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  1. Oh, what a wonderful laugh I had this rainy Swedish morning.
    McDick is faster than Morano 🙂

  2. Nice to have a good belly-laugh on a Sunday morning.
    Worth spreading to any of your vegetarian-vegan friends and colleagues….!

    • No problem, you won’t need it because you won’t need roads, because you won’t be allowed cars etc.

      • I’m sure that, someday, in the never-quite-reached future Elon’s Telsa’s will have hover technology.
        He just has to watch one more rerun of Back to the Future to figure out how to get the taxpayers to fund it.

    • “TARMAC. or Bitumin”
      LOL yep.
      Protestors can glue themselves to concrete and bitumen, using Cyanoacrylate. Probably the only product they use that does not have much fossil fuel as a source, except for the heat required to manufacture it of course.
      I have suggested that the anti-Adani protestors should super-glue themselves to the Gregory Development Road (along which Adani trucks are travelling). Trouble is, much of it is dirt road. Can’t glue yerself to dirt. But wait – every so often there are creek crossovers that have concrete. (Some of these are lower than the view line from the truck cab.)

      • I’d say “hide glue” but if we can’t eat meat, we don’t get hide glue. Unless we pick up carrion. It’s environmentally friendly, and would give the protestors a way to “make a difference” during lulls in protesting, but I don’t see enough sincerity there to actually make it work. If only we had dedicated protestors……

        • It would be fun them trying to use hide glue since it need to be heated before use. Heated does not mean warm it need to be hot, hot enough to burn one’s hide.

      • Are you sure about cyanoacrylate? The chemicals necessary to form cyanoacrylate polymer include ethyl cyanoacetate. The ethyl, of course, is a hydrocarbon.

    • If his speech at the UN was given at the same pace, the translators would go into meltdown.

    • Canola oil is indeed rapeseed oil. However, rapeseed oil has a slightly bitter taste, due to a certain amino acid. Food producers discovered a variety of rape that was grown in Canada, which had less of the bitter-tasting amino acid. That variety of oil was shipped in cans marked with an abreviation for “Canadian Oil, Low Acid”–Canola.

      I read that on the internet, so it’s true

      • The development of Canola was a huge plant breeding undertaking which involved many people and institutions in Canada. They didn’t “discover” it, they made it. Sadly, the days of agricultural innovation in Canada are just a memory as our once proud network of agricultural research stations and university agriculture programs has been gutted by successive generations of urban based politicians who are fixated on urban lifestyle issues like recycling and global warming.

  3. Plant-based eco garbage suffers the same problem as wind and solar—not enough land. Add up plants for food, cleaning products, clothing, etc and you understand why the ecoloons are dying to colonize Mars before the crazy is detected. If we can’t get to Mars, we shall return to filthy living, naked while eating those grass and twigs suggested in the video. Until the grass and twigs run out. Then things get really ugly.

    • I first thought the part about all of us running around naked sounded good. Then I went to Wal-Mart and looked around.

      Never mind.

        • Jeff A, the locals don’t allow anything like Walmart near Malibu. If you want to see good looking SoCal women the stores in Huntington Beach and San Clemente are your best be. Since it’s Orange County they might even be conservative and possess higher brain functions.

          • “Jeff A, the locals don’t allow anything like Walmart near Malibu.”

            Hey it was worth a shot. Haven’t been that way in a couple decades.

        • The Walmart in North Scottsdale, Arizona is not to bad it a lot different that the one two miles from my house. The Scottsdale Walmart is well lite, has wide isle no clutter anywhere and a level of product you don’t see in most Walmarts. If you wander in a Walmart in a primary Hispanic area the product selection is also quite different. Walmart stocks and maintained it stores depend on the who they serve. The worst Walmart I ever been in was in Devils Lakes North Dakota it was a pit. The crazies one was the one in Williston, North Dakota at the start of this last oil boom, they generally did not get the product to the shelves, it was being brought off the pallets faster than they could get it on the shelves. By the way starting salary in that Walmart at that time was nearly twenty dollars and hour.

    • Roman Empire’s troops each marched with a pouch of raw wheat seeds to eat from as they went to fight. Their grain was not harvested, cleaned or delivered with any of the “these” conveniences in original post’s video.

      If you germinate & sprout barley seed for 7 days it is 15.9% protein. This rise in protein content is relative to the sprouting seeds loss of carbohydrates from plant’s respiration. That sprouted seed will be about 83% water & look like “grass”.

      As for area required: 1 square meter of 8 day old barley seedlings grown as succession crops in a year can produce 72 pounds in that year (this is above ground plus bellow ground growth combined). Wheat “grass” would be a similar crop, but yields would be lower than barley “grass” & wheat would use more water; however the germination rate of wheat seed tends to be higher.

  4. One of the Chinese members of the family just clued me into a Chinese internet insult, White Left.

    The term baizuo is related to the term shèngmǔ (圣母, 聖母, literally “holy mother”), a sarcastic reference to those whose political opinions are perceived as being guided by emotions or a hypocritical show of selflessness and empathy. link

    It’s a derogatory Chinese neologism and political epithet used to refer to Western left-wing ideologies.

  5. Congratulations Charles Rotter, you’ve found a kindred soul in Quick Dick McDick. Can you hack this into the nightly news? Maybe CNN?

  6. Well, that felt really good. But I suppose our politicians would use it as argument for a carbon tax to raise funds to “ameliorate” the non-problem.

  7. I’d like to see this guy’s take on what it takes to create the various fake meat products (e.g. Impossible Burger). The amount of processing and total energy needed to create and mash up the long list of ingredients has to be pretty significant. I read in one news article that the fake meat products have about 40 ingredients, some of which have other uses – I think one was also a paint thickener.

    If someone wants to eat paint thickener and other chemicals I see no need to stop them, but don’t tell me it’s healthier than corn fed beef or pork when fake meat has just as much if not more saturated fat and less actual proteins and other nutrients. Especially when the vegan tribe have been assaulting some of my other dietary selections as being “processed food”.

    • Linseed oil is a paint “thinner” in the sense it slows paint setting up (drying when try to spread). It is derived from flax seed, which is quite a useful plant in several forms.

    • Impossible burger also uses a genetically modified yeast (GMO to the max) to make the hemoglobin that provides the pink ‘medium-well’ line inside.

      Their website is very slippery in discussing that eco-objectionable ingredient.

  8. I would like to see the same to expose the manufacture of Greta’s sailboat she used for her zero carbon travel across the Atlantic .

  9. This is great.

    Unrelated, but worth sharing regardless, is that last night Iran’s only olympic athlete defected from the nation – Citing that she wears what the government tells her, and she says what the government tells her. Just a little ammo for the MSM and their sheople parroting Iranian government propaganda that Solimani is a martyr and uniting the nation against the US and the west.

  10. That made my day!! 😉 BTW, based on the number of Greta-memes and sendups all over the ‘net, I think her speech last fall was the true shark-jump moment for the CAGW panic. Let’s hope.

    • How Dare You!: House me, feed me, clothe me, educate(?) me, transport me, protect me from the vagaries of nature, provide me a future job and keep me from having to grub in the ground for a short, brutal life, etc. In my youthful, indoctrinated ignorance, I’m sure that all will be well when we destroy that which gives me such a bountiful, secure life.

  11. To be fair though, a vegan diet could indeed involve making use of fossil fuel and yet STILL result in a much lower CO2 footprint than a livestock-based diet; right?

    If so I’d say this is kind of attacking a straw man position.

    • To be more accurate I should probably have said “… much lower greenhouse-gas footprint than a ranch/farm meat-based diet.”

    • Cattle do much of the processing internally themselves and their feed is usually grown “locally”. Also meat can usually be “harvested” and processed much more simply than grains.

      • That may indeed be true in many/most cases, Jim; I’ve not researched it enough to comment.

        I was making a different point, which is that unless this guy is rebutting a vegan’s (or anyone’s) specific claim that a vegan diet results in ZERO emissions, he’s really just attacking a straw-man argument that I don’t think anyone’s made.

        Not a big deal and I realize his main goal was humor, but I try to be consistent. When someone posted a snarky video aimed at skeptics which addressed only straw-man arguments that haven’t actually been made it isn’t that intellectually honest even, if it’s clever and funny.

        So while we can laugh at this, we should also be honest/fair (IMHO).

        • Now this is according to the work presented by Dr Peter Ballerstedt, but he shows that carbon levels in soils that have ruminants grazings on them and other soils that use monocroppings are massively different with monocropping being more carbon deficient over time where as long as overgrazing is not practiced the soil condition including the depth of the carbon layer in the soil increases.

          This would normally indicate that carbon is being sequestored by the grazing process rather than adding to the atmosphere and depleting the soil like plant farming is being shown to do.

      • And the resulting cattle poo is used to enrich the soil, a very important factor in the plant-food cycle.

    • You must do the legwork to show a vegan diet could result in a lower CO2 footprint before you can suggest this is a strawman argument. The problem will likely become what is the practical reality. A rancher raising his own cattle, grazing on scrubland, for personal consumption may have a substantially smaller footprint than his vegan neighbor who must buy his food from other regions (and his almond milk from California). At what point do you break-even?

      You can always make that which is intrinsically impossible to appear better than what can be accomplished in reality. You cannot feed the world a vegan diet. Most vegans are just deluding themselves thinking they are making a difference.

      • I’d agree if those were the arguments he was making, but instead all he’s doing is pointing out that a vegan diet requires use of fossil fuels, and I’m not aware of anyone having said they don’t.

        Again, not a big deal, but I try to be consistent.

        • Area Man, the “Climate Change is caused by Man’s Fossilize Fuel Emissions” crowd preach that we should ALL be forced to go Vegan. To “save the Planet”, of course.
          The premise being that cows fart and belch green house gases which will kill us all … eventually.
          It’s all PR, advertisement, to promote what AOC calls the “Green New Deal”, a political agenda to convince people to surrender individual freedoms in favor of a ruling class “elite” that “knows better”. (They will still be eating steaks.)

      • Where would organic farms get the fertilizer for their vegan ingredient crops, if not for grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, and kitchen-scraps-fed pigs? Getting enough fertilizer requires a large number of manure-producers.

        Organic farms require about half-again the land to grow the same quantity of food. Conversion means halving the amount of natural arable landscape not already under cultivation.

        Overall, the disturbed nature footprint of a vegan population is probably larger than that of a population of industrial meat-eaters.

    • No , in livestock farming the animals do all the hard work for free , collecting , processing and digesting the plants to produce extremely concentrated protein and fat , (meat and milk) which are effortlessly harvested . Man can nearly live on meat and fat alone , unprocessed straight from the animal and in fact the Eskimos have done this for thousands of years eating among other things caribou liver, kelp, muktuk, and seal brain to obtain Vit.C
      In contrast the vast amount of processing that many plant based foods go through and the gathering of these foods is so machinery and time consuming because of their relatively low density or nutrient value such as lettuce which is virtually devoid of calories .

  12. Now if Trudeau would listen but if you have seen the “new” Trudeau with the arm pit look alike beard you will
    notice it has white while the head is still all dark. It is a definite proof that he uses the mouth a lot and the head very little.

    Three cheers for Quick Dick.

  13. LMFAO !

    Does this take into account the ecological footprint of the production and transport of dietary supplements (most of which are of pharmaceutical origin) that each vegan must ingest ?

    I should ask Saint GRETA.

  14. Only convenient ‘facts’ are important to Left Wing environmentalists, with the emphasis on ‘mentalists’.

  15. 2020-01-13

    So here I am, being one, that always attempts to acknowledge links.
    Many of us are conduit’s, directing information to others. But not devoid of scientific understanding ourselves.
    But there is no point in reinventing the wheel , so to speak. There are many brilliant minds, whose grandema, is certainly much better than mine.
    Then here we have a link, unlikely opposed by basic scientific understanding.
    We are lucky to have another download feature, that allows us to download when we require, that’s because of our personal, peak data restrictions.
    I am in Australia and on satellite, not a welcome alternative, to terrestrial link.
    I have been using y2mate, for some time now.
    I do have a Firefox link now, to simplify that process.
    But the google never ending shit, still can, obstruct that process!
    So why,

    the screen shot i have, will not transfer- but-google 403 your client does not have permission get URL

  16. + 42 x 10^42

    The public needs to see how the Climate Change alarmists are utter lunatics. Even the so-called brain dead academics like NAS President McNutt and Dean Overpeck are being absolutely dishonest and ignorant at the same time about climate and fossil fuels.
    The Left has gone totally insane with their climate religion. It is all about power and money.

  17. Sorry to say … but margarine is a cancer causing agent. Don’t touch the stuff. Hydrogenated oils are not compatible with human physiology. Butter for me. And it requires far fewer tractors to produce. Pretty much just Bessy to my table.

    • Even if you don’t turn the canola oil to margarine, using vegetable-based cooking oils and using vegetable oils in food products makes them an essential source of food calories and preparative ingredients.

  18. Ohhh, doze guys up der in da Great White Nort! Dey gotta real skewering sense of honest humor, eh?
    My kinda folks…….

  19. Thank you, Charles! I’m just glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I started watching or I would need a new keyboard. The best way to pop the CAGW hoax bubble is to keep poking fun at it like Quick Dick and M4GW. Saint Greta the Carbonless has already become a caricature of herself; I bet those murals many painted are not going to age well!

  20. Far tastier alternative to Canola oil , take 1 standard cow , milk cow ,let milk stand 4 hrs , scrap cream off top , beat cream for 10 minutes , collect butter , put in saucepan , heat mix for 1 hour = ghee , best cooking oil/fat there is !

  21. But “HOW DARE YOU” gets the air time not this. We can Nod out heads in agreement and laugh all we want, but we are losing, no we have lost, the propaganda war.

  22. I am proud tertiary vegan, just as many of my friends and family are.
    Definition: Primary vegan = eats plants. eg: cows
    Secondary vegan = eats raw meat made from cows that eat grass. eg: my dog who loves a raw bone to munch on.
    Tertiary vegan = cooks meat made from cows that eat grass. eg: Me!

  23. Good video , simple logic explaining how a vego,eco product cannot be made without fossil fuels .

    That is just one example , but imagine how many more could be made .

    Humankind , free enterprise ,democracy and capitalism has made the western world more prosperous and will continue to develop it , not diminish it .

    • George, well no, it could be done without much of this, but ONLY IF the world retreated to a pre-first industrial revolution life where life expectancy falls to 30 or 40 years. And believe me, these fruits and nuts in the eco movement would want to connive the governments of the world to do this. this is why radical enviros are really eco-fascists.

  24. Funny guy, and so true. Now if only there was some way we could do all that without going extinct and taking half the world’s biota down with us.

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