate upon reflection.”
    If you would like, I can write a missive for you about an individual glance at AGW, from the viewpoint of believer converted to skeptic. Go ahead and email me, I have the time. 🙂

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