Sign the Petition to Serve Vegan Food at COP26

Heura Foods is horrified that their petition to put climate friendly Vegan food on the menu at the upcoming Glasgow COP26 climate conference is being ignored.

Green Matters: Humans are Responsible for 110% of Global Warming

Green Matters is worried that a lot of people doubt we are solely responsible for climate change, but quoting a statement from NASA’s Gavin Schmidt should settle things, right?

Veganuary: Go Vegan in January to Avoid Future Coronavirus Pandemics

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to a group of ageing rockers, green organisations, Vegan food sellers and mostly B-grade actors, going Vegan will not only save the planet from…

The Guardian: Tax Meat to Hit Paris Agreement Climate Targets

According to The Guardian, meat intake in rich countries must be cut, to help the world keep global warming under 1.5C.

Climate-friendly food choices protect the planet, promote health, reduce health costs

University of Otago Increased uptake of plant-based diets in New Zealand could substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions while greatly improving population health and saving the healthcare system billions of dollars…

No Meat for You!

Guest post by Jim Steele, Published in the Pacifica Tribune January 15, 2020 What’s Natural? No Meat for You! New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced NYC’s New…

Protestor Diets

Politicized veganism

Do we really have to tolerate local, state, national or UN officials telling us what we may eat? Guest post by Duggan Flanakin, The average American ate some 220 pounds…