Another record month at WUWT

Love it or hate it, WUWT gets traffic.


This month was 1,478,801 page views. This is up significantly from both January (1,324,097) and February (1,168,852).

As always, my sincere thanks to the many readers, commenters (even the angry ones, you know who you are 😉 ), moderators, and guest contributors that keep WUWT fresh and interesting.

– Anthony

UPDATE: Since I had a question about it, the numbers and graph above are from my internal traffic counter and stat system. They are actual counted pages views, not estimates like some external web traffic analysers.


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Congratulations! WUWT is the go to place for interesting climate information!


Anthony, you are a perfect example of a meritocracy.


I suspect that you could correlate the atmospheric levels of CO2 with that data set.

Smiling 🙂
Thank YOU, Anthony.

Mike Bryant

Wow, what a difference a year makes!
Onward and upward,
PS Has anyone actually made any of those “screeching mercury monkeys” patches? I would proudly wear one…


I love it.
Goods news on the numbers……
People are being educated about the global warming ruse little by little.
Hopefully, the nutty politicians in DC can be stopped before they run this country completely into the ground.


Excellent! That curve must be proportional to the number of Climate Realist Awakenings.

A, very well done!

john s.

Congratulations, Anthony. I very much appreciate the high level of expectation you bring to this site which makes it a much more thoughtful and welcoming place than most. I have learned much from the persons that Keep up the good work.


Keep up the good work!

I have been entertained and enlightened by reading your website. For the most part, your commentors are very smart people.
Thanks Buddy!
Mark Mudgett

John W.

Congrats, Anthony!!
I bet the alarmists wish this graph was the global temperature trend instead.

Frank Miles

a steady increase, no doubt caused by humans.
i enjoy the site. thanks

Oops! I thought it was a HS… Joking… 🙂


Congratulations Anthony!
Love the site.
Now about that graph; nobody named Hansen works for you do they?

Graeme Rodaughan

Excellent work Anthony and too all the guest posters who have contributed so much to making this blog as interesting as it is.
A general round of thanks to all the commentators who also have so much value to contribute to this site.
(from eyeballing the graph) This site has added approx 1M views in the last 12 months. Could well breach 2M views per month by July – possibly on the back of Arctic Sea Ice watching… (My Hot topic for the next 6 months).

Congratulations Anthony on another record breaking month.
House Democrats unveil sweeping plan to reshape energy in America
Tue Mar 31, 6:35 pm ET
WASHINGTON — Democrats in the House of Representatives on Tuesday announced a sweeping plan to change how the nation produces and uses energy in order to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change.
No environmental legislation in America has ever attempted such wide-reaching changes. The bill — an incomplete draft that will evolve in the months ahead — would provide incentives to boost wind, solar and other renewable energy, would improve efficiency so that homes and businesses need less fuel and would support the development of cars that run on biofuels and electricity.
It also would make using fossil fuels more expensive — and that will be the central issue of debate in Congress , with armies of lobbyists on both sides.
The measure contains a variety of terms intended to help businesses survive the energy transition, but it leaves open for debate the central question: how revenues from pollution permits would be used. That means the question of how consumers would be helped also remains to be worked out.
The plan calls for a system to limit for the first time the amount of global warming pollution — mainly carbon dioxide from coal and oil combustion _that’s permitted from utilities, oil companies and large-scale industries, which make up 85 percent of the U.S. economy.

Keith Minto

Great result for a very informative, accessable and readable site.
May your numbers keep growing.

Mr Lynn

Well, since half those page views are mine, since I discovered the site, I’ll take some credit!
Seriously, I’m impressed with the caliber of posts and comments (for the most part), and appreciate the work of the moderators in maintaining civility.
Now if I understood all the statistics better. . .
/Mr Lynn

Dave Wendt

Well deserved congrats Anthony. This site has become my haven on those increasing occasions when the events, pronouncements, and actions of the politicians and the public lead me to seriously question my personal grip on sanity. You might want to send a thank you note to Mr. Hansen though, the voluminous comment threads generated every time he spouts off must be contributing significantly to your bottom line. If he wasn’t already making out like a bandit from his present gig, you’d probably be justified in offering a cut of the tip jar to keep up the good work

Mrs Whatsit

You deserve it, Anthony. I’ve learned a great deal here, and I especially appreciate your attention to the tone and focus of the comments.

Tom Trezise

As a layman with an abiding interest in the AGW debate but limited technical understanding, I’ve become an addict! You are my source of trustworthy information in a sea of propaganda.


Congratulations! It is an excellent site.
Speaking only for myself, after the election the whole issue of global warming is more urgent, since our one-party government is likely to do something foolish and expensive. So I have made it a higher priority to educate myself on the subject. I would be curious whether other new readers are similarly motivated.


Hmmm – That graph reminds me of something, I got it, it looks likes a hockey stick!
Congratulations to one of the most interesting sites on the net.


Speaking of the tip jar, if some of the regulars here could donate say 10 dollars every other month or so, Anthony’s life would be a lot less…stressful.
About 4% of poster/viewers account for about 50% of the traffic.
Looks like about 114,000 unique people (worldwide) stopped by last month.
C’mon you 4,500 people. Chip in! At least every once in a while.
jeez aka charles the moderator

Evan Jones

PS Has anyone actually made any of those “screeching mercury monkeys” patches? I would proudly wear one…
I think I can safely say I’ve earned mine.
REPLY: Yes but you are a screecher, junior grade, probie. 😉

Evan Jones

Mrs Whatsit
A non-American fan of A Wrinkle in Time?

jeez is right. What’s a few bucks? A big mac? A quarter tank of gas? Two packs of cigarettes??
If we don’t get the word out, nobody will.
The AGW/CO2 scam is built on this: click
Some pushback, and they might be scrambling to explain.
And for all those who contribute something to this great site: click!

D. King

Very well done!

Well Done, Anthony. This site is on my must-reads daily. I’ve learned a lot here.


Love this site. It’s my favorite place on the web! Ultimately, this means good things for you, and for the advance of legitimate scientific study of Climate issues. Congratulations!

This site just gets better and better. Congratulations to Anthony, the guest posters, and moderators. This is the way the internet ought to be!

James Allison

I have no science training and always intuitively thought significant AGW just wasn’t right. Since stumbling across this site and subsequently understanding a little more about the science and a lot more about the politics driving the AGW scenario I’m concerned how much badness the AGW believers/fanatics will have on your American economic future.
Your site Anthony has both good science and ridicule in abundance which is a very good thing because they are both effective weapons for combating the AGW virus.

Leon Brozyna

Congrats on another blow out month.
Since you hit the 10 mil mark on 15 March, 800,000+ in the second half of the month; if that trend continues, you may well have another good record-setting month in April.
And all without censoring dissenting thoughts. Who’d a thunk?!

Fluffy Clouds (Tim L)

I got it!!!!
April fools!!!!!!


Four hours since my pledge drive and three donations.
Seriously, I think we can do better.
According to the marketing stats, 34% of you make over 100K/year, although maybe those are all the pro AGW types.

Derek Walton

But the real question we need answered are….
1. Is this data the RAW data or the ADJUSTED data?
2. Is the hit counter correctly sited or is there some microsite bias that forces up the hits? I have a strong feeling that the counter could be contaminated and we should therefore adjust it with a more ‘rural’ blog: I think that once this is done you will find that WUWT has fewer hits than RealClimate…

Must have been the barycenter debate 🙂


It would be interesting to graph WUWT viewer stats with the increase in skeptical pieces in the MSM Anthony noted in the media tipping point thread. I think there will be a strong correlation found.
Well done Anthony and all guest posters, mods, and contributors!

jeez (21:30:55) :
OK…. my wife and my accountant are both going to kill me. I make a bit less than 35K per year as an adjunct and I’ve contributed about $200 in yankee green back dollars this year to WUWT and CA. I also bought two of Lucia’s cool mugs. The smaller one still holds about 30% more coffee than any other mug I own. Skeptics and deniers, put your money where your mouth is!
Reply: Well, I did try and target the more affluent players. ~ charles the moderator aka jeez

Dermot Carroll

your welcome.


With the quality of the headline articles and the continuing increase in viewing traffic, has WUWT reached it’s own tipping point?
Perhaps it is only me but it seems that over the last six months or so that there is a quiet but steady increase in the number of easily read and easily understood articles / papers by more and more quite prominent and highly respected climate researchers, appearing on WUWT.
Am I the only one detecting this trend or am I imagining things?
Richard Lindzen’s article on Negative Feedback, easily read and written in a way that can be understood by an interested layman, was an excellent example of this trend.
Dr Roy Spencer’s article on Publishing and Sensitivity was another example.
There are many other examples of climate scientists or those delving into the innards of climate science starting to use the blogs such as WUWT as their means of publishing the basic outlines of their research and their results and all in simple basic english that any interested person can understand.
WUWT as well as the other top climate blogs are increasingly cross referencing and cross publishing interesting and relevant articles with one another which is a development that can only be applauded.
With the discrimination by the major journals that is now being applied to those researchers who do not toe a particular editorial line, are we seeing a new alternative system of taking that research to a possibly much wider audience than just those who would normally be expected to read those journals.
The benefits for those researchers who follow this new and alternative means of publishing their data and conclusions may turn out to be very large indeed.
To have an item accepted to be published in a forum such as WUWT would require the presenter to couch their research conclusions in very easily understood english and to make the whole presentation interesting and relevant.
This of course then gets that research into a very large number of corners of the technical and political parts of our society where for the first time some very influential but non technical people may and can get an understanding of a subject straight from the horse’s mouth so as to speak.
With this access to a different and direct outlook on a science subject without having to go through an interpreter, this could have a profound effect upon the decisions that the particular decision makers subsequently reach and the implementation of those decisions and the follow on effects on our society as a whole.
This formula of easily under stood science was once followed by the likes of Scientific American until it went into a drastic decline in quality.
The british based New Scientist also followed the same formula but that too is now in a steep and rapid decline as it’s almost pathological editorial fixation on climate change to the exclusion of any other views has already taken it well down the road to increasing irrelevance in so much of it’s science reporting.
In fact I was a bit shocked at the slimness and lack of any quality material in the latest edition when it turned up in the post.
There is a precedent for my next query and that is
I know this is a very hard ask but is it time for a WUWT parallel blog / forum to be set up to accept papers initially on say Climate Change.
A volunteer editorial board and a peer review process to ascertain if the quality of the paper is acceptable to the site for publication.
And a language filter that requires at the very least, the paper’s conclusions and as much as possible of it’s research computations to be couched in easily read and easily understood english for it’s public forum postings.
Once the a site like this became known then the reach of a good, easily read and understood paper would be very large indeed and would also serve as an educational and reference tool for any interested members of the public.
Finacing such a site would be problematical to say the least and yet the AGW ideologists seem to have no problems rounding up finance from various foundations and of course also by back door government [ tax payer ] finance through the various enviro organisations.
Surely somewhere out there, there is somebody who is loaded and would like to see that climate science for starters, warts and all should be made available and accurately reported to the public and that person would like a few of the kudos that would come from being associated with a very highly respected and increasingly influential blog / forum such as Anthony Watts, Whats Up With That


jeez (18:28:59) :
Speaking of the tip jar, if some of the regulars here could donate say 10 dollars every other month or so, Anthony’s life would be a lot less…stressful.
About 4% of poster/viewers account for about 50% of the traffic.
Looks like about 114,000 unique people (worldwide) stopped by last month.
C’mon you 4,500 people. Chip in! At least every once in a while.
jeez aka charles the moderator

I’m in. Only ten bucks, but I’m as poor as a churchmouse at the moment.
Come on you high flyers, dig deep to cover that bandwidth bill !!


OOPs, sorry! “Watts Up With That”

Pamela Gray

This site has almost convinced me to become a registered Republican…she said as savethesharks is observed clutching his chest and fainting dead away ;~). Luv ya sharkie.

George Patch

The problem is that I’m skeptical of all hockey sticks now days.

Congratulations Anthony!
We are sure you will surpass the “hockey stick”
We must thanks too, to those thousands of GWRS who secretly visit this webpage


The big difference is that Anthony’s hockey stick is real!!




Hasse@Norway (06:52:55) :
Ah, yes, but only the ones before nov 2008. The later ones should be adjusted UP.
Oh dear. No patronising snide rhetoric from John Philip in this thread? Well, well.
Good job Anthony. I really enjoy reading this blog and mention it to all I can during conversations about AGW.