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Using old NASA imagery to look at Antarctic Ice in the 1960’s

From Old Moon Images Get Modern Makeover WOODLANDS, Texas — Think of it as a space age twist to that adage: Something old, something new…something borrowed, something blue. Back in 1966 and 1967, NASA hurled a series of Lunar … Continue reading

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Tipping Point In The Media

Guest Post by Steven Goddard Over the last year or so I have been taking an informal survey of a key news metric – Google news searches for the term “global warming.”  A year ago, the ratio of alarmist/skeptical articles … Continue reading

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Electric Utility sues New York over CO2 regulation

“Of course you realize, this means war!” – Bugs War has been declared in the New York court system over global warming regulation. Indeck Corinth L.P., which operates the Corinth Generating Station, an electric power plant in Corinth, NY, sued … Continue reading

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Another record month at WUWT

Love it or hate it, WUWT gets traffic. This month was 1,478,801 page views. This is up significantly from both January (1,324,097) and February (1,168,852). As always, my sincere thanks to the many readers, commenters (even the angry ones, you … Continue reading

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Dr. Roger Pielke Senior: support for CATO letter and advertisement

From Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. Climate Science Weblog There is a letter to the President published by the Cato Institute that headlines [thanks to ICECAPand Dr. Patrick J. Michaels to alerting us to it]; “Few challenges facing America and the world … Continue reading

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Lindzen on negative climate feedback

NEW 4/10/09: There is an update to this post, see below the “read the rest of this entry” – Anthony Guest Post by Richard Lindzen, PhD. Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science, MIT … Continue reading

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Earth Hour in California – Success or Bust? The CAISO Power graph tells the story.

Earth Hour in California – Success or Bust? Guest post by Russ Steele, NCWatch At our house we set the timer to remind us to turn on all the visible out side lights.  We have multiple security lights on the … Continue reading

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Dr. Roy Spencer on publishing and climate sensitivity

Set Phasers on Stun March 29th, 2009 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. I’ve been receiving a steady stream of e-mails asking when our latest work on feedbacks in the climate system will be published. Since I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

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Al Gore snubs Earth Hour

Al Gore Leaves The Light On For Ya From By Kleinheider Even during Earth Hour. President of the Tennessee Center For Policy Research Drew Johnson takes a Saturday drive by Al Gore’s during the time most environmentalists went dark: … Continue reading

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New feature: Quote of the Week#1

Given the thousands of comments made here weekly, I’ve decided to add a new feature to WUWT: Quote of the Week. It will be posted on Sundays. A commenter on WUWT summed up Earth Hour in a succinct way: I … Continue reading

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North Dakota Floods Aggravated By “Global Warming”

Guest post by Steven Goddard Global warming has predictably struck again. White said climate change caused by global warming likely is changing ice conditions and adding to the unpredictability. Kate White is a civil engineer at the Army Cold Regions Research … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 86: when in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do.

This is a preliminary post to a much more detailed one coming from my friend Paolo Mezzasalma. who is doing a tour of Italy’s weather stations. While there are significant and systemic problems with USHCN stations in the United States, … Continue reading

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CA Academy of Science AGW display apparently not very popular

What are we teaching our children? Guest post by Russ Steele, NCwatch Ellen and I spent the day at the new California Academy of Science building yesterday and really enjoyed the experience, except for the crowds. I break out in … Continue reading

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Another volcano in Alaska erupts?

(h/t to Ron de Haan) This time it appears to be Mount Gareloi, something big is going on there seismically. The webicorder is going nuts. Update: I double checked the webicorder to see if it was still operating,  and it … Continue reading

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Catlin Expedition: Impaired Judgment?

Guest post by Steve Goddard Reading through the recent blog posts of the Catlin expedition, it has become apparent that they have made errors in judgment.  Team member Martin Hartley is suffering from frostbite, and hasn’t been able to sleep … Continue reading

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WUWT Poll: What are you going to do for “Earth Hour”?:

Earth Hour hopes to shed light on climate By James Bruggers, USA TODAY New York City’s Empire State Building is scheduled to go dark for one hour Saturday night. So are the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Golden Gate Bridge, … Continue reading

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Ocean iron fertilization CO2 sequestration experiment a blooming failure

Ocean iron fertilization. Source: Woods Hole From the best laid plans of mice and men department. In the late 1980’s, the late John Martin advanced the idea that carbon uptake during plankton photosynthesis in many regions of the world’s surface … Continue reading

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Dust study suggests only 30% of Atlantic temp increase due to warming climate

(From h/t to Leif Svalgaard) — The recent warming trend in the Atlantic Ocean is largely due to reductions in airborne dust and volcanic emissions during the past 30 years, according to a new study. A new study by … Continue reading

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Admiration For The Catlin Explorers

Guest post by Steve Goddard Polar Bear On Thin Ice It is easy to become cynical about the motivations of some prominent figures in the global warming movement, but there are a few people who feel passionately enough about their … Continue reading

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Galactic Cosmic Rays May Be Responsible For The Antarctic Ozone Hole

NOTE: It has been pointed out to me by an email from a regular WUWT reader that some people get a different conclusion from the headline other than what I was thinking of.  So, for those who didn’t read the … Continue reading

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New Sun-Watching Instrument to Monitor Sunlight Fluctuations

From March 23rd, 2009 in Space & Earth / Space Exploration Enlarge During periods of peak activity (front three images) sunspots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections are more common, and the sun emits slightly more energy than during … Continue reading

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Freeman Dyson: speaking out on “global warming”

This is a well written essay by the New York times on Freeman Dyson. Dyson is one of the world’s most eminent physicists. As many WUWT readers know he is a skeptic of AGW aka “global warming”, even going so … Continue reading

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Compared to the Sun’s power, we are a fly speck on an elephant’s butt

Note: A number of people sent this to me. This is a fictional account of what might happen if we get a large solar event, such as a Coronal Mass Ejection, pointed directly at earth. Given that we are truly … Continue reading

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UV-Resistant Bacteria Discovered In the Stratosphere

I have no idea what if anything this might mean, but it would be interesting to find out what these bacteria consume and respire. It just goes to show you that we don’t yet know everything about the atmosphere. – … Continue reading

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Study of hemispheric CO2 timing suggests that annual increases may be coming from a global or equatorial source

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy The Available Evidence Does Not Support Fossil Fuels as the Source of Increasing Concentrations of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (Part 1) Because the increase in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has correlated with an increase in … Continue reading

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El Nino study challenges global warming intensity link

From Scientific American via Reuters By David Fogarty, Climate Change Correspondent, Asia SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Research showing an El Nino event in 1918 was far stronger than previously thought is challenging the notion climate change is making El Nino episodes … Continue reading

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Guardian Headline – “Leading climate scientist: ‘democratic process isn’t working'”

Even the very liberal UK Guardian picked up on this. What next Jim, the Constitution? NASA, please fire this man. (h/t to Barbara) Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA From the UK Guardian: Protest and direct action could be the only way to … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 85: what Katrina did for temperature measurement

Below is a photo of the USHCN climate station of record in Pascagoula Mississippi. Note the location of the MMTS temperature sensor. The phrase “industrial nightmare” comes to mind. But the MMTS didn’t always have this sweet location at the … Continue reading

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Mt. Redoubt in Alaska erupts

Video of the sixth eruption, from the Alaska Volcano observatory webcam system. (h/t to Ron De Haan) There is sound in this video. As first noticed by WUWT commenter Crosspatch last night, from seismic data, it appears Mt. Redoubt has … Continue reading

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Weather Station Data: raw or adjusted?

In my post on the Mohonk Weather Station, the question came up about “raw” temperature data. Tom in Texas complained that he’d looked at data from the observer B91 forms and that it didn’t match what was posted in published … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 84: “Pristine” Mohonk Lake USHCN station revisited

As WUWT readers may recall back in September of 2008, the New York Times ran an extensive first hand account of the Mohonk Lake, NY USHCN climate station of record. The Mohonk article was covered by WUWT guest contributors Dee … Continue reading

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Natural Drivers of Weather and Climate

Note: The full PDF of this author manuscript was sent to me via an email contact of the author, Bob Foster. He says it has been published in E&E.  Energy & Environment · Vol. 20, No. 1&2, 2009. Online now … Continue reading

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Oddball solar plage area

Yesterday I lamented that the sun was blank, not only on the SOHO MDI, but also the magnetogram.  Within a couple of hours, one sunspeck appeared. I cited Murphy’s Law. As one commenter put it: ” I think if you … Continue reading

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The Sun: double blankety blank quiet

Usually, and that means in the past year, when you look at the false color MDI image from SOHO, you can look at the corresponding magnetogram and see some sort of disturbance going on, even it it is not visible … Continue reading

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Recent Ocean Heat and MLO CO2 Trends

One of the great things about running this blog is that people send me things to look at. Sometimes I see connections between two things that were initially unrelated by the original messages. This is one of those cases. Dr. … Continue reading

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